Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hormone Therapy

According to the Alaska Dispatch News, Wangyot’s district doesn’t even require boys to undergo hormone therapy before competing in girls’ events.

Doesn't even require boys to undergo hormone therapy? Doesn't even? People are heralding this (Teen Male Dominates Girls Track and Field) as the beginning of Peak Bullshit, but no way, not even close. It seems more like ground-breaking for hormone therapy becoming a basic human right. Like, it's not fair if Allison can't win the boxing championship away from Bruno because Allison merely can't afford the necessary steroids to compete on equal footing. Therefore, steroids for all women. The equal protection clause, scurrilous and wretched as ever, will guarantee Allison's right to be provided with growth hormones and steroids and cybernetic augmentation, but when Bruno tries to get steroids for himself, the equal protection clause will be smoking out back by the dumpsters, like it did during affirmative action. Interactive herstory websites for future social studies curriculum will include sidebars about how Muhammad Ali is only known as the champ because of discrimination, when everybody now knows it was the night janitor at his earliest gym, one Harriet Brown, who has been determined to have had greater boxing skills that went undiscovered because of her failure to undergo hormone therapy, and President Charlotte Clinton formally apologized to the world for America's failure to recognize Heavyweight Champion Brown's real title until now. Science textbooks these days remind us how modern astrophysics actually originated with Thomas Edison's Namibian valet (Isaac Newton's Irish suffragette maid created neuroscience), and the future will no doubt include science ebooks teaching us that Wilt Chamberlain was a crappy basketball player who only copied his moves from the wishful thinking of an asexual disabled otherkin Inuit.


  1. It's a rare occasion when Estados Unidos are jealous of Canadian Bacon, but this is one of them. For reference:


    1. You Know Who is going to need to start funding trans women who can perform a delicate balancing act:

      (1) They can play in women's professional sports without dominating; and,

      (2) They can play in women's professional sports without being an obvious farce designed to make the trans-based exclusion of women look laughable.

      E.g., they need middling competitors who can be used as "Look, see?" examples by entertainers, thereupon seemingly stochastically cited by members of the masses, in support of the idea that It really doesn't matter, and that the State's Designation is what does.

      Once pro women's sports are flooded with that kind of middle(wo)man, the ordinary person on the street will think it's a settled issue: trans women are equal to women, Harvard and CNN say so, case closed, what's on TV?

    2. ...what's on TV?

      Geoffrey Tambor, as Trans-Parent!

  2. Stalin would never allow this.