Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Holding Patterns and Colonialism

Anonymous writes of an acquaintance saying:
I'm all for accepting refugees. But they must consent to adopt the culture of their new home - this will make their upward trajectory in the new society that much easier to navigate, and make them contributing members of the society that much faster. I am a great example of that.
This is a triptychially racist statement, highly indicative of transmodernity, combining as it does traditionalist elements from the three planets' offspring into one vulgar blur. "I am a great example of that" is Negroid, "consent to adopt the culture of their new home" is Mongoloid, and "upward trajectory in the new society" is Europeoid. An old-fashioned racist from, say, the 1600s, released from a successful time-machine voyage to the year 2016, would be able to easily pick out those combinations of character-based posturing, while an older-fashioned traveler from, say, the pre-Jenomic years, released from the time machine at the same time, would be easily able to point at the statement and say, "There's the Aphran collective will, the Maran drive forward, and the young Terran self-absorption. Put them all on the same place and they're still themselves."

The dominant normative frame of the presentation is modern Europeoid, in the sense that the memetic infection of the Yaldabaoth/YHWH, superimposing itself over European paganism, blinded Europe to all powers save its own willpower, making it equally vulnerable to external and internal colonization over the next several thousand years. The fatal flaw of the perspective is not merely narcissism, which occurs in such doses around here now that it's almost pointless to comment on it; we might as well say "2016" or "air," rather than pausing each time to add, "which includes narcissism," or "which includes oxygen," respectively. No, the fatal flaw is not merely narcissism, but the combination of narcissism with solipsism--again, a nearly omnipresent ingredient of the 2016 Terran climate--which produces the centrally dangerous belief, "Everyone is really like me."

This is the Europeoid's arrogance and naïveté expressing itself as Yaldabaoth would prefer it. The willpower itself can't be removed, but it can be harnessed, ridden to centuries of colonialism (outward-focused overdrive) and centuries of suicide (inward-focused drive). The great sin of Europeoids since whenever, as extremely well documented by their successor-counterparts, was racism, but not racism as we now know it. Colonialism, manifest destiny, acceptance and employment of slave-trading practices, missionary work, genocide: all predicated on the belief that, either, "Everyone is like us and can be made, through sufficient effort, to be like us," or, "We are so strong and marvelous that we can adopt any system and make it work for ourselves in our way."

This one presumes that we all know enough about "racism" by now, right? Again, colonialism, slaves, et cetera. The principles from the end of the latter paragraph exemplify this, writing the lengthy tale of arrogant Europeoid failures: the small-scale heritage- and battle-based Europeoid slaveries, characterized by versions of moral obligation (however immoral they may have actually been), were discarded in favor of the Semitic mass trading slaveries, characterized not by moral obligation but by the assumption of profit obligation. The Europeoid thinks, "Look what they're doing, surely I am so cool and amazing and incredible that I can make it work for me, too," or, "Look what they're doing, surely this can be a means by which I educate and uplift until they can be like me," and becomes privy to, and responsible for, centuries of horror. Colonialism, too: "Look what they're doing, surely I am so cool and amazing and incredible that I can make it work for me, too," or, "Look what they're doing, surely this can be a means by which I educate and uplift until they can be like me." Europeoids earn no bonus points for having been so dumb that they assumed it would all work out nicely; their sins are well-known.

That tired old refrain returns again, though, in the hands of our contemporary Europeoids. In fact, it never left. Eased through the gears by a Jenomic will with a manual transmission, Europeoids now look upon the world as they have since impact, approaching problems of cultural and genetic difference with the underlying assumption that everyone is like them. It is another layer of boring irony; it is the same arrogance as colonialism and traditional racism. Regard any exhibit from the circus of the now and apply that old Europeoid refrain. Transsex, Muslim rapefugee (Ashkenazi people-smuggler), Aztec invasion (Sephardic people-smuggler), pro-pedo articles, free lunches, IQ scores: "Look what they're doing, surely I am so cool and amazing and incredible that I can make it work for me, too," or, "Look what they're doing, surely this can be a means by which I educate and uplift until they can be like me."

So many of us, in our desire to resist the bullshit of 2016, attempt to return to the past. "Our ancestors understood that, when dindus or kebabs were allowed access to unescorted white women, there would be a rape epidemic, and no amount of instruction or hand-wringing would change it." Indeed some of them did feel that way, but even so, they lived in a time where the wealth of nations was being spent sending mountains of blood and treasure to foreign lands to instill Christianity and produce future interchangeable laborers. Any government agreement with their attitudes at the time was as dishonest and as invalid as any current government pretension of agreement about the rights of the individual. Yesterdays racists were, like today's social justice warriors, partially correct about a few cherry-picked pieces of history, but they were likewise being employed in the service of the same colonial aim. Heralding the writings of old-timey conservatives as being "race realist" is all well and good, but those principles weren't being played out by those societies as a whole. The era of colonialism, both without and within, is still going on, and like always, the Dutch East India Company is not being funded by healthy families, and those disgusting, infested, Anglo-like monstrosities serving society's ideology are on the same mission as the orcs.

Later histories will be able to regard Cameron, Obama, or Merkel as being essentially contemporaries of Phillip II, Francis I, Mary I, or Isabella, from that dark and blurry period between 0 and 7800, J.E. Clinton, Castile, what's the big difference? There might perhaps be a sub-unit specifying the identity-denying nature of both plantation colonialism and internal resettlement colonialism, with study questions asking the student to consider why the Europeoids were so horribly arrogant and ignorant as to think that they could or would or should force the Negroids to adopt their culture and their maths and their social patterns, replete with pictures of an army of conquistadores leading Hillary into the valley...and a little girl will raise her hand, and say, "It's cause they're infected," and the teacher will say, "It was because they were infected, and yes, Miss Jones, everyone knows that from last cycle, but what we're trying to do in this cycle is understand, in a bigger way, how the infection interacted with what was already there, and what it tells us about ourselves that it happened the way it did down there."

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