Monday, May 30, 2016

Anecdotal Muddle

So I had an acquaintance when Obama was going to be elected, and I told him, "Don't support him, he voted over and over again for occupying Iraq, he's a killer of children and you don't want to lend even a tiny bit of support to that." And he told me, "Women good, gays good, McCain bad." And I said, "Yeah, McCain bad, but Obama is complicit in an international murder cartel and it's so very immoral and personally damaging and wrong to support anything like that." And he responded, "Women good, gays good, McCain bad."

We went around a few times like that, and finally, he said, "I admire you, you have such a big heart, for being able to care about those millions of children so far away, but women good, gays good, McCain bad, and it would just break me if I had to care about everyone out there, I can't do it, I admire you if you can have such an exposed soul to all that stuff, but I have to think about things here, first. Women good, gays good, McCain bad."

When it was another Obama election, we did the same thing. Now, there was no chance of concealing Obama's mass murders in the hubris of a Congress for which he was somehow not responsible; now, Obama had personally overseen execution after execution after execution of thousands upon thousands of little kids, both collateral and direct, and now he was an arch-murderer in the most vulgar, literal, cowardly sense. He had looked at pictures, had had explained to him endless minutiae about victims and areas of effect, and had kept going, year after year after year, boom bang kill, until even the background blur of another three dead toddlers had vanished from the front page of even the most dissident of dissident presses, replaced by some new abomination Obama was wreaking in a different corner of the world. Piles of dead children all across Africa, and he didn't give a damn because "women good, gays good, Romney bad."

And then came the invasion of Europe, where the worse half of those same miscellaneous and violent and victimized peoples began to invade western Europe, and all of a sudden, my acquaintance switched around. Now, weirdly, his heart was big enough to care about those people--at least, the 18-40 year-old males. Domestic issues suddenly shifted to the back burner, if at all, and more important than his home, his family, his community, were the attitudes of Europeans (far away) toward the invaders (far away), and his heart was gigantic and gigantically inflamed in favor of the invaders. He cared! The Grinch's heart grew three sizes that news cycle, amazingly, impossibly, indecipherably.

What made this switch happen? Not only did this switch happen, it didn't affect his attitude about the earlier victims. He was as callous as before about flying death robots blowing up little kids in Pakistan, incinerated weddings in Iraq, boy-rape rings in Afghanistan...none of that had changed. I said, "Don't support Hillary, she's complicit in an international murder cartel and it's so very immoral and personally damaging and wrong to support anything like that." And he responded, "Women good, gays good, Trump bad."

Wtf, man? I still have the Faceberg messages from 2008 of him telling me, "it would just break me if I had to care about everyone out there," "I respect you if you have such a big heart," which would make sense if he was supporting the Zionist Gorgon on a misguidedly selfish policy, but how did he manage to combine that with intensive caring about African refugees who are looting and raping their way across Europe? He proactively cares for the so-called refugees, but he proactively doesn't care about the little black kids starving by the tens of thousands because one of Obama's warlord buddies incinerated the family fields and goats. He will go to a bar and shout and knock over peanut-jars in response to the injustice of deporting a single Somali rapist from the U.S., but when I mention that a two-year-old in Pakistan was crushed to death inside a building collapsed by one of Obama's drones, he doesn't give a fuck.


  1. I mostly got the good old lesser evil fallacy about how many more McCain and Romney would've killed. At this point, I don't think it's a delusion of logic of rationality, but a primal pull towards what is perceived of holding power, and tailoring whatever reasoning is needed to justify cowering to it.

    In this sense, that guy was probably inadvertently perfectly honest about admiring your ability to not be swayed by this, while he has to "think about things here", which of course has nothing whatsoever to do with the bullshit about women or gays, but with the simple fact that it's generally safer and more comfortable of going with the ruling zeitgeist, even if it requires the occasional Eurasia-SEA mental refurbishing.

    Not an irrational position to have, even if a disgustingly cowardly one for people who aren't part of the central system and could render the entire horror show inoperable if enough simply refused to play along. Reminds me of the brilliant scene in They Live, where the protagonist has to nearly beat his friend unconscious before he can force the sunglasses on him which reveal the monstrous aliens who pose as people and the true messages of the omnipresent propaganda. From the perspective of his friend, refusing to look at the possibly horrible truth sort of made sense; his life was certainly simpler before.

    1. Ironic that such discussions were where I could once refer people to Jill Stein as a hypothetical non-drone possibility. Did I not see her Klimate Kops before, or did I just not want to see them?

    2. The 'no more drones' part is pretty explicitly stated on her site, plus the kinda no more wars, empire, etc. part. I wonder how she'd explain this after becoming a typical 'serious hard-choices this day changes everything' team player. Maybe with "Read my lips - no more drones!" And if she doesn't get reelected, that's just further proof of the obvious truth that it's ridiculous to let the nation and the free world fall into the wishful thinking trap of considering that systemic mass murder isn't inevitable.

  2. Yes, definitely not irrational, but pathetic nonetheless.

    I have a friend - a professor of political science (!) - whose response to my enumeration of the killings in Pakistan by Obama was proly even worse: "Well, that's inevitable".

    The same guy (a rather charming all american dude raised by hippy parents) with a straight face tells me that russia was so effective in Syria because they are "not a democracy", unlike "us" (i.e. they can wage military campaigns without worrying too much about public opinion).

    We are not close friends. I think mainly because he can see how the daily simpathy i have for his white picket fence ways is punctuated by reocurring desire to punch him in the face

    1. My dude was an IT guy who became a preacher at one of those popular new Universalist Unitarian churches, which made his "too small heart" claim all the more ridiculous. It was even in his job title fugodssayk.