Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Perversion of Christianity

Ever since some people came up with the idea for a story about Jesus coming to Earth--or, if you prefer, ever since Jesus came to Earth--the idea of a religion based around the tale--the idea of a "Christianity" of any kind: as a modest philosophy; a private religion, or, an organized supernational force--has been brutalized, wretchedly spoiled, and left in such a sorry shape that its many sundry horrors, be they millennia of internecine warfare or but a single late night televangelist--are surprising not because they persist, but because they number not a thousand times greater. The pollution of this otherwise quite useful story lies in the indirect influence of Yaldabaoth, who, again, may be construed as either an extant demiurge--the tantrum-throwing shit-spirit of competitive molecules--or, as a virulent Jewish memetic parasite, meant to cripple all future religions by binding their fate to the plagiarized screed of the Torah. Hamstrung by these either divile© or narrational limitations, what has passed for Christianity, since the either fictional or literal brutalization of Christ and the actual Christians, has been a pitiable, broken farce. Ever suffering from the albatross of the Torah--rife with un-Christian hatreds, un-scientific stupidities, and un-divine plagiarism--the story of Christ is rarely told except by the news corporations owned by the enemies who hold H/him captive. That's a pity, because, whether Christianity is real divine guidance or prescientific social traditions woven into a metaphorical morality barometer, whatever it was, is, and will be, should not be consigned to the dustbin of dumb blindness--where it justifiably belongs if Yaldabaoth's counterstrikes are taken as, shall we say, gospel.

Torah v. 1.99999

Orthodox Christianity, in either the divine sense of the gospels of Christ and His disciples, or the personal interest in an interesting piece of fantasy literature which helps frame one's worldview, created a massive threat to the Torah's plan for world domination. Before we can reach the point where Christianity appeared, and was then perverted, we must discuss the Torah itself. The Torah, much like its more direct successor the Qur'an, was a war manifesto pieced together by an incestuous tribe of racial supremacist child-rapists. These nomads moved about the Middle East, marrying their cousins, preserving their mangled sub-racial purity, murdering their more distant cousins, and blatantly stealing oral histories from across the region to write into a genocidal manifesto that they attributed to an imaginary figure known as "Moses." These Jews did not conceal their motives, expressing plainly in the Torah their belief in their own superiority, the wrongness of polluting their blood (by promoting inbreeding and punishing outbreeding), and the necessity of murdering outside infants in order to take their land. The Jewish strategy at the time was to move into a nation of settled peoples, grow angry with them, murder them all, ascribe the deaths to the will of God, then move somewhere else and do it again, with the eventual goal of taking over the planet.

The above is all Torah basics--uncontroversial histories of how a superior incestuous race, constantly fretting over its own unfair victimization, was forced by sheer justice to murder everyone else. Unfortunately for the Jews, their divile task of exterminating or enslaving lesser races, controlling the entire planet, and burning down and destroying all archaeological evidence of other civilizations, did not succeed in time to wipe out evidence of their plagiarism. The divinity of Yahweh, as he appears in the Torah, is called into question by the number of direct and badly-veiled literary thefts in the manifesto for a worldwide Israel. Most famously known is the Jewish plagiarism of the Gilgamesh story for the Noah story, with God's motivations added retrospectively, and the Jonah and the Whale human fable, also adapted to fit in with Torah rationalizations, and the Ten Commandments and various Mosaic laws as ripoffs of Hammurabi's Code. Archaeological evidence has suggested that some of the battles that the Jews claimed in the Bible that they won against the Egyptians were plagiarized off Egyptian victory monuments, and that a volcano eruption which may have destroyed a city in the Middle East was retroactively used as "Sodom" to justify reproductive quotas, and repress the inbreeding-based rise of anti-Levitical acts that threatened to damage the warfare process. Like the vanished Mormon cities of the southwestern United States, the Jewish triumphs of the Torah find no place in archaeological history. Living subordinate to the pharaohs, and being driven away, does not a Red Sea make.

Torah as Narrative Alone

What if the Torah is real? What if it's only a story?

The Torah's program for endless jihad is inhuman, awful stuff. Dashing those Canaanite babies against rocks, only to pillage the land and move on, like a horde of locusts...whether real crimes or mere fantasies, the Torah is the nastiest religious text on the planet, easily less humane and more pompous than a slasher movie. If a fantasy, it's indicative of a sickness so terrible that it's no surprise that the authors of the Jesus fantasy never had Jesus name His Father. If real, it's the manifesto of a dark god; a proof that this world is another world's hell, or something similar, and that the creator is obsessed with murder, rape, and eternal pain. In either case, the Jews' retroactive divine justification for massacre and genocide is horrifying. What crimes were committed, then sanitized by being made part of a book about some God's "will"? How many cities of North African and southwest Asian farmers were poisoned and killed to the last infant, then pillaged by traveling warlord-merchants, then written up as deaths caused by "a worldwide flood" (based on a story the villagers had told the nomads when they'd moved in a year before)?

Thank goodness no one follows the Torah anymore. If anyone did, and if the Torah's ultimate plans were successful, then future generations of goytrash slaves would learn on the internet that the Great Climate Change killed all of the Evil Human Polluters, while only the Recently Freed Jewish Slaves escaped on their Space Ark through the help of the Jehovah Computer Program. Like I said, thank goodness no one's trying to carry out that kind of agenda, anymore. You can relax now.

Morally, a real Torah doesn't deserve to be followed. The God that inspired the Torah's plot events would be evil. Similarly, a narrative-only Torah would be the ramblings of a madhouse patient. A narcissistic, paranoid tribe of mental patients obsessed with slavery, menstrual fluids, callous insemination, delusions of grandeur, and simultaneously, crushingly violent worries about inadequacy. If so much of it wasn't plagiarized, the Torah-as-fiction could be studied as an insight into a DNA-obsessed madman's mind, but with the plagiarism taken into account, it becomes valuable only as a cautionary tale.

Christians who are decent people can only stomach the Torah by assuming that the nastiness of the pre-Qur'anic rapist-murderers must've all been part of a plan to justify Christ, and since Christ is nice, and since powerful men in long robes and yarmulkes say the books go together, then it all works out somehow. After all, if Christ killed all those babies down to the last child for not letting a strange man stay in their family's house overnight (can you believe those dirty Sodomites? They actually thought that that man might hurt their families if they let him stay! Well, he sure proved them wrong...whoops...), it must work out on the morality scale. Somehow.

Torah v. 2.068244: Christianity's Drunken, Perverted StepFather Ruins Every Party

Coupled with the Torah, Christianity has become a joke for the post-industrial age. The Torah is so fallible, so archaeologically and scientifically provably-wrong, that connecting the Torah to the Gospels makes the Gospels look stupid by comparison. The Gospels tell a story of a guy going around and helping people, then being punished and executed for it. There are some miracles, but they're by and large nice miracles, like helping sick or dead people, water to wine, et cetera. Freed from its association with the Torah, all of the Gospel miracles look, if not believable, at least somewhat sweet-hearted and moralistic.

Ironically--or, perhaps, not so--it was Yaldabaoth's people who led the charge, in 1900s Europe and America, to make Christianity look stupid, based primarily on interpreting Christianity through its relationship with the Torah. The liberal Reform Jews of the Christian West make fun of Christianity, and rightly so, for the absurd one-week creation myth; the misogyny; the slavery; the fire and brimstone; the chattel marriages; the incest; the "two animals of every kind" tale...all based upon the Torah. The pro-homosexual attack on Christianity has been able to return, time and time again, to notions of wives-as-property, lifted out of the Jewish religious text and ascribed to the Christ narrative. Oft have been repeated variations on the anti-homosexual theme, "In Romans, what Christ alludes to is clearly the 'Old Testament' [Torah], which itself clearly states that..." and "Jewish law on 'sodomy' at the time was quite clear that..."

Jesus Christ's lack of concern for the details of kosher, semen, shit, piss, menstrual blood, et cetera, can only be explained away by trying to connect Jesus' words to the Torah. There are all sorts of gymnastics you can go into there, such as which "Law," exactly, Christ means when He talks about "The" Law, and whether or not a transcendent God is God of everyone, even genocidal Jehovah-worshipers, ergo when Christ says "the God of Abram" does it mean the God who makes possible all existence, or rather, the God whom Abram preferred to call God?

All kinds of doctrinal fun await. Great stuff is available for arguing with the Pharisees' unwitting intellectual descendants. For people who don't really care about and/or believe in the spiritual aspects of the various transmogrified Christianities available today, though, there's really something valuable worth looking at in the morality play spawned by actual as-written Christianity, discrete from the wife-beating, child-slaughtering, inanely creationist Torah. When you take all of that crap out, the assorted "New" Testament texts look less like batshit ignorant trailer language, and more like a pleasant, moral, and worthwhile cultural narrative.

An Earlier Attempted Murder of Europe

A great portion of the advantage gained by burdening the new Merely Metaphorical Story and/or Revealed Truth Religion of Christianity with earlier and later rabbinical usurer dogmas (viz. the Torah/Vatican) was in making the ideas expressed by original Christianity seem stupid and worthless through their connection to the ripped off bullshit of said dogmas. From having Adam name the animals one by one, to the petulant-child Garden story, to cheapening reflection upon sin and redemption by likening it to the foreseen inevitability of eating or not-eating the Apple, the Gospels' story is crapified by its connection to the angry sky toddler who deliberately makes imperfect toys, then burns them when they don't play properly. To the horror of postmodern wonderchildren, the great flaws of the "Bible" are not new; mass Christianity was always meant to be dissected as a stupid, crude, unoriginal bastard child of Judaism, which is why so many people had to be murdered into accepting it.

The pulsing hatred of the evil desert gods is clearly identified in the miasmatic psychological horrors of Torah and Qur'an: true children of the Jenomic death-urge, advocating interbreeding, rape, murder, chattel slavery, and total genocidal expansion. People who've already built up narratives designed to safeguard the forced integration of Christianity and Judaism will dismiss this out of hand, but people who have always hated "the Bible" may be able to find hope by salvaging a pleasant old fable from the midst of the surrounding dross. Jesus is drastically different from Yaldabaoth and Allah not because you are failing to correctly interpret the ways the different texts and traditions blend, but because they are not meant to blend. The good-natured Christian's curiosity over why Christ acts so differently than Yahweh is well-founded, based upon the corruption of the Christ-story by the Yahweh-story. In another two thousand years, the same type of Christ-narrative may become blended into the Qur'an, leaving future worshipers puzzledly asking their priests, "When Space Jesus says 'rape not thine children,' is He specifically refuting Muhammad's relationship with Aisha in the Middle Testament?" You laugh, but to someone who saw Christianity develop, coming back to Earth in the 2100s, and finding out while here that Christianity is now widely considered a fulfillment of that evil bastard Yahweh's religion, is equally implausible.

In the face of fresh Jenomic invasions against formerly Christian lands--the seemingly happenstance coordination between Jenomic bankers and warlords in ideologically attacking Christian societies, outright murdering Muslim ones, then throwing Christians and Muslims together into a too-small cage to peck one another to death--it is tempting to many to look for a grand cultural divide between Christians and Muslims, or an Occident versus an Orient. Maybe so, but if the Torah stays, the cycle repeats itself, for it has been repeated injections of the Torah that have assaulted Europe for over 2000 years. Christianity as we find it now cannot justly be called European, for it took a scarlet jihad to impose its strictures upon the survivors of tattered Europe.

Christianity's brutal history in Europe should need little introduction, nor Judaism's, nor Islam's. Those bound to Pharisaic jihad doctrine will have their defenses up, naturally, but those who are not so bound--because they're atheist, or agnostic, or what-the-hell-ever--can use the idea of actual Christianity to salvage some interest in the narrative detached from its horrible foster parents. Christianity as a transcendent metaphor, discoverable by anyone on any place or planet anywhere, makes for a really cool scifi. It's a non-doctrinal Buddhism, Hinduism, or Mercerism, where Christ's sacrifice is not a replaying of the pro-abortion, pro-mutilation, child-murder-fantasizing of the dark invader-god who masturbates to the BSDM aspects of seeing his slave bind Isaac to an altar, but rather, a message of divine, rational, integrative (or, at the very least, literary) morality that transcends any specific planet or people.

What happens to six-month-old babies who die before they can learn language and understand Christ?

What about good people who lived and died before Christ, or in parts of the world where they knew nothing about Christ, who would have completely and totally embraced Him and begged forgiveness for their sins and gone to Heaven, if only the trade winds had carried the missionaries slightly south slightly sooner?

Well, they, err, oops, it's bad PR to say they go to Hell, since even after murdering a million pagan infants in a deliberate centuries-long jihad, that might shock our donors, so, umm...Purgatory? Sure, make some shit up, that's plausible.

Endless dogmatic stupidities of the perverted Christ narrative--call it Successor Judaism, Proto-Islam, or Jenomic Christianity--are resolved when the narrative is freed from the rent-seeking claptrap of rabbis, imams, and priests ("RIPs"). All of the sort-of-nice feelings that people have about their own idealized image of this man who magically healed the sick and gave food to the hungry: all that stuff can be saved, and restored to its proper place, as either useful cultural trope or galactic BIOS, if we cut out the surcharging middlemen.

(People who think of themselves as Christians would consider themselves some of the fiercest opponents of what this one is writing. Yet they should not be so; they should realize that the bloody history, and the slow death of Christianity--its embrace of international finance; its hypocritical and self-negating flip-flopping in the face of popular opinion and popular science; its embarrassing fracture into a mess of overlapping non-doctrine that has popularized "hip" churches that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Gospels--was preordained when the original story was stolen from the ravaged corpses of the original Christians. If you call yourself Christian, and you want to see a world where Christ's message, rather than yet another version of Jenomic Death Cult, can be made known, you should at least try to suffer through this one's make-believe.)


A fiercer Christian flame never burnt than that found in Dostoevsky's literary longings. Even more than a thousand years after the destruction, concealment, repeated and traceable retconning and falsifying of the Christian story by the RIPs, people have found their way to Christian-like states of mind by selectively employing what remains of the Gospels, forcibly excusing the atrocious Yahweh, and blending in paganism, Zoroastrianism, and their own moral sense to create fetching behavioral guidelines, some of which are still with us today. Even so, the beauty they can reach remains tainted by that ancient Jenomic curse. The RIPs installed important doctrinal roadblocks that forever hamper their preferred version of the Judeo-Islamichristian story.

When we pick up next time, this one will begin by discussing some of the lesser-known flaws in the ramshackle construction of "Orthodoxy" that the RIPs threw together after a few hundred years of hunting down, murdering, and destroying the works of the survivors of the original Christians. Our prompt will be Grushenka's parable of the onion, which is quoted below in closing:
Once upon a time there was a peasant woman and a very wicked woman she was. And she died and did not leave a single good deed behind. The devils caught her and plunged her into the lake of fire. So her guardian angel stood and wondered what good deed of hers he could remember to tell to God; ‘She once pulled up an onion in her garden,’ said he, ‘and gave it to a beggar woman.’ And God answered: ‘You take that onion then, hold it out to her in the lake, and let her take hold and be pulled out. And if you can pull her out of the lake, let her come to Paradise, but if the onion breaks, then the woman must stay where she is.’ The angel ran to the woman and held out the onion to her. ‘Come,’ said he, ‘catch hold and I'll pull you out.’ And he began cautiously pulling her out. He had just pulled her right out, when the other sinners in the lake, seeing how she was being drawn out, began catching hold of her so as to be pulled out with her. But she was a very wicked woman and she began kicking them. ‘I'm to be pulled out, not you. It's my onion, not yours.’ As soon as she said that, the onion broke. And the woman fell into the lake and she is burning there to this day. So the angel wept and went away.
Where and how does Christian selflessness work under what is now called "Orthodoxy," and how did the rabbis, imams, and priests betray the highest potential points of their own self-serving story by throwing it together as sloppily as they did the reverse ten-dimensional calculus of the Trinity? How should it really work when it springs from a narrative where greater things exist than Yaldabaoth's bloody sperm? We'll begin there next time.


  1. You need to learn Russian, so you could read guys like Andrei Fursov, since unlike Dostoyevsky, no one is gonna translate them. Here is a rare English lecture/transcript.


  2. Some of his works also explain how the end of christianity is also the logical part end-game of the post-capitalist transformation.

  3. While the interpretation that the old testament god is essentially a devil, or a dragon, or some other sort of baddie is not too obscure, or even controversial, i doubt that a clean break between the old and the new testament can or should be achieved.

    The old testament still speaks to some fundamental aspects of the human condition, so a resistance on dismissing it completely would be based on fear of throwing the baby out with the bathwater

    1. "Kill or be killed," or similar constructions, are a true component of reality, but what defines the Torah is that "kill or be killed" is not only the highest law and highest aspiration, but also the extent of the supernatural mind. Yahweh demands blind obedience to his absolute power and throws tantrums when he doesn't get it. It's certainly a useful lesson, but one that we probably all experience enough in the real world that we don't need to read about Yahweh burning cities in order to learn it.

      (Christ, by contrast--even the revised post-Constantine version of Christ in the modern New Testament--at least goes a step further than Yahweh, in the sense that he discusses the impossibility of perfect obedience.)

  4. Wait, wait... Nomadic, settling in, getting along, then exterminating / enslaving, obsessively spreading own DNA and eventually achieving purity by reunifying the original cells, believing to be destined to rule this planet, not liking the nicest person who goes around miraculously healing people and wanting to help because he/she could ruin everything?

    Well mindfuck me 7 times.

    1. ;)

      ...and of course they've been controlling the Christ-story all along. Just like it was them who liberated the slaves (rather than captured and sold them to begin with) and saved Europe from an evil empire through defense spending (rather than creating an evil empire and murdering dozens of millions).

  5. An astonishingly rich and well-crafted post. I'm looking forward to the sequel.