Monday, June 27, 2016

Trump as Fellow Traveler or Useful Idiot (Updated)

Updated: this issue can be approached from both a "believes in race" and "doesn't believe in race" angle. This post more closely adheres to the "believes in race" angle. The great thing about Jewish policy, though, is that, from the pro-diversity perspective, it can be unpacked for intersectional analysis using critical race theory. Accordingly, to that end, I've appended the following video of Jews "removing kebab," as they call it:

If you previously had any difficulty understanding the manner in which global Israeli policy affects impoverished people of color, the video should help assist you better consider the points made in the post below.

In Hollow Scarecrows and Trump is Hitler, we explored the possibility that Trump could be either a Shabbos Goy or a Manchurian Candidate. Like Hitler, Trump is resisted by a vocal majority of Jews while assisted by a minority of very hard-working Jews, both of whom use the exact same reasons to oppose or support him, and both of whom, critically (as always), use highly-charged racial and ethnic arguments to either support or deny, against all parties supporting or resisting Trump except other Jews.

Jews who support Trump, for example, laud his supposedly Israel-style plan for a border wall, no Iran deal, and harsh anti-immigration measures, while never mentioning the specifically Jewish nature of the past one hundred years of relaxing immigration policy in order to achieve the state of affairs where Trump seems like a radical nationalist (when in actuality his immigration positions would have made him, in 1964, an extreme leftist). The occasional shot against someone highly publicized, like George Soros, is permitted, but never identifying George Soros for acting as a Jew, or noting that George Soros' policies of destroying Europe and America are merely the modern day continuation of a century of similar policies, which at inception and throughout and right now enjoy heavy majority Jewish support.

In less public fora, these Jews are not merely hypocritical, but openly and proudly racist, connecting themselves to "human biodiversity" websites and promoting themselves as wise, helpful, understanding partners in the drive to protect Europe and America from Islamic or Aztec crime. Addressing current and historical immigration policy and politics in America and Europe without addressing the original initiators of change, the consistent yearly funders of change, and the vast international cultural coordination of opening boarders, alongside the equally consistent and equally massive hypocrisy of the Jews--who want DNA testing and F-35s in Israel/Palestine, and barbed wire and machine guns in Mexico/Guatemala, but flowers and amnesty in U.S./Mexico--is telling. It suggests that the Jews who are now cozying up to white nationalism are not actually believers in ethnic nationalism anymore than they were when they worked with the German NSDAP to establish both a German homeland in Germany and a Zionist homeland in Palestine; rather, they are pitting different outside racial groups against one another for the ultimate benefit of only one racial group: Jews.

Like other violent Jewish projects of the twenty-first century--the destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq through U.N. proxies, or the mandatory tolerance for rapists--it is mind-bogglingly ridiculous to claim that America building a wall on the U.S./Mexico border is akin to Israel building a wall to keep Palestinians out, or that America ceasing birthright citizenship means that America and Israel are natural allies. It's unbelievably, atrociously, Big-Lie-style ridiculous to suggest that, by resisting Jewish Somali-resettlement programs together, Jewish nationalists and white nationalists have become allies.

...and yet, it's working. The E.U. and the U.N., which have condoned and supported Israel's mass murder of the Palestinians since 1948--so enthusiastically as to arm Israel with nuclear bombs and send billions upon billions of dollars of the most advanced aid to Israel year after year after year after disbelievingly impossible year--are now being considered "anti-Jewish" by one side of Jewish political operatives, for the crime of timidly permitting some very minor citizen-driven campaigns to buy non-Israeli products. The U.N. and the E.U. are, of course, notoriously Jewish, having leveraged member nations' armies to destroy numerous enemies of Israel without compensation, and having issued binding resolutions to sanction or punish Israel's enemies, while taking decades to begin issuing only the most minor of non-binding, non-punitive, weak-willed double-hedged requests that Israel exterminate the Palestinians a tiny bit slower.

Amazingly, it's working. It's working like Colin Powell's "yellowcake" speech to the U.N. worked on a bunch of people who claimed to be against colonialism. The anti-television, anti-NYT, anti-Hollywood, anti-Israel (sic) component of European and (White) American nationalism are, in large part, getting so flattered and impressed by suggestions of Jewish support that they're allying with Israel. White nationalists are blushing and giggling at the thought that Jews might use their positions in the media to vocally support African crime statistics, the identification of Islamic terrorism, et cetera, and in return--that quickly and easily, like pocketing thirty pieces of silver--racist Jews are being considered allies and supporters of emerging European nationalisms. Some of these Jews are cheering on #Brexit like it's their victory, and advocating for the expulsion of Muslims or the purging of black immigrants to Europe--positions that, whatever their merit, are only issues in Europe because of Jewish influence. If you don't believe that people act with group interests in mind, that's of no concern to you, and there's no connection there. For the new nationalists, though, all of the science they claim to support, and all of the policy positions they claim to believe in, are about how successful peoples do act in the interest of their group. Ergo it is indicative of Henry Ford's old prediction that Gentiles are simply not able to play this game as well as Jews.

Whoever wins this battle--emergent nationalism or bankster globalism--Jews will win. Like the wars of latter-century Europe, Jews have a long history of support for each side, which will ensure that either a walled-in, tariffed, Trumpian America, or a wide-open, bleeding, Clintonian North Brazil, will be a welcoming home to the Jewish community, even though it will not and will never be a welcoming home to either White Nationalists or Blacks & Muslims. Many parties will lose in this upcoming game, but one special party--the reason for holding the game in the first place--will not lose, because it is both globalist and nationalist, racist and racially blind, an ethnicity and not an ethnicity, a religion and not a religion, a poor wandering traveler and a soiled traditionalist, a pitiable victim and an authoritative militarist.


  1. - "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are fake!

    - Doesn't matter. History unfolded as if they are real.

    1. The proper response to the Protocols is to focus on their fakeness to the exclusion of all else. Kind of like their glee over the supposed downfall of Mercerism.