Saturday, May 21, 2016

Expected Half-Life for the Close of Operations

Once the vampires have used the shaitan to rape/kill everyone else, will they have a high degree of success pitting different segments of shaitan against one another, and thereby maintaining global stability? Some feel that no, the jinn will prove too dangerous for the Zionists to control, and once Asia and Europe fall, the genie will slay its master, but I disagree; I think they have several wishes left. Something as simple as a long cold war between "Sunni" and "Shia" could do it, with a combination of savvy crypto-Jenomic diplomats and financiers ensuring that no side ever actually gained the upper hand. Get that in place, and the world could remain perpetually stable, perpetually at war, perpetually laboring in misery, but never actually figuring things out or unseating the Davidian Court. Look at Saudi Arabia, where a crypto-Jenomic monarchy exercises ridiculous and sustained control over the Hajj. Millions and millions of shaitan, domestic and foreign, congregate at Mecca, and you'd think the conditions would be ripe for revolution, especially with headless starving people all over the place, but this ain't Europe, and the vampires have proven themselves quite good at keeping the rabble in line.

Later histories (not that anyone will write them, but in theory) will note that Europeoids were the longest species to hold out, maintaining semi-independent destinies for hundreds of years longer than Negroids and Mongoloids. Nonetheless a blip in the historical timetable, barely decipherable as chronologically separated from (1) the beginnings of the Semitic slave trades in Negroid and Mongoloid chattels, and (2) the fall of Europe.

What's the time span? If Europe lasts until 2100, maybe 3,000 years total resistance? Pff. On a geological timetable, Europe held out no longer than Africa.

Of course, we don't know what the Mongoloids and Negroids looked like before this phase of operations began. Look at what's happened to Egypt in the past few thousand years. It's quite possible that grand sub-Saharan kingdoms, ones built by actual Negroid-predecessors (at whose original physical and mental characteristics we can only speculate!) were scrubbed away after the Jenomic invasion had subjugated the continent to slavery. Our Road Warrior may be less a prediction than a Terran memory, the Bantu warlords the long-deracinated descendants of who-knows-what, left in a dry and indecipherable Waterworld after thousands upon thousands of years of being the living fodder of the Semitic slave-masters who've pillaged the continent since before recorded history.

You doubt, because of your faith in archaeology, but the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty was barely decades ago, and how much sediment will they have piled over that by 2067, let alone 3067?


  1. There is quickly increasing resistance to the massive migration plans in Europe, though.

    The reaction could be part of a plan to induce widespread conflict between the population groups, never a bad state of affairs for distraction and profits.

    One the other hand, it does lead one to wonder if the 'dumb or evil' conundrum works the other way around too. The apparent stooge Merkel champions a sudden massive influx of Muslims while being seemingly ignorant of the resistance this would provoke. What if she caused something so obviously problematically outrageous that it could in no way be ignored to shed light on the issue, and chose to willingly sacrifice her political career for it?

    Dumb or conspiring against the conspiracy in a Pitt in Sleepers kind of way?

    1. As Austria showed, resistance is nothing a little vote fraud can't fix. The (unintended?) subtle message seems to be that the militia will have to replace democracy. Will some form of democracy be thereafter allowed to return, with the franchise properly vested?

    2. You mean that that even the current representative "democracy" could be becoming too dangerous, and the the alternative would be rule by a controlled "resistance" perceived to fight against the crimes previously committed, until it would in some decades or so be proclaimed economically unfeasible, violating some "rights" of the day or simply in need of return to "democracy"?