Sunday, July 31, 2016

Puppetmaster: Blaming Tools v. Blaming Actors

For Yaldabaoth's sake, people, stop blaming Muslims for things. That's scarcely more intelligent than blaming guns for things. The Muslims are mere heads of the hydra; they were only ever dangerous because they were used as shock troopers by a force far more powerful. Guns don't kill people; people kill people. Everyone knows that saying, right? By the same token, Muslims don't kill people; bankers kill people.

Without bankers, Muslims never advance beyond the bow and arrow. They never obtain cannon, handheld firearms, or heavy cavalry. Heck, without bankers, there are no Muslims, because the Torah primed the pump for the Koran, being itself more noxious, racist, and genocidal.

In the absence of bankers engaging in international financial transfers, arms trading, and stealing military secrets to pit state against state in endlessly recycled cold/hot wars, Muslims are never motivated to follow the bankers into Europe in the first place. They stay right in the Middle East, looting Egyptian burial sites and selling Nubians to one another. Arabs aren't even Muslims without the bankers to do that, but for convenience's sake, fine, call them "Muslims." Either way, they're not a problem. Bankers alone = problem. Arabs alone = no problem. Bankers + Arabs = Problem. See the variable at play there? Applies to every other group that could be paired with, or considered apart from, bankers.

Without bankers, Vienna doesn't spend 1200 years under siege. The few Bedouin raiders who do contemplate coordinated attacks to the north are small in number, ill-supplied, and, without Chosen viziers, break apart from internal feuding before they even have a chance to swing bronze sabers at thirty-foot-high stone curtain walls.

Without bankers, there is no Theodore Roosevelt, no Bull Moose, no Fed, and no FDR. America doesn't invade Mexico, Cuba, or the Philippines, and Harry Hopkins doesn't get into the Lincoln bedroom. There is no Lend-Lease, no allied intervention in Italy causing Mussolini to beg for reinforcements and slow down the eastern advance, and Hitler takes Moscow before winter, but that doesn't even matter anyway, because without bankers there is no Weimar, no Great War, no series of anti-natalist assassinations, and, crucially, no inbred traitorous Ancien Regime against which to partially justify anti-natalist assassinations anyway.

Without bankers, Japan destroys the Chosen Cheka before they can murder 60 million Russians. Without bankers, another 60 million Chinese are alive, and Mao is an unknown little weenie who, at age thirty-three, is sentenced to the death of the ten thousand needles when his village elders catch him molesting another eight-year-old. Stalin is a friendly enough old crank who loses his job as a house painter and seduces unattractive widows before perishing to dysentery in his forties, and no one ever builds a single gulag.

Without bankers, the noxious Afro-Semitic habit of chattel slavery never makes it to the New World. The semi-free serf populations of the slavs restore themselves closer to freedom with each year that passes since the Golden Horde. Free of constant harassment by the subjugated Turks, Russia joins the Han and Japanese in crushing the Mongoloid raiders that had only ever survived by keeping various empires distracted with one other. Celts and Germans, Angles and Nords spend half a millennia not retreating to castles to avoid Muslim pirates; not answering to the dictates of a council of globalist boy-rapers; not globally integrating their trade via colonization and slavery schemes foisted upon them by royal financiers; not suffering vicarious insults as variegated cult regulations and incestuous-yet-foreign rulers are transplanted upon their altars and thrones, but, by developing internal combustion engines and basic spaceflight.

The populations of southern Africa are no more or less dangerous than lions or wildebeest; the Arabs are never armed, uplifted, or otherwise interfered with, and the rest of the globe feels no need to colonize either of them with a dead Jew on a stick, a million surplus AK-47s, or various pro- and/or anti-positions on anal intercourse and/or shamanism.

There is only one great virus on this planet.

Only one. We are encouraged to treat symptoms, but there is only one foundation, one problem, one enemy. Blaming dindus, cucks, catladies, kebabs, muds, sugar consumption, complex carbs, proximity, science, faith, pedagogy, self-esteem, your inner resolve, our inner resolve, history itself: failures; symptoms; distractions. There is only one enemy. You cannot take the easy way out by blaming only your own weakness, your own susceptibility, because that's like blaming your skin for burning when exposed to fire.


  1. Rather close but correct reading.
    Also, how can you not close shop after this?

    100 wolves will always matter more than 10000 sheep. So, the sheep will always remain the sheep. It doesn't matter (and never did) that they have the numerical advantage. All you can hope for is that a neo-stalinist elite will emerge in Russia and will consolidate that huge territory under an iron heel (like here) except based on principles of social justice (as it was, for the most part, under the actual stalin).

    It's a long shot, because everything that has happened in modern russia (except stalin, and only partially), has been bankrolled by the west.

  2. Along the way people choose to stop. Sometimes they stop and forget they intended to go further.

    I think this explains the waypoint stoppers, they remain wherever their curiosity or need for belonging hits its maximum.

    Going that extra bit may require them to look at things they'd rather not, or feel excluded more than they'd like.

    Seems to suggest a distaste for truth.

  3. Aww, the second Anonymous comment gave me an e-mail update, but it isn't appearing here on the page. Did you delete it, Anonymous #2? It was an ok comment. <3