Monday, April 18, 2016

Dystopian Future Tip

We contemplated.
Setting down a cheesecake bite with a neat ring of teeth-marks in the chocolate edging, Tinch nudged Keep’s shoulder. “Dystopian future tip: the news is always wrong. They never admit that their weird ruling council could be fallible, that the bad guys might be human, or anything like that.”
I had the privilege of sitting down with a trio of Jewish lesbians recently. Politics came up, bringing with it the topic of an outdated local child molestation scandal, where members of a now-defunct pride organization had groomed and molested some kids, and it had come out around ten or twenty years ago, and been a minor news item. The perps were male homosexuals, non-Catholic, non-Jewish (so far as the news reported), and besides being "pride"-whatever involved at the time, they'd also distributed a pseudo-pride magazine that included presumably-underage sketches, with which I wouldn't've had a problem except that it sort of exacerbated the confrontational attitude with which they defended themselves once they were caught. And the thing is, the lesbians hated the expert witness in that case. They hated this woman who'd tried to take down the child molestation ring, who was now a criminology consultant somewhere far away, just like they hated the prosecutor and the jury and the letters to the editor, and everyone else involved. Why? They were certainly anti-"rape," and they were generally anti-male, too, but even TERF-ness wouldn't allow them to avoid umbrage at the expert witness who'd suggested that there was a connection between the molesters' homo-advocacy at grade schools and their, ahem, molestation. But boy, you should've seen the ferocity in their eyes when that topic was even suggested. They confettied that woman's character. Without mercy.
"If I could come back as anything, I'd be an abused service dog. Super karma points. I've probably got loads of sins to wash away from some other life, and I'm getting nowhere in this one. But if I were one of those wheelchair-helper dogs--you know, the kind that's allowed to walk into grocery stores?--and my whole life was devoted to this sick guy who couldn't walk, and, like, he also hit me with his cane a lot, when I didn't deserve it, well...that'd be huge karma. And then I could finally, you know, 'ascend to Summerland.'"
We all already know not to trust the news. Many of us knew ever since there was printed news, or at least since the Ford-chronicled buyouts; each year, like flowers coming into bloom, more and more people start to say stuff about how they don't trust the news. Ironically, the news reports this news of declining news, and people continue buying things and having opinions pursuant to the news, so clearly they're all too dim to be aware that they're dim.

How far goes the mistrust of the mistrust of the mistrust? Selective Soma Reintake Instigators reach only so far...right?

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  1. except that it sort of exacerbated the confrontational attitude with which they defended themselves once they were caught

    I'm guessing you're lucky they are iconoclasts -- and so nobody else you'll ever encounter will again use that defense strategy.

    It's unique, and obviously has great potential for triangulation and other distractions. I'm tempted to apply it myself the next time I'm caught in an inconsistency.