Monday, June 6, 2016

Colonialism still did exist

When Vincente Fox or Nikki Haley threaten Americans, it's offensive, to be sure, but not new. White Americans are simply the new indios or dalit. Haley and Fox, of course, are whiter, but it wasn't their whiteness that granted them privilege, as we see now while colonial administration is becoming more apparent inside the United States over a subject population of white indios. Rather, Haley and Fox were so powerful and important because of some outside connecting factor--a variable not dependent on their genetics--which permitted their lines to rise to wealth and prominence amidst large populations of peons whom they alternately control and abandon. U.S. and European whites are simply getting the same "foreign overlord" treatment that they got during previous Dickensian Englands or Ottoman Europes.

Sam Liccardo, the mayor of San Jose, is in many respects a nasty white supremacist piece of shit. A rich rapespawn blend of Sephardic conquistadors and Siberian invaders, he, like Vincente Fox and the rest of Mexico's elite, comes from a line that used its purported whiteness to sell-out and violently rule over violent indio workers. When it becomes convenient to feign indio attachment in order to adjust caste hierarchy to his own benefit, he does it--not because he is "indio" or because he is "white," but because he, again like Vincente Fox and Nikki Haley, subscribes to a ruling caste that knows no particular identity or boundaries except its own. His predecessors grew wealthy by serving as intermediaries between white-fronted Semitic mining companies and indio slaves, granting Sam himself the platform to pretend to be champion of the indios while in turn enslaving a different set of downtrodden workers. Ergo he's not really a white supremacist, anymore than he's an indio or mestizo supremacist, even though, from America, he appears to be a mestizo supremacist lying through his teeth, while from Mexico, he appears to be a white supremacist lying through his teeth. We don't know exactly what he is or what he believes in, but the untraceable gravitational pull necessary to balance the equations shows it isn't simple whiteness, ergo a century of critical race theory continues down the drain.

What does this tell us for the long term? Well, firstly, that DNA testing won't be any kind of future safeguard. You can tell Sam Liccardo is a certain kind of ugly, but if he dropped the phony accent and changed his name and chose his heirs carefully, it would take experts to pick out the wrongness of his future heirs. DNA testing as we now know it will become (or already is--your choice) inadequate for identifying where future incursions are likely. Liccardo's parents, for example, no doubt worked a different set of phony accents, names, and heir-grooming to set up their successors for power. And now, there's a fruity asshole in a suit who is somehow simultaneously white and indio. The costuming which, in the twenty-first century, involves certain clothing and accents, will be as easily accomplished in the twenty-second through à la carte reproductive purchases. Future Zuckerbergs and Liccardos will no longer appear so physically hideous and obviously broken; their terror will be, instead, represented visibly by the Luciferian false beauty of the elites' capitalistically eugenic Revelations.

Which is to say, future DNA tests won't be able to tell the difference, anymore than the majority of people right now, upon seeing Liccardo's made-up face on television in a European suit, think they're following thousand-year-old instinctual social cues in trusting him--both the servile indio and Euro populations, responding to different sets of cues. To the indio, his somewhat-pale mestizo schnoz-visage (paleness varies heavily depending on makeup and TV favorability, an important trick of the rulers of Mexico) and fake accent imply that he's the kind of overlord who can be trusted; to the Euro, his suit and his Portlandia crap and his last name make him both cool and boring enough to support.

Impossible to tinker with DNA? Nah, as easy as slapping a Kshatriya, or a conquistador's bastard rapespawn, into a suit. It's just another Raj, another Mecca, and we're all the indios now.

(If you don't recognize these "Mexican" powerbrokers, their respective jpegs are named after them.)

The positive side of recognizing all this is to understand the commonalities between the Euro and the Indio. As they share more openly now in being pillaged by the hideous bastards who colonized Mexico--the Semitic banksters behind Moorish control of Spain and the resulting colonization and ruination of Mexico and Central America--Euro and Indio may need to part ways, and permit the Indio his jungle empires and the Euro his space programs. Yet the ill will on both sides would be better directed at the ultimate orchestraitors of these varying street fights. Those nearly-Saud-looking crypto horrors in Mexico are a far more proper target for the wrath of both Indio and Euro than we are for one another.


  1. Yeah, Sliccardo is pretty sleazy (and a fitting Twitter handle, I dare say). I pulled up a couple of YouTube clips of his speeches, and I noticed not so much a fake accent (in contrast to the fake Latin thing that Antonio Villaraigosa sometimes does) as a weird, erratic cadence in his delivery. He probably does this to affect a false simplicity and emotional candor. It calls to mind Villaraigosa, bad seed Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, and Mark Schweiker (who made a show of literally rolling up his sleeves at press conferences during the Quecreek Mine rescue).

    It worries me that a city of nearly a million can't do better than that for its mayor. I lived in Palo Alto for the first ten years of my life, until 1992, and Liccardo's overt sleaze is something that I do not remember from the local politics before the first dot-com boom. It's damning that voters can't see through it.

    I wonder if it isn't of a piece with the excessive tweeness that I'm noticing more and more in affluent parts of the Bay Area. I remember things being much more sober when I was living there. I don't recall the adults giggling so much in their interactions with one another. And obviously there wasn't anyone like Mark Zuckerberg in a position of authority. The very idea would have seemed absurd.

    1. That's a good observation about "giggling." Giggling (and its associated communication about state of character and state of mind) used to belong to certain groups, but it's been--what's the term? culturally appropriated?--by way too many people who, frankly, should not be giggling.

      You're right about the "accent"; maybe accent isn't the term. It's cool for entertainers to fake Hispanic accents, but not yet most politicians--and when they do it's elite El Jefe, not the more honest Sonoran (which sounds too unlikable to even very PC whites).