Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Political Economy of Certain Barred Lawsuits

If a crazy person bites you, kicks you, hits you, and slashes you with a knife, the doctors and lawyers say it's okay. Why? Alzheimer's. How caring, benevolent, and understanding of us! Everyone knows that sick people can't be blamed for their own actions.

What are the real (((reasons)))? Feel free to speculate. What are the net effects?

Here's how it works: elders, like children, frequently engage in a number of destructive behaviors, including disproportionate or unjustified or random violence. Ripe, healthy adults form bonds of blood and love designed in part to ensure that said children and elders are cared for during these stages of life. Since we're all children and/or elders during a standard life-cycle, this forms a harmonious circle of beginning and ending irresponsibility centered upon a prime of proud, responsible capability, as we nurture the young and shelter the old while being admired, envied, or at least recognized from either direction. The young learn the cycle by bearing witness, seeing their grandparents and siblings honored and cared for, learning how to care for them, then growing into maturity and taking up the burden, reassured by the bonds of their people that, when they become weak and confused again--the return toward childhood--they will receive love and respect for having done their part in the cycle...and that their descendants will have the same blessing, cradle to grave, in perpetuum.

Financialism, as a tool of nihilism, destroys these relationships. Various totalitarian methods of association and anti-association are employed to shatter organic structures, separating people from their land, their food, their water, their bodies, their kin, and so forth. Gulags, schools, prisons, cubicles, et cetera. "Professional nursing care" is a latecomer to the game, but has proven equally effective. The severance of people from their own health care, physical relationships, children communities, et cetera, has had effects that you've probably already figured out. Trillions of dollars more to the already-war-bloated Jenomic vampires; mountains of ritalin; crushed souls and untold private miseries unimaginable; unspeakably vile obscenities given material form and let loose to rape the goodness of the planet. With each new face of evil, it's exactly the same and completely different.

Oh, how sweet, how generous, we're making sure every child can learn how to read...by putting them in age-restricted obedience prisons to prepare them for a lifetime of drugged docility to an overclass they've been chemically sterilized not to disobey. How well-meaning, how stupid, how shamefully un-creative were the happy little tools who fell for it all! But enough about that; like this one said, you've probably already figured out "schools."

Elder care, nursing care: that's one of the new faces. Yes, it costs a lot. Yes, it costs exorbitant amounts, lending itself to all of the usual terrible suspects: the destruction of organic relationships; the substitution of (1) poorly paid uncaring labor that benefits rentiers and hurts workers, for (2) completely free loving labor that benefits workers and starves ticks; widespread social accustomization to yet another variety of somber, ugly, tax-subsidized prison with restricted movement, violent guards, and absentee overlords...all that.

The lawsuits, though--what's with the lawsuits? It seems so sweet and caring to not allow the Alzheimer's-laden prisoners to be sued for acts they commit against staff, right? Makes it seem less like a prison?

The vampires are covering the bases. If you permit a $9/hour Mexican "vocational nurse" to sue a bitter old woman with $3 million in bonds, the Mexican collects a judgment, and the bitter old woman's kids see their inheritance drop, tort after successful tort. They realize, "Holy shit, we gotta take care of Mom," and they bring her back home. Daughter-in-law drops her vanity career at the Google HR department, they muscle Grandma into good behavior (which the center staff either aren't allowed to do, causing Grandma to run rampant and flay nurses, or are doing to sickening extremes by inserting broom handles, causing Grandma infected anal tears), they're forced to work out a livable situation, and the family takes care of it. Money stays with the family instead of going to United Healthcare, several unnecessary job types are eliminated, taxes lower, and daughter-in-law no longer needs the vanity career. Parents realize they're in for the same, so they do a better job raising their children, children stop taking anti-depressants and see themselves as part of a larger organic system upon which they will later rely as respected elders, society is restored, and the roaches all scuttle away to find some other place in need of governmental upgrades.

By blocking lawsuits against cranky old assholes (whether it's the elders are metaphysically "at fault" or not), lawmakers externalize and conceal the costs of social destruction, by spreading it across health insurance (acute and chronic treatment of abused staff) and forcing even more desperate, physically-painful choices upon those who have to take such horrible jobs to survive. Like swapping honest slavery for tax slavery, the illusion of choice makes the system both more cruel and more sustainable.

The organic system is good for the Mexican nurse, too. She can sue the nasty old bitch who keeps hurling slaps and epithets in her direction, but more importantly, she can rebuild her own familial support network, instead of having to run around wiping the asses and trimming the yards of grumbly WASP Silents. It's suitably Raza or fascist to say such a thing, ergo unthinkable.

The way the judges (as they always do in these types of care home cases) sickeningly rationalized the "protections" granted the elder: by saying that nursing care people "should expect" that sick people might get violent. E.g., "You knew he was a pervert before you went out with him, therefore it was okay that he roofied you and shared your unconscious body with all his dudebros." Logic has no place in the American courtroom; this was a decision about the flows of money and power. These nasty little judges know, in the ashen squiggles of their auto-firing cortices, that something about these kinds of cases speaks to the essential nature of society.

On the surface, the primarily poor, female, and minority employees, bringing lawsuits against wealthier, older, whiter crazy people, would seem to be slam-dunk wins, major news items, emblematic of everything wrong with society, encapsulated in a rich old white man hitting a poor little mestizo illegal woman for months, before she finally gets hurt enough to file a lawsuit. Doesn't that sound golden? Why in the everliving fuck, then, are the New York Times and HuffPo and Salon.com not jumping all over this nationwide trend?

At the Alzheimer's age level, it's mostly white people who can afford the private care services, and at the immigration ruse level, it's a disproportionate number of quasi-legal minorities doing the caring. How the fuck fuckity fuck-fuck-fuck is this not a big issue? Concisely, because nothing is sacred except death. The most impassioned and heartfelt pleas are utterly ignorable on a subconscious level in any case when the parasites realize the larger plan is at stake--even in subtle realms such as "causing people to abandon their older selves." Victimhood will be shifted, ignored, hyperfocused, then discarded, as easily as the American media made the switch from "OMG WMD!" to "Those poor Arab refugees!" If you haven't already reminded yourself today, they have not the slightest shred of reliability for anything except evil. Anything can--must--be made to conform with the principle that the flow of light must be halted.


  1. This entry reminds me of Canada. Toronto or Vancouver, though. The CDN NYC or the CDN Portland/Seattle. Glorious Canada, always in America's shadow, always following America's most negative social trends but with a 5-10 year buffer in order for Canadians to feel original, rather than be original.

    1. They'll get theirs. Imagine how quickly they'll go down once there's nothing between them and Mexico.

    2. Smiling with great positivity as they are marched to the gulags and set to work mining heretofore resources untouched in the upper 3/4 of the full CDN latitudinal height. Beaming with pride as they labor 15 hrs/day on a cup of water and a bread loaf heel. "Our Prime Minister assures us that this is for the good of all Canada, and we are more than willing to do our part," said Gordon McGordon, previously of the Toronto suburb town Scarborough but lately of the Work Progress Camp located in the NW territories.