Monday, March 28, 2016

Bloodlust & Buggery

The variety of aggressive, dictatorial, destructive homosexuality that we've seen in the Amerizone has certainly proven itself great at wasting money, destroying lives, and maybe destroying civilization. It's tempting to look at all the soytit morons with the rainbow banners and want to give them what they deserve. Yet the rapefugees have recently given us a refresher on, primarily ("primarily" because yes, they are raping boys, too, though in smaller numbers), destructive heterosexuality. This should be our clue that the evil wedding-cake fags, like the horny snackbars, are--like Krauts and Chinks and Kebabs--a symptom. Perhaps not a "mere" symptom, but a symptom nonetheless.

Imagine a hundred years from now, when Davidian Drones prowl the skies, executing shiksas at random. Do we conclude that robotics is bad; that programmers are socially destructive; that technology itself is bad? No; for goodness' sake, no. A tool is a tool because it is being used as a tool. Concluding that, say, "male-on-male assfucking" is inherently bad, is not only akin to Obama crying rainbow tears after a non-black shooting, but is perfectly in line with the (((Torah))). The original anti-gays were the Jews. Judaism is violently, totally, repressedly, obsessedly, doth-protest-too-muchedly Jewish. And yet, back and forth or simultaneously, when the situation should provide a better advantage, Judaism is violently, totally, obsessedly, 120-days-of-sodomy gay.

You live now, so you're encouraged to believe that buggery is either the end-point of transcendental moral evolution, or the epitome of wrongness, both Yaldabaothian arguments that have been used alternately to batter the Occident, like hammers in right and left hand. The 2% of pagan warrior-buggers were blamed and pilloried so that, hundreds of years later, an imaginary 25% of despondent androgynes could be exalted as the Eloian future of the light continent. All the ferocity of another staged rebellion will fall upon the homos, a righteous reenactment of Sodom's purge that the vile Jehovallah and his forsaken vampire spawn can really sink their teeth into.

What if we didn't care? What if we did the opposite of their medicinal Sanhedrin, and focused on the problem, rather than expensively treated the symptoms? "Who gives a crap about two guys doing it" is an irresponsible attitude when it comes to whether or not to permit legislation that sends SWAT teams after a Christian bakery, or to trash another hundred billion dollars on (((Pfizer))) to produce antivirals so that day-laborers can give a quarter of their paycheck supporting the random assfuckery of deranged sex-mummies on Castro, but it's actually a quite reasonable attitude when it involves not taking a few more percent of Charlie Bricklayer's check to fund Cotton Mather's new American Shari'ah force.


  1. One of the best current examples of the weaponisation of gayness is the events in Ukraine. All they got for two years of destroying their economy, and the relationships with their natural, and only ally is... gay parades/gay rights. This is not a rhetorical gimmick. This is literally the only thing they can credibly put in their "progress" column. Fucking losers.

    (Conversely - russia is evil, cuz russians are not nice to gays, can you believe the evil motherfuckers????)

    1. Someone get George "CIA" Takei on the line, Russia needs to be taught a lesson by ten million squalling androgynous trekkies.