Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Anecdotal Muddle, Part 2

In Anecdotal Muddle we discussed the ability of westerners--not just "liberals," so much as "white people in general"--to dismiss the mass murder of children as less important than whatever idiotic Game-of-Thronesian television event they thought was important at the time. As I said then:
Yeah, McCain bad, but Obama is complicit in an international murder cartel and it's so very immoral and personally damaging and wrong to support anything like that.
What I didn't include in that post was one of the rejoinders I offered to the Obama/Hillary people at the time. Aware of their penchant for being anti-racist, I would say, "You know, if Obama had voted to drone-bomb white children in Ohio, instead of little Arabs in Pakistan, then you'd finally react." To that, they'd get a little weird and cagey. You could tell there was something strange there--some recognition on their part that, if Obama combated Crip terrorism by blowing up a black church, rather than combating Muslim terrorism by blowing up an Arab mosque, they would react differently.

But it turns out I was wrong. I was completely, totally wrong. The rape epidemics and mass child sex-slavery rings in western Europe are still an ocean away, so the American dismissal of that could still be written off as due to distance. But my wrongness was not confined merely to distance; it turns out that all the American SWPLs I had challenged have actually proven themselves just as carefree about the brutalization of white American children, not an ocean away, as they were/are about Afghani children. As the invader rape epidemic sweeps the U.S. itself, those people still don't care.

My mistake here was not remembering the Reagan years. When Reagan was building up black gang power in American inner cities by setting up cocaine networks to finance his various secret operations in South America, he encountered situations where the mestizo side of his operation were gang-raping and murdering white Christian nuns. Frighteningly young and unbelievably old, these little girls and Christian seniors, completely European-blooded, were getting broken broom handles and disease-laced cocks shoved up their vaginas by sub-Mayan jungle thugs who pretended to be "anti-communist" in order to be supplied with cash and booze and M-16s and CIA supply-drops. A continent away, if not an ocean, but American conservatives didn't care, anymore than American liberals now care if the same thing is happening to little girls in California. All the SWPLs hated Reagan and Oliver North, but then they voted for Clinton, who--in a precursor to "bomb the Somalis, then invite the Somalis to rape us" fashion, used NAFTA to release Reagan's armed jungle rapists on the women of California.


  1. Don't be so dismissive of "Game of thrones" - they teach important lessons of depravity. The lesson is precisely this: here's total cruelty in your face. That's how life works. People have embraced it, and perpetrate it when they have the chance, accept it, and focus on getting some pleasures before it's their turn to have their head chopped off.

    1. a/k/a the Fatalist who calls self a Realist.

      "We humans are, sadly, mortal beings unfortunately saddled with a termination date. Given the inevitability of death, I propose group suicide. As long as we're going to die, we may as well be the authors of our own deaths!"

  2. That's the problem - people don't really care. The funny thing is, they probably would if a young Arab girl were orphaned or blown apart before their eyes, or even if they saw a heart-rending movie about a young Arab girl who was orphaned, kidnapped, maimed or blown apart. It's not like people are generally monsters, but the experience has to be immediate, or at least faux-immediate about a person, not a statistic (there naturally won't ever be any such thing, at least anything so popular, critically acclaimed and omnipresent to be unavoidable) to have an effect.

    The rest is probably just self-preservation. Being aware of the horror hardly helps one in the strife for position in the slavery pyramid, so if awareness is not thrust upon one, why seek it out?