Monday, February 22, 2016

G.B.S. §§ 14-301-2, §6(C)-(F) (Rev. 2019)

I look all around me and see the beauty of the world. I took a deep breath and bathed myself in the flea dip and sat on the porch drinking my chai. I am convinced that there is some greater power all around each and every one of us and I am convinced that this power made me start blogging and made every one of you come here to read this blog.

This is a space for free expression. It is my blog. It is a community. It is accepting and serious and disciplined. Trolls will not be tolerated. I define trolls and if you don't like it go start your own blog. I can't emphasize enough to you how important that it is you read the rules link.

Haters will be banned. Banners will be hated. Intolerance will be suppressed. If you don't have anything to say on topic, post it in the daily open thread. Commenters who comment wrongfully will receive at least two notices before being permabanned. I hate to be strict but I have to be. We disavow violence of expression in all forms. I just had to lay down some rules. Read all the way through each post before commenting in case someone has already said what you were saying and we all have to roll our eyes when we wonder why you're asking the same question that was already addressed beforehand.

I guess everyone by now has figured out that I am on hiatus. That I'm throwing in the hat. That the beautiful summer has come to an end. When I started this blog, it was to start a blog. To have a soulful conversation with you. When I ended this blog, it was time to end. I'm just too busy. The dog, the cat, the kids, the boss, my health problems, the guy across the street who keeps repairing the exact same 1981 Dodge Dart year after year...I just can't take it anymore.

Thank you for the memories. Thank you so much for bearing with me through thick and thin. Thank you to all of those who came to ArkenCon 2018 at the Tuskegee Airport Hyatt.

Our summer fund drive is going very well but not as well as expected. Our goal of $250,000 has not been reached but we are on our way there. I don't think you realize how much it takes to run this blog. First you have to create a Google account. Then you have to create a blog. Then you have to hit "new post" and right stuff about poignant events and other knews.

You can donate using the link on the right. We accept paypal and cash and personal checks and impersonal checks and money orders and cashier's checks. We are formally tentative about bitcoin but will also accept bitcoin and gold and stock certificates.

If you have an ad-blocker, turn it off. If you have been ignoring the ads, stop. Posters are required to click on at least two (2) ads per post. If you want us to be able to keep bringing you such excellent content, read the ads while directing your secretary to cut us a check. Even children can contribute. We accept allowances. Don't mail coins. Use FedEx. They give us 2% of all shipping sales referred to through this site or one of our partner blogs but only if you tell the representative that we sent you. This one guy once didn't tell the representative and it took us like lots of months to get our share.

Please also visit my friend over here. She needs money. Her boss is ill and her shoes are worn through and her dog is a rescue dog who has seen trauma like you can't imagine. We all need to come together to help her. If you don't donate to help her you are one sick heartless bastard.


  1. Piston engine goes "doo-whacka-doo-whacka-doo," but the Mazda goes "hmmmmmmmmmm." Or for non-Mad-Ave-assimilateds, the entry above does seem a tribute to Felix Wankel and/or Hanns Dieter Paschke.

    1. I first conceived of that as being seven or eight separate posts, but I just couldn't stomach it. Sadly ironic rhetorical question: how do so many bloggers manage to churn out all that stuff like they've never seen every other blogger and their cousin do it just that way?