Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Fall of China

China is an exit strategy if America falls. Like the shift from Rome to Britain and Russia, Britain and Russia to America, China is now a major power that, if successfully infected, could provide a century or more of rewarding hosting. Russia appears to be staying strong and independent; the Holodomor is increasing in historical memory, and it might not allow itself to be infiltrated again to the same degree.

If China were to be the new designated hegemon, then we'd see all the normal things start to happen. And, weirdly, for the first time in China's amazing history, we are seeing one of them:

PORKY Chinese soldiers have become too fat for their tanks - which were designed three decades ago, state media reported. A survey found People's Liberation Army troops have put on an average of 5cm (2inches) around the waist and 2cm (0.8inches) in height over the past two decades. As a result, they find it hard to squeeze into cramped tanks designed for smaller personnel. Rifle stocks are also too short for some, limiting their accuracy. The findings of the survey, which began in 2009 and included more than 20,000 soldiers, suggested upgrading the military's equipment. Ding Songtao, head of the poll project, said: "Equipment must be in the right size for the battlefield, as clothes have to be in everyday life." Obesity rates have almost doubled in China since 1980, according to a recent report by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), a London-based think tank.
...uh oh. Add in the Tibetan march on Beijing, a statue of some non-Chinese hero in the Forbidden City, a Genghis Khan memorial museum, and China could become the new U.S.A.

It's not just the increase in fat people, though. How many millions of dollars were stolen from the Chinese people to give to some vile vampires in London for a "survey" to tell them what hundreds of thousands of military members would already know firsthand? The sheer idiocy of wasting money on a scheme like that--one the need for which could only be contemplated after the problem had already been identified and understood by the people in command--speaks of exactly the kind of parasitic extraction that hit Europe, Russia, and then America, before and during their respective rises to hegemonic levels.

Perhaps China already has fallen. Perhaps the wheels are successfully in motion, the right party families have been combined with subtly anti-China genetics, and the future will see it all happen again, except in the oldest freestanding civilization on the planet. Decades of Chinese overseas peacekeeping, decades of yuan diplomacy, decades of an increasing fall into decadence, and then, finally, Chinese privilege conferences. And then benighted Chinese writers will claim, "It's just a cyclical thing that happens to all civilizations for no reason whatsoever, oh, what a mysterious world it is!"


  1. Your blog entries combined eerily resemble the claims of the work of the historian Andrei Fursov (whom I have mentioned here before), down to the allocating an appropriate role to the occult and to secret societies.

    As for hegemony, the problem is that since 1991 capitalism have finally conquered the world, thus reaching its limits as a system. This means at this point the issue is no longer who the new hegemon within the system will be (Dutch, then British, then USA), but simply what the next system will be.

  2. There were some Slozhenicyn related tweets on your feed. If you actually know russian, leave email - I'll send you a book by a respected russian historian, who, based on KGB documents convincingly develops the claim that Solzhenicyn has worked with a liberal faction of KGB all along, with an eye to discrediting soviet power eventually. In the book he also challenges Solshenicyn family to take him to court if they think these claims are 'libel'. Nobody took him to court, but the book quickly disappeared from the russian bookstores...