Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump is Hitler

Everything seems to be going well, in the sense that everything seems to be going terribly, in the sense that the Taqiyyabama boiled the frog too swiftly and may potentially induce a desperate jump. Retrospectively, though--and considering our adversary--doesn't it all seem a little too predictable? The brownshirts can be called into service to protect meetings from communist attacks and imported rapes, an unstifled national economy can restore the blessing of life to children and develop marvelous new technologies, and even after decades of horrible occupation and centuries of pointless war, the march to freedom can unleash the intrinsic power of a species and take on nearly the whole world.

Hitler and the NSDAP were Zionists in the sense that they wanted to remove the Jews to Palestine, for which they were suitably rewarded, not only by the retrospective crafting of historical narratives, but by the coordination and mobilization of truly ridiculous, inconceivably and unknowingly conjoined allies fighting under the banner of the Nihilist Bank. Any practical attempt at restricting the Bank's ability to crush Terran labor, initiative, and freedom, must take into account the undeniably marvelous, necessarily foreseen nature of Hitler's rise to power: namely, what will be used to destroy the Bank's enemies in a conflagration that will justify another wasted century of frenzied trading? Knowing Russians, knowing Americans, knowing the British; knowing Chamberlain, knowing Roosevelt, knowing Stalin: it was possible, but laughably fantastical, to predict the kind of peace-resisting invasion force the Bank would not only cobble together, but coordinate such to spread NATO and the Warsaw Pact over the globe for nearly half a century.

A thousand years of merchant-nurtured jihad did not topple the resistance, for even the inbred crypto royals, with their pallid faces and weak chins and broken minds, were unable to crush all the petty barons and counts; the bonds of Europe continued producing inventions, even ideological ones, crippling the power of their own kings and churches when they began to perceive the suggestions of infiltration. Fitzwalter and Luther probably believed they were taking ideological stands, rather than genetic ones, when they demanded their political and religious reformations--they looked to honorable rules of logic to protect them from the whimsies of kleinen Karl Alexanders, perhaps never seeing the Oppenheimer behind the curtain or inside the mitochondria.

Presume Trump closes the border, and that he does so not because Israel needs to keep the money flowing, but because he actually cares. The Bank will deal with him, as it dealt with Hussein, Kennedy, and so many others who have attempted to develop alternative means of exchange. Presume, though, that he is well protected, and that Canada and Mexico are too weak to begin massing T-26s at the Polish northern or southern borders.

Who, then, will be the hammer? Who will provide the chattel manpower to shatter the walls of tariff and community, choice and independence, and the potential for serious space travel and developing entirely resistant colony strains that might later wholly liberate Terra? Who will ensure that colonists on Mara never find evidence of the original attack; of the original source of infection?

Will it be China? Russia? Russia would, of course, be infinitely preferable to the Bank. Will Putin be quietly overthrown and made into the next century's Chamberlain, butt of endless VR sitcom jokes, his name associated with the flagrant idiocy of peace and freedom? Or will Putin's rapport with Trump prove to be Rooseveltian, dare I say, Wilsonian posturing, designed at the behest of his patrons to ensure another eighty million bodies when Putin is reluctantly forced to assist China?

The seeming quality of the immune response here is positive, in a way, but we must accept that this has no doubt been foreseen, and the hammer is already being readied. Trump could be a Manchurian, a lightning rod, meant to ineffectually rant without changing things. He could be a good goy sent in to shore up funding for our overlords, as this one has suggested previously:
[Trump could be] permitted to defeat cardboard opposition because Saudi Israelia has realized that North Brazil won't be able to fund its genocide like the U.S. was? In this possibility, Saudi Israelia is willing to accept resurgent Europeoid nationalism because it knows it needs perpetual annuities in the quantity that only Europeoid nations can generate. Trump will build a border wall and a thriving economy so that Saudi Israelia can keep leeching money off a wealthy U.S., tricking NATO into massacring this or that Arab population, etc., and in return, America will be permitted freedom of speech and association again.

This possibility seems unlikely, because They know that such nationalism would create confidence sufficient to soon cut off the leeching, leaving Saudi Israelia prey for Nemesis.

He could be one of those. Given what we know about the Bank, it's entirely possible that they're resisting Trump because they know that their resistance makes Trump an appealing product to a certain audience. Don't forget how crafty the Bank is.

If, however, Trump is neither of those things, and he actually believes in and intends to take anti-Bank positions, the Bank will have a massive international response ready, and its pawns are being positioned to reenact Dresden, Tokyo, Cologne, and Hiroshima, as many times as needed until revised occupations can be emplaced. If you think Trump is actually going to resist the Bank, then the Bank will make sure he becomes Hitler, unless the U.S. is able to resist some kind of fantastically unlikely international coalition of allies, many of whom will not actually realize they are allies. Recall how violently the years upon years of holocaust-style propaganda were not enough to convince the Americans to wish death upon Germany, but more importantly, recall how almost no Americans knew that they were paying for, building, and shipping colossal quantities of war machines, food, and raw materials to Stalin, for so many years before Pearl Harbor was engineered to finally insert lives and acceptance into the conflict. The Middle East and Africa are currently being not only gifted billions of dollars of deadly armored machinery every year, but China is getting the same plus the same kinds of technological innovations that were being passed from Germany to Stalin & Mao from Bank elements operating inside Germany prior to and during the Russian invasions of Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. If Putin is a decent man, China may be the hammer.

Solid currency, nurturing freedom, inventions, children--all enemies of the Bank. Even if Trump and his supporters are unaware of what he's doing, the Bank will arrange a response.

How can we anticipate that response? We know that Hitler tried extremely hard from 1939 until his death to come to peace arrangements, even offering to retreat to old borders if it would end the war, and the Bank insisted on those being rejected. Again, most Americans and British never knew that, and still do not. Americans in the coming conflict would know that, however--and the Bank would ensure that such peace offers would be rejected.

Ha! Funny side note. Remember the Zimmerman Telegram? It's so effing hilarious that, 99 years ago, the bankers were using anti-Aztec racism, focused on Mexico, to engineer another war between Euros. And if Trump's not a Manchurian, it's likely that a Chinese-Mexican occupation regime would be given the western U.S. as part of a future Malta Conference.

Really though. You think they unleashed Miley Cyrus on us without knowing it would be Weimar all over again? They've got the next century all laid out, and a hundred years from now, they'll be shaming Chinese transsexuals for being elitist in mandatory elementary school curriculum. And in their private moments, dissident Chinese neurobloggers will whisper to one another that there was no need to invade America seventy years ago, that China was "just as guilty as America," and that secret writings with all the banned books and symbols indicate that New England actually used to be primarily Atheist/Christian and not Sunni/Shia. And then a random monitoring check by their boss, Lord Zuckerlâu IV (who is a completely genuine Han and publicly-avowed Taoist), will reveal their treachery, and they will be quietly dematerialized, and their friends will never remember they existed.


  1. From my facebook feed. Same person. Please diagnose this motherfucker for me, i have given up. (an immigrant from ukraine, excelling in a mildly lucrative shitty job as digital something at a bank) Read, weep, and punch somebody in the face:

    "Every once in a while I bump into quite sane conservatives with whom I can have a rational discussion (not a screaming match). Typically, the only thing we consistently agree on is Trump - they see the same danger, and would never support him. They love their country more than the party."

    "As a Ukrainian, I apologize for Kolychev. The rest are your own, homegrown Trumpjugend."

    "Violent bigotry is not an American-only problem ..."

    "Erdogan is a failure. But he is also a growing threat to U.S. interests. His policies are certainly endangering the well-being and stability of Turkey, a vital member of NATO. But they are also fanning the flames of extremism and terrorism beyond Turkey’s borders — in Syria and the Middle East for sure, but increasingly in Europe as well."

    1. The first 3 paragraphs are a setup for the 4th; on the 4th paragraph, is this person a Russian citizen, a Turkish citizen, a neonatalized American? Why the concern over Turkey? Is he a Young Turk?

  2. lol, he is a "young turk" in subscribing to the same mindless version of liberalism. He fancies himself as a highly educated person, incredibly knowledgeable in geopolitics, world history, hence, his compulsion to share his shitty opinion on absolutely everything. He is the ideal prototype of the modern day biorobot perfectly cultivated for the needs of the empire.

    1. And here I was thinking him an ornithologist, concerned over the Thanksgiving Slaughter of Turkeys.

  3. OMG i have to add this coment from today, on some article about refugees. Lord kill me now:

    "I'm all for accepting refugees. But they must consent to adopt the culture of their new home - this will make their upward trajectory in the new society that much easier to navigate, and make them contributing members of the society that much faster. I am a great example of that."

  4. "consent to adopt"

    "culture of their new home"

    Those sound almost sincere. But who gets to define the "culture" and how people "consent to adopt" it?

    What if the "culture" already has been subverted?

    What if adoption of that "culture" was achieved though assimilation of the subverting messages?

    What if public schools and documentaries shared a subverting message or theme, rooted in propaganda rather than facts? Were the students who graduated educated or indoctrinated? Did they learn critical thinking skills, or how to parrot what Teacher Says?