Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Fall of Japan

Japan wouldn't be an effective hegemon for the vampires--until resources work differently, the Japanese islands can't compete with the Roman, British, Soviet, or American Empires, or a future Chinese Empire. Unlike the rest of the territory conquered during the Israeli Wars, though, Japan was filled with a partly Mongoloid population. Whereas financiers in Britain had used pro-Europeoid, anti-Mongoloid racism to justify nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century exterminations, the shift from London to New York, Crown to Columbia, saw the techniques reverse. For the late twentieth century to the early twenty-first century, anti-Europeoid racism offered shelter to the Japanese who had survived the atomic madness. The need to counterbalance racism with racism kept Japan intact--while Germany was turned over to Stalin's execution squads, Japan was spared them to a great degree. Yes, Truman's boys did establish rape-garrisons, which still provide preteen opportunities for off-base financial fodder, but Japan's Mongoloids enabled them to be shielded from the anti-Europeoid backlash of the period.

It was a necessary sacrifice, and one that is now being remedied. International finance is exerting great pressure on Japan, and while birthrates are dropping, and obesity rising (though not as rapidly as in China), Japan's resistance to the invasive hammer is starting to break down. As in the co-option of currencies, printing presses, gunpowder, and cinematography, stolen technology is providing the vanguard; as in the co-option of subtler forms of culture, finance has found other ways in, and the fingerprints are on the knife.

Japan has its own long tradition of homonormative behavior, in the non-damaging sense, akin to the difference between getting drunk at home and getting drunk in the street, going to a swing party for adult members or molesting parishioners' children. Post-Judeo-Christian-invasion, the pagan Mongoloid and Europeoid notions of "free love" shifted from sustainable private business to arrogant infecting, resulting in a corresponding idiocy from those whose attempt at backlash would burn the forest to save the trees. To whit, the bad kind of buggery was the chink in the samurai's armor, and, where SOFA-protected American rapists and a filthy tax-cheating Disney couldn't accomplish the job, Hollywood-style infiltration is on course to succeed.

No one cares if Christian churches are "defiled," thus the air quotes, but when Buddhist ascetics are jailed for failure to teach the virtues of orgasmic anal sex, will the multicultural mind scent a foul shift in the breeze? When millennial mountaintop Shinto shrines are decorated with glow-in-the-dark phalluses for a state-mandated gay wedding, and the ashes of the honored elders discarded in favor of limited edition prints of Harriet Tubman, will the islands themselves quake?

McDonald's is easy to recognize as an offense in Japan; less so in the United States, where it is a similar offense, but a forgotten one--the noxious creature has become so entwined with its host that it is now considered emblematic of the culture it long-ago assisted in murdering. While it may yet be viewed as a travesty to watch fat little Asian kids gulp down shit-infested hamburger patties in Asia, no one blinks at it happening in the U.S. any longer. Identical strip malls and crumbling infrastructure weren't always an export, nor a feature, but we've forgotten that; we don't care anymore, because we don't believe there was ever anything that got destroyed. That's how deep it went.

The Jews have selected a Jew to replace iconic Japan, choosing the Ash (ke) Nazi Scarlett Johansson to play Motoko Kusanagi in the mockery of Ghost in the Shell. It is an utterly obscene, wholly artless act, much like rainbowed stars of David preempting Tokyo traffic. If we retain decency, we recoil, perhaps recalling a brown Lancelot.

Yet it is only one obscenity, dwarfed by the colossality of time. In the end, all places will be like Rothschild 17, sterile and subdividable, within easy walking distance of a restaurant built atop the ruins of the temple once owned by the god who killed the god who killed the god.


  1. Just read the wonderful novel THE YOKOTA OFFICER'S CLUB by Sarah Bird, really great and highly recommended.

    I did not realize the extent of the brothels, or rather, didn't fully understand that military men who specifically wanted Asian children found ways to finagle a gig over there, just like the pedopriests found their various ways to get the posts they asked for.

    Awesome book.

    As for me... I am now looking at a new adversary, whom you have described well. But see, its hazy, I can't figure out JUST WHO this "enemy" is, exactly. You have touched on it here. Strip malls, more stuff, more subdivisions, bullshit. They are **ruining** Greenville, SC --which is rapidly turning into Asheville, NC (3 miles away, same TV/radio markets) -- which I guess means movie stars blessing us with new vegan restaurants is next on the agenda. When I moved here, it way boring Mayberry, granted, with lots of natural wonders and mountains and hiking/biking/kayaks/camping and all... but it was so yahoo, I never thought anybody would discover the place. Ha! Proverbial fools paradise, we are now even getting the people from upriver, up in cool Asheville who can even elect Wiccans to office (we are drowning in Baptists and it would take A LOT for that to happen!) because of the bathroom bill. Its created havoc that way--oodle$ is being held in escrow on pricey mountain cabins and old converted mill-loft apts AS WE SPEAK. North Carolina will die of financial apoplexy long before the State Dept can chastise them about who can pee where. Seriously.

    Anyway, not here. Our governor worships money first, and if you suggest bathroom bills will negatively impact tourism, she will squash that shit quicker than you can sing an old-timey chorus of MYRTLE BEACH DAYS.

    Anyway, they are mowing down parts of my favorite trail, as the newbies decide that "ruins" are depressing and need to go. They are beautiful and remind us of our world, the seasons, and life... but the yuppies stand around and say how depressing they are. Why don't they go ride their goddamn bikes somewhere else then? Because how else could they yuppify the world with subdivisions and the accompanying DESTRUCTION OF DEPRESSING "RUINS".... Jesus H Christ.

    Anyway, the word for that last paragraph is BALLARDIAN. And I can't wait to see "High Rise" although I will still be seeing that guy as Loki from the Marvel movies. Tsk.

    Touching base, warm regards.

  2. 30 miles, not 3 miles. TYPO.

    Over the beautiful mountains, across the state line, Asheville is 30 miles north of Greenville and was once run by the Vanderbilts (railroad money) -- which is where they also built the Biltmore House, which is fun to visit but obscene to imagine any *one family* actually living there. (Anderson Cooper's grandfather? great grandfather?)

    Greenville was built on the textile industry and was considered low class by the NCers.

  3. Textiles, you say, Daisy?