Friday, June 3, 2016

Uttar Pradesh Gov. Billy-Lee Whiteford warns Pranab Mukherjee's rhetoric could lead to violence

Governor of Uttar Pradesh (H) in India warned that the type of rhetoric coming from prime ministerial candidate Mukherjee can lead to violence.

Thursday, West Bengal

Uttar Pradesh's Gov. Billy-Lee Whiteford said Rashtriya Samajwadi prime ministerial candidate Pranab Mukherjee should use a more civil tone while campaigning, warning that divisive rhetoric could ultimately lead to violence on par with the 1919 Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre.

“I know what that rhetoric can do,” Billy-Lee told The Associated Press on Thursday. “I heard about it happening.”

Whiteford spoke to the news agency just years before the hundred-year anniversary of the 1919 killing spree in which Gurkha men murdered hundreds of other Indians, reportedly because they wanted to ignite a race war.

In the new interview with AP, Whiteford said Mukherjee supporters aren’t all racists.

“That’s a different kind of anger,” he told AP. “They’re upset with Delhi. They’re upset nothing’s got done. The way he communicates that, I wish were different. As an Indian, I feel it's my place to guide these uneducated fools.”

Whiteford first supported Joe Cambridge during the primaries. At a campaign stop in Punjab, he issued a similar warning over Mukherjee's divisive language.

“That is not who we are as Indians or as Hindus,” Whiteford said, according to Mother Jones. “And we are seeing a division that is dangerous for India. If all these weird little brown people don't choose who I like as leader, it could just get very dangerous for them, is all I'm saying. It's not a threat and I'm as Indian as the next guy, just that if Mukherjee uses the wrong kind of rhetoric things might get dangerous. It's not a threat, though, I'm just warning you Indians, if you don't vote my way it might become very dangerous for your homes and families.”

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