Saturday, May 21, 2016

Historical Fiction: the Civil War

Posit the early death of Judah P. Benjamin and the many like him, or the foresight of Jefferson Davis or Robert E. Lee or the many like them, and visualize the U.S. Civil War not happening. Abraham Lincoln wanted to segregate society at a minimum, and was favorable toward repatriating slave descendants to Africa. Now, we know that Lincoln was an evil imperialist, cut of the same aggressively concealed homocloth as the Roosevelts, and we know that the industrial North was similarly vile, and that conquering the South was a prelude to the centralized American Empire that roved the globe establishing colonies and child-labor camps and all that, so we mustn't confuse ourselves into believing there was anything good about "the North." Similarly, we mustn't confuse ourselves into believing there was anything good about "the South." The Semitic slave-traders who had settled the Americas with captured Africans were, not only via France but directly, funding and guiding the nascent Confederacy, and by orchestrating a Civil War of loftily misguided fools, they achieved the financial foothold that they wanted. New York, rather than London, became the center of the new financial imperium, and predictably, the decades after the U.S. Civil War saw America begin to rove the globe and ramp things up even further toward all of the profitable stuff that happened in the twentieth century. The aggressive hammering-into of Japan, Korea, and China, happened after the Civil War had set the stage; the "World Wars" and the breakdown of the Ottoman Empire and the occupation of Europe and Asia by the USSR/NATO couldn't have occurred without the Civil War.

Fancy the alternative: instead of seceding, turning the Semitic-provisioned and regressively un-modern agricultural system against the industrial slavery of the North (which may have been either equally vile or more vile, you decide), fantasize that the Confederacy offers to outlaw slavery and restore the Union and accede to Lincoln's published desires to segregate America by repatriating the slaves. 1/100th of the treasure spent on war is spent instead, debt-free (France and the original slavers lose out), on returning the slaves to Africa, and then things go on as they were before but without a tiny class of wannabe British lords attempting to rule over human-labor plantations as the machinery age comes on.

What happens? No Reconstruction and no military government. The U.S. is vastly richer than it was in this timeline, the South naturally industrializes decades earlier than in this timeline, the faux-aristocracy becomes pitiful lines of occasional Senators with fourth-grade vocabularies just like in this timeline, and oodles of lives are spared. Lincoln isn't assassinated, and he remains a hideous ghoul until the end, but without the imperial occupation experience he craved, so he and his successors don't start roving the globe in a shiny navy, looking for Asians to brutalize. Japan and China continue refusing trade and don't gain the modern weaponry or (more important) New-Yorkian-influenced financial messages to start Americanizing the far East. The Mongoloid tribes of America are driven back as before, settled onto reservations, and the Anglo-Zionist scum in Mexico City loses in their attempt to seize control of the western tribelands of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, etc., by using proxy Mayan armies, just like in this timeline.

Zionist and Marxist revolutions and assassinations plunge Europe into minor internecine wars, just as in this timeline, but the non-imperial America doesn't enter, resulting in a stale peace, no Weimar Republic, no World War "II," and no Hitler. World War I isn't even called a World War, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire doesn't break up; instead, Austria splits part of its territory into Germany and part into Hungary, leaving Greater Germany and Greater Hungary happy and rebuilding. In the U.S., things start to look like 1990s Denmark: there's no Jim Crow, no segregation, everything is clean and tidy, and >95% of the murders from this timeline don't ever happen. Americans are ethnically homogenous and, besides driving the car industry for a much smaller and wealthier market, establish the same kinds of mass transportation networks that are seen in ethnic counterparts in Europe, since Americans no longer have racist reasons for not wanting to be beaten or harassed on broken trash-filled trains filled with roving gangs of aggressive youths who don't snitch.

When the Bolsheviks attack the Russians, the holocaust causes humanitarian intervention from Poland and France and Greater Germany. Six weeks later, a mixed European force enters Moscow to the cheers of millions of Russians, and Lenin and Trotsky and thousands of Cheka agents are tried for a conspiracy to use the strength and wealth of Europe to overthrow the Arab Ottoman government and seize Palestine. American Jews are indignant, the New York Times running constant articles about the unprovoked act of aggression by the vile Frog and Polack and Hun savages, but America, disinterested and inexperienced in imperialism, turns hundreds of treasonous editors and academics over to the newly established European Union for trial. The E.U. wants nothing to do with even more of those, and considers repatriation. The Ottoman government promises to deal fairly with all revolutionaries released to its custody. Lenin and the Cheka are reported to be at hard labor in the date-fields, but years later, in 1956, Dünya Solak, former head of security for the Ottomans, releases a memoir indicating that all repatriated revolutionaries were in fact executed in 1924 after having been forced to convert to Islam.

When the Union of Europe and America launches its first joint manned Mars lander in 1981, no one complains, because all the cities are clean and only a handful of itinerant drunks goes hungry. In response to a donation of $7,417.23 from a mentally ill Kroger manager named William Gates, who reportedly saved his yearly bonus three years running in an attempt to get Africans into space, NASA issues a partnership offering to Liberia to test the suitability of African solarnauts. The Liberian government agrees to accept the offer in exchange for a shipment of ten thousand fully automatic rifles to put down a rebellion in the east, but is denied. President Dugabo issues a strongly worded press release condemning NASA's decision to employ John Beauford, a French citizen of African descent, into its program, but he is overthrown the next day, and no one else issues a protest. Beauford leaves the program in 1985 after receiving a lucrative offer to star in a sitcom based around Mars settlement, predicted to begin for real in 1990. The show, Red Rose, is a moderate success, running for three seasons to critical acclaim, and inspiring an eponymous movie. With great animation, Beauford accepts the awards for Best Male Lead and Best Picture when, in 1995, Red Rose handily defeats Bayonet in the Cradle by Canadian newcomer Stephen Spielberg, who is later found to have paid assistants to plagiarize the screenplay for his film from Demons Among Us by Yusuf Farah, an Ottoman playwright.

"[My work] was supposed to be a stage play, but no, I am not offended," Farah told reporters, through an interpreter--he doesn't speak English, likely why Spielberg thought he could get away with it. "I only wish he had first asked me. And why did he change Thana's character [Thana was the female lead in Demons Among Us. -Eds.] to be a man? I do not understand. This thing, it is not good."

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