Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sacred Cows and Unpleasant Pills

Haha, lol, smdh, omg, those dumbass feminists, didn't they realize that their delusions about "smashing the patriarchy" were destroying the very thing that protected them from the hordes of rapefugees? They completely deserve it now as they watch all of their Marxist propaganda get shoved back up their cunts by the diversities who want to put them in ghost costumes and fuck them when they're preteens and demolish all of their atheist social justice crap.

The cucked Christians, god, what idiots, too. They think that adopting third-world youfs will work out great except that when those youfs grow up they rove the neighborhood raping eighty-year-old women and converting to Gangstarap or Islam and not doing one good turn for another. And the fags! Haha, omg, don't even get me started on the fags. Do they seriously think the American Caliphate will sanction their civil unions? They'll be praying for Jefferson Davis to ride into town on a gleaming stallion and reimpose Lawrence v. Texas right away. "Please, 1950s, save us!" they'll cry. And then everyone will come begging back to the white patriarchs to save the day.

The generic liberals are all on the fag program too. Hugh Hefner's broken life of massive Viagra, gay porn, and a bunch of prostitutes laughing behind his back while they ride his half-turgid cock proves what a failure the sexual revolution was. Society is crumbling, IQ is dropping, and the idiocracy is basically here, since the people so stupid that they still go to McDonald's are at least bright enough to select their menu items from the self-serve touchscreen, negating the need for an employee with sub-DMV literacy skills to use the touchscreen for them. Soytits Zuckerberg will infect China like a rat jumping off a sunken ship, leaving behind the ruined United States of North Mexico, and then rugged men will take over and have an American renaissance. All of your stupid Marxist narratives are crumbling.

At least the manly white men, the few of them who are left, never fell for that shit. They never fell for pandering low-IQ faggot narratives designed for their demographic. True men have withstood the invasion of cultural Marxism and stand by to save the day. They still have bastions of hope.

Like James Bond. What could be more heroic than a guy who travels the world assassinating people on behalf of Israel, removing threats to the international financial order, and sleeping with random sluts? What could be more masculine and western than being too much of a cowardly shit to ever have and support a family, never growing up, like a Peter Pan in a twelve-year-old world of punches and pussy, disrupting whatever the Zionists want disrupted to ensure that nationalist movements fail to develop among the Slavs, Aryans, Arabs, or Mongols, which might threaten Greater Israel? It is truly a noble white nationalist model to emulate, being an "alpha" who grooms himself as impeccably as a homosexual, wears an endless succession of butch twink haircuts, and is out busy spoiling every white uterus and womb he can, fostering a pointless below-replacement-rate existence while, back home, well-behaved multiculturals have already had ten kids ready to sign up for NHS. Thank God you stopped that Russian separatist from doing something that might harm Turkey's regional ambitions, 007!

Oh God, it smarts, don't it, to realize that if you fell for James Bond the "masculine" ideal, you're just the preferred Zionist version of a cat lady? "Buh-but, buh-but, he, he PUNCHES people and has SEX and GUNS so that muh-means he's a, a manly PATRIARCH!" Shut yourself up in sterile Neverland, you righteous gentile you, vicariously screwing pointlessly, like the 1965 immigration reform writ large across how many white women? Awww, but sometimes he fought darkies, and he had such a NICE accent and was so HANDSOME and had such nice TUXEDOS. The bitter truth is that Bond is a marketing product designed to appeal to the most negative parts of pro-Zion-you, just like the independence of being a miserable cat-lady virgin with her very own pension was designed to appeal to women of the twentieth.

They can keep replacing actors to make you think you're never going to hit the wall, and you can idealize the classic bonds if you want, like a bitter strumpet recalling her carousel peak. Yeah, you just keep watching those old Blu-Rays, thinking, "Those were the days, men were men," you suffragette, you.

And where would the real Bond be now? Unknown, unloved, pozzed up in a state-run nursing home for military veterans, being taken care of by morbidly obese diversities who aren't even educated well enough to wipe his ass or clean his bedsores. But at least he has his memories of being a stud, and at least he has those commendations from Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu sitting on his nightstand, permanently stained by circles of moisture from the undersides of the plastic drinking cups they use when helping him get down his morning pills.


  1. So, maybe that was the point all along, but I happen to endorse the pre-Bond part 100% (except, like, the language and style, gnome sane?).

    Other than that, i am retroactively patting myself on the back for being over Bond at, well, not 12, but definitely at 17.

    The 'patriarchy' (if we must go there...) had a lot of good things going on, one of them certainly was chivalry - the non-ironic cherishing and protecting of women as means to mask the unpleasant fact of not entirely equal roles, well understood by everyone involved, and they also happened to be smart enough to understand why it was important to maintain the charade. Well, until the libruls showed up at least...

    1. I'm 61 and still not over Bond. In fact, I'm even a little angry that High Arka would try to ruin him for me this way….

    2. Dude, he got his brain drilled into! And can't keep up with the pull ups, so had to have his medical records fudged, remember? And for what - living in an empty apartment, drinking whiskey alone. Well, actually I do that all the time too (I'm glamorous like that).

    3. 8:56 AM Anonymous, yeah, and one of the nicer points about (idealized) effectuated patriarchy was that it (should have driven/) drove effete cads like Bond out of "decent society." E.g., like random buggery, it's fine up until the point you start subsidizing it on the blood of children. The man who knocks up two local girls and then skips town in search of a new adventure is tracked and exterminated, not because of a puritanical aversion to expressions of sexuality, but because of the detroit* wreaked by mass bastardy and ravaged wombs.

      A resurgent patriarchal society's response to James Bond would be the same as its response to Justin Bieber or Roosh: shotguns pointed, to the chorus of, keep your fatherless, rootless sperm off of our future. They can join Desmond Hatchett on the boat to Liberia, where all da real alpha players at, yo.

      * I lay claim to this word as an adjective, a fresh synonym for "havoc" or "morass" or "america."

    4. My dear John Craig, I feel your pain, but try to see things from my perspective: do you know upsetting it was when I found out that all of Margaret Sanger's interviews with the bushmen were lies? Take your upset over Bond, and multiply it times a million--that's how upset and in-denial western anthropology departments still are at the discovery that the "third world tribes" interviewed by early sexologists and feminists were telling lies to the researchers in exchange for Hershey's bars and booze.

      That isn't to say you can't still enjoy visceral art with a bad agenda. E.g., even though the shiftless, jobless, conspiracy-susceptible Kramer and George are anti-white archetypes meant to make fools of themselves in front of the Chosen straight man, I've been able to enjoy Seinfeld episodes. You can watch Bond blow up a Russian bioweapons lab, or whatever, without selling your soul. Just learn to see the farm fence.


    5. Anonymous 5:29 PM, kiss kiss.

    6. High Arka --
      It was Margaret Mead and the Samoans, not Margaret Sanger -- of Planned Parenthood fame -- and the Bushmen. (You're smarter than I am so it gives me great pleasure to be able to correct you.)

      Just kidding about Bond, of course, but you did put those movies into a novel perspective. Still, I suspect I'll be able to continue to enjoy the movies at the level they're meant to be enjoyed, as mindless male fantasies.

      Couldn't agree with you more about Seinfeld, in fact with that one I find the propaganda so heavy-handed I can't stomach it, let alone enjoy it.

    7. Aw, all Margarets are the same anyway, at that level. ;) (Thx)

  2. Hm, it looks like our friend Michael Dawson of the consumertrap.com has closed shop, i'm sad.

    1. Yeah. (Michael, if you're still reading, my hope is that you landed a seven-figure tort and retired.)

      What would have been dangerous for him would've been looking too deeply into how western/occidental culture became so heavily assaulted by advertising. If he diligently followed the money, it would lead him to ethnic questions that he may not have wanted to address.

      Any objective, intelligent person who studies anything bad about the world--imperial warfare, central banking, totalitarianism, Superbowl ads, artificial scarcity--ends up at the same very unpleasant place.

  3. If he diligently followed the money, it would lead him to ethnic questions that he may not have wanted to address.

    Money for nothing is the ultimate demonstration of human superiority! The more money I can make by doing nothing myself, the more superior I show myself to be. And you must know, all those times when I appear quietly contemplative, I'm actually worrying constantly about my inferiority and wondering why people seem to walk on eggshells and talk in a mortician's whisper when I'm around.