Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shelter Dogs

Back on Debilled Duck, Anonymous shared the new old saw, "Male Norwegian politician raped by asylum seeker says he feels GUILTY that his attacker will now be deported because the man might suffer back in Somalia."

If the politician were telling the truth, he would recant his story and admit he liked it. That would prevent the deportation. So there's an extra layer of sickness here: the rapee does actually want the rapist deported, and does want it widely known that he was raped (rather than gay), but, he also wants it widely known that he wishes it weren't happening. It's twelve times sicker than it looks on the surface, and buddy, it don't look healthy.

Did you get that? More detail: Rapefugee rapes politician. Politician, knowing that reporting the rape would potentially make the rapefugee subject to deportation (even in Norway!), reports the rape, causing Rapefugee's deportation. Politician gains an international media platform at which he could change his story and say that the sex was consensual. He could apologize, say he was drunk, say they were role-playing, say that he screamed, "Yes, yes!" or anything else that would make the sex completely legal, sacrosanct, and a violation of Current Year and Everything We Stand For to even tweet against, let alone punish.

And he doesn't. Instead of saving the man from deportation, he maintains the "rape" story. And instead of shutting up and taking a self-defense course, or buying pepper spray, or a gun, or using the buddy system, or just living life without concern of future rape, he uses his international platform to say that, yes, he was raped, but also, he wishes the rapist weren't being deported, even though he himself (the politician; the rapee) is the one who caused the deportation (in part by having a white ass, and in part by talking about it afterward). The one person in the world who has the power to prevent the deportation is not preventing it, but he is whining about the fact that it might happen. So, either, he wants the deportation to happen, or, he wants the rape to have happened but also wants the rape to happen again, e.g., he wants the rapist to have raped him but then stay near him.

Is he sincere? Probably, and it's surely a look inside a crippled mind, whether collective or individual. Lots of good stuff there. General masochism? Check. Thinly-veiled, repressed desire to cast aside the responsibility of masculinity and embrace passive femininity, whether real or imagined, nurture or nature? Check. The pathological altruism of the Europeoid individual and society? Check. The proof that someone can indeed be that dumb after having been culturally enriched in a very personal way? Check. What a great worthless piece of news!

We're not seeing mere masochism or pathological altruism here, though. Rather, we're seeing a form of runaway selfishness--a selfishness so profound that it can only be sated by means of self-destruction. Maybe this is only a variation on "victim culture," but the distinction is that the end goal is not the pain and the destruction themselves (of individuals and/or cultures), but the dose of vindicated pleasure caused by being so powerful that you can destroy yourself. Kind of like a successful suicide grappling beforehand with the nihilistic thrill of being able to pull the trigger--the rush of achieving petty, supreme power, by being able to will your own destruction.

The politician knows that the Somali can't feed or clothe himself, nor sate future sexual desires himself, ergo if the politician were wholly altruistic, he'd do the altruistic thing: severely punish the rapist, force him into years of hard labor, and train the rapist to take actions which were more likely to lead to the future provisioning of sex and survival. A masochistic altruist might establish mandatory whorehouses stocked with Norwegian girls for the rapefugees to use. Letting the rapefugees rape in the streets, while short-term rewarding, will lead to the Africanization of Europe, e.g., there will be no more white girls left to rape (or white boys left to tax) in a few generations, thereby consigning the Afros to an endless, and inescapable, third-world. And being future-time-oriented, the Euro knows this, so permitting the destruction of Europe is far more selfishly suicidal than it is altruistic. So too the rape of one's own person--in a few years, when the Norwegian rapee is ugly and wrinkly, will he present an inviting target to a new generation of Somali-Norwegian homos? No, of course not, and he knows it. Yes, demographic weapons are being used against Europeoids, but the continued cheek- and daughter-spreading of self-interested politicians like this one makes it seem like the philosophical weapon--the nihilism, if you will--is more profound, and the biological ones are a mere later stage.

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