Thursday, August 18, 2016

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In retrospect, it all looks so stupid: the promises of curing all that arthritis in sixty years' worth of farm-worked knee joints, by taking a ten cent bottle of sugar-water sold from the back of a wagon. If it's true, why do so many people still suffer? Why is anyone ever sick or hungry in such an amazing world, where such magical products exist and are so cheaply accessible?

Bereft of our full abilities during the aging process, many of us become vulnerable to human connection. Not only inexperienced children, but very experienced elders, tend to "fall back" on social trust in other human beings. Very young people can be told, "your mommy sent me to pick you up, she's very sick, and I'm going to take you to see her, and here's some candy for the ride," and very old people can be told, "your grandbaby is in jail in Mexico and needs bail, I can help you pay that bail," and they can believe these things. At different points of our lives, we may look with amazement upon the way people can be "gamed" by reprehensible people, who exploit the most basic elements of human trust in order to make money and shape society in their image.

The parasitism is as bloated as it is disgusting. Old people are constantly lured by crap--"no call" lists and other such deliberately superficial measures do nothing to prevent landlines and smartphones from the daily barrage of warnings, both old-fashioned and hip, robotic voice warning of an IRS problem or text message with clickable links, or FaceTime requests from real people sitting in front of real backdrops ready to steal. Because the old have access to money, they are full-on prey, and our legislatures carefully craft international treaties that will permit borders and distance to protect criminals from recrimination. Just like the world banking system can find out whether or not you've been accurately reporting that fifty-three dollars of dividend income to your local taxing authority, yet can't manage to track down how the latest drug/terrorist organization is paying protection money, there's a hideous harmony to the ways that Indian call centers ("less legitimate") and Israeli call centers ("more legitimate") are permitted to work upon the elderly with non-requested tablet PC or currency trading assistance, respectively.

These scams make for great news fodder, as their existence encourages older people to rely upon various "senior living" updates, and consultations with "financial advisers," to whom they can pay protection money in exchange for being told that other things are scams. This secondary layer of scam artists is completely legitimate, the anti-bear totem that governments license and regulate and justify by the very act of permitting most of the bears, the bottom-feeding scammers, to operate with relative impunity. Scammers, like Swedish mass rapists or well-armed Syrian rebels, exist because they're not merely permitted to exist, but created to serve a specific purpose.

Dealing with Elder Abuse

Imagine a just world, where some poor fool from India making a few bucks a day calls Grandma and tells her that he's from Microsoft and her PC is infected with a virus, and she needs to remotely connect to him now or all her data will be lost. The last fifty seniors hung up on him, and even five years ago Grandma wouldn't have fallen for this bullshit, but as she's weakened and grown nearer death, she's made the intelligent decision to rely on human trust to assist her in navigating the world--just as it isn't "stupid," but intelligent in an evolutionary sense, for toddlers to seek adult assistance in a world that includes, say, Bengal tigers.

So, poor, trusting Grandma gives the bastard from India the password, and he logs into her computer and gets all her data, assures her the virus is gone, and calls the next fifty-one seniors. And you find out that the number used by the place in India is affiliated with a bunch of shell companies that ultimately trace to a little boiler room in New York. You call the sheriff in Allegany County, he busts up the boiler room, thirty little "Italian American" Ashkenazi cut plea deals for five years upstate and have millions of dollars seized and returned to victims, and the sheriff reveals that they were getting the lists of senior phone numbers in Tallahassee from Chase Bank, which clearly shared marketing info with the boiler room, and thus India, as part of the plot. The government imprisons several Chase executives, places the company in receivership, and dozens of new bank licenses are granted across the country as the Chase scam reveals cooperation with other major banks. The Federal Reserve is found to have been aware of the money flows in and out of India, its Board is arrested and charter revoked, and the entire world economy shudders awake as central bankers everywhere are jailed. Hundreds of trillions of dollars are freed, all national debts wiped out, India's phone farms demolished and turned into fields and homes for millions of new landowners, most NATO-bloc legislators and UN officials repatriated to broke Israel, and the sun rises on endless meadows of young clover. All over the hundred forty bucks charged on Grandma's card by the low-level guy in India!

Now imagine a less-just world. The same happens to Grandma, you find out she had another hundred forty bucks stolen from her by some jerk in India, and you do your research and trace it to the boiler room in Allegany County. The police take your call, they file it and report it to the SEC, and the SEC dutifully ensures that no one make any connections lest they become the victim of a tragic and unforeseen accident. In coordination with thousands of other such reports, the SEC gives the green light to AARP magazine, which releases a story on "this year's scams" and advises seniors not to give their password to people who call from Microsoft. Indian call centers retrain their employees to say they're calling from the I.R.S., and next year Grandma's bank account gets raided for a few thousand dollars which the I.R.S. says it never received when she tries to file her taxes next year. Her broker at Schwab reminds her to read this month's AARP magazine, which discusses the new I.R.S. scam targeting seniors, and to call him first next time she gets a notice from the I.R.S.

So, in this less just world, imagine that you, at least, are selfless and just: you get your Mossberg and you drive to Allegany County and you knock on the door of the boiler room, but in the front office there's a pretty girl receptionist who knows nothing about what her bosses do, and they're not in today anyway. So you pretend to be a client of a different firm in the building, get past the obese booth-guard to the underground garage, camp out in your car a few hours, and when one of the little rat-faced shits shows up and presses the button for the boiler room floor, you scream at him about human decency for a minute, then decorate his blank expression with the 12 gauge. His rat-faced brother is delighted later on to hear of the death, because now he'll get a few more percent of the company, and you get arrested and portrayed as a mentally deranged killer who was having problems with your mortgage and thought you could rob a respectable young trader to make up for your poor financial decisions. No one except your family knows about why you might've done it, the issue is just a statistical murder no one is made to notice anyway, and a tragic bout of cancer or autoimmune disease leaves you in a prison hospital for a few years before you expire.

Laughing at Grandma

We laugh at Grandma, sometimes. It seems so obvious. We laugh at history, too; we wonder how people who were neither seniors nor toddlers ever fell for "snake oil" scams, and pride ourselves on having education, literacy, the internet, or some other magic rock that will keep us from falling for scams. And yet they're still out there, make CEO income working from home, make any woman your sex doll, learn how to invest in real estate, day-trader's assistant wanted, video game tester wanted, you may have already won--all laughable modern snake oils, yet they still exist, which means plenty of people are funding them. There's just something about capitalism combined with human nature that makes plenty of people fall for those.

At a middling level, too, are the more refined ones. Buy our annuities, our traders pick the best stocks, time shares are cheaper than hotels, buy preventative health care for jobless obese smokers in order to bring down your own premiums later--all of that stuff is respectable, normal, and majority non-laughable. Millions of people who shake their heads and chuckle at Grandma thinking someone from India knows her computer has a dangerous virus, or that Microsoft would individually call people to inform them about virus awareness, still have this idea that the stock market hasn't already priced in whatever a flash ad or a team of brilliant advisers does, or that politicians with enormous budgets are directed by, rather than directing, voter passions. Like Grandma, people want to believe in something, and they're willing to do so even if it doesn't make sense, because to not believe in anything is scary.

Sexualism as Financial Scam

Like Grandma reading in AARP magazine about the Microsoft scam, history can help things look clear to people, even people who would've originally been taken in by a scam. Retrospectively, increasing numbers of people are able to see that feminism was one such scam. The objectifying, Othering, falsified "research" into "indigenous cultures" used to justify much of early feminism was racism of a kind now noxious to most feminists, and although many of them don't care to revise their conclusions accordingly, other people can see the way the scam was initially made to look respectable. And we can look back at the way the movement turned the sacral nature of woman's freedom from want, and freedom from fear, into the purported liberation of corporate employment. It's quadruply ironic now in the post-feminist age when feminists attempt to preserve indigenous cultures from corporate exploitation--while they miss rent and spend the better part of their lives trying to please facets of their own would-be corporate careers. The Othered natives' "short-sightedness" in casting aside their traditional culture in order to allow Monsanto to "give them jobs" in the clear-cut field isn't that far removed from the behavior of the very people trying to "save" them.

What most people aren't aware of, even those very informed about feminism and feminist history, is the way early feminism was directly and blatantly a financial scam. Women were solicited to suffrage, to employment, to spinsterhood, in ways that, like Grandma's call from the not-I.R.S. I.R.S., are obvious to most people in hindsight. For example, early suffragettes often paid membership fees, but far more importantly, they rented commercial property for meetings, were encouraged (or required, to maintain social standing!) to exploit their familial and social networks for other dues-paying members, they bought certain clothes and ate certain foods, and they purchased pamphlets and books and fetishes (not in the sexual sense with which most Terrans now perceive that word, but the literal sense), without which they wouldn't be able to stay current with the movement.

The same exploitation happened at each stage of the process. Taking jobs at lower wages served corporations, and also served as a "buy in" for women, who could empower themselves and break glass ceilings by, essentially, paying to work (for those who actually accomplished a useful task for the end-user, rather than merely serving management as part of a long-term anti-male-employee tactic). To be serious feminists, women marks had to learn the evolving lingo of the movement: they had to buy certain books, attend certain meetings, purchase certain clothing, drink certain drinks, and recruit other paying customers. Historically, it's a pyramid scheme. The greater social effects of feminism were no doubt more important as to human nations and organizations, but the ability of feminism to generate a great profit for its managers, even in its earliest and least successful stages, should not be underestimated.

We're not here, though, to talk about child molesters, elder exploiters, or feminism. We're here to use this opportunity to again discuss another of the sexualism scams--the masculism to replace the feminism--that is playing out nearer the current (circa Terra 2016) era. Previously, we've discussed some of the latest sexualism movement's significant parasites; the less intelligent Betty Friedans, if you will. What we'll do now is use the two big Terran sexualisms--feminism and masculinism--side by side, and hopefully, we'll be able to identify similarities that can help us ameliorate some of the damage that the next big scam is meant to do to our peoples and this world.

Network Marketing

If you're not familiar with "game" or "pick-up artistry" or "alpha" or whatever the new pyramid scheme is going by these days, here is a long article from 2012 discussing some of the "internet marketing" networks that predicated the "game" product we primarily see now. Here's a selection:
Mind Movies: This comes courtesy of our old friend Glen Ledwell. "Mind Movies is a unique 'Law of Attraction' solution that has already brought astounding success to millions of people around the world." And you can too! Ready to "manifest [your] aspirations?" Try the Subliminal Success Accelerator for free at

Pick-Up Artistry. This is a classic, and more often than not the pages here speak for themselves. Not that all Internet Marketers remain stuck forever in the PUA ghetto: indeed, Double Your Dating impresario David DeAngelo / Eben Pagan has moved on to full scale membership in The Syndicate.

Female Mastery for Men: Tristan Del Toro (definitely his real name) knows the three things every woman needs to know before she will sleep with you. This e-book costs $4.95 "for the first seven days of service" plus a future payment of $40.05.

Those who have experience with finance or marketing--or even who have just watched some episode of some show about "con men" running "pyramid schemes"--won't need to read it, but it's a cute overview of a small portion of the same old story hitting the internet. If you're familiar with the history of internet pornography, and the way link-hubs and referral networks work, you'll see that the softcore and sexualism networks are almost identical, in that almost all products are owned by the same original sources, and that false personas, testimonials, cross-linking, and niche marketing for fetish subdivision are used about exactly like porn does it (or like cars do, e.g., Toyota and Lexus and Scion for different audiences). E.g., porn producers will maintain respectable, glossy brands--say, the 1990s "Vivid"--which stick to vanilla fare and draw the line somewhere just beyond light lesbian or MoF anal--but they will create multiple smaller companies and brands to hold different targeted content, all of which are superficially independent but actually linked. The interracial, trannsexual, tiny teens, gangbang, exclusively lesbian, and dungeon content are all produced by the same central organization that, under other guises, shoots the polite, respectable, forty-minute solo interview sets. At the furthest fringes, those same respectable shells are connected to their counterparts overseas, for ladyboys, watersports, scat, spikes, farm, CG youth, and travel agencies for trips to Brazil or Thailand.

"Men's rights" and "game" scams work the same way, starting off from a center of vanilla forums and rights discussions, then hubbing out to mid-range anti-feminism, player advice, workout tips, paleo diets, and how to start your own men's rights site (as a paying junior partner to the higher levels of the pyramid). And then at the periphery are the steroid creams, the penis enlargement devices, the VR sex shops, and the $6,000 seminars where you can be wingmanned for two hours in Vegas.

For dummies, it's a secret that the respectable pickup artist writing empathetic articles about divorce settlements is a corporate logo, a false front, and is produced by the same shop that can add two inches to your penis overnight. If you've seen this before, it's just another sad story, like feminism, where reasonable grievances are created and ignored by mainstream media, in order to produce a market for "fringe" media, which can be satisfied by subordinate parasites selling antisex hatred under another name. The justified righteous anger of the early feminists should not have been channeled into buying junk and becoming corporate slaves, but to preventing the long-term Jewish-Christian propertization of prior European society. Now, we have a chance to watch as the justified righteous anger of the alimony-paying masculinists is channeled, not at its producers, but yet again at the remaining foundations of intrinsic society.

The latest iterations of these marketers need to be resisted, not merely because they're bottom-feeding assholes who want to charge nine bucks for some recycled self-help book, but because they are the literal embodiment of everything they claim to be resisting. This scum--the Heartistes, the Rooshes, the Bono Vox Days, the Cernoviches, et cetera--is currently pretending to like Donald Trump and to be in support of families and nationalism, but only a few years ago, they were reminding us that white women are gleeful dogfuckers, or that ISIS should be supported because "at least they know how to control their women."
This is something that hot women do, most especially. In our minds, it is a natural desire, and a natural thing, and so long as nobody else finds out, it’s “game on”. Women are receptacles for cock, that’s how we have been biologically designed. Nothing feels better to us than being completely filled up with multiple penises, than being the center of sexual attention, than being the object of unbridled group lust. Since it’s something we can’t risk doing on our home turf (don’t shit where you eat), we have to think outside the box, in order to get our boxes completely satisfied. And you might find this shocking, but many women – many, many women – have sex with dogs on a routine basis. This is just one example of how insatiable we truly are.

I can see why you might not believe it, to which I say, look really hard at all of the women you know who have dogs. Look at women who have dogs whenever you see them out on the street, in the act of walking those dogs. Or at the park. You will notice that most of them have male dogs – the vast majority, in fact. This isn’t a coincidence.

Like Grandma giving her Social Security Number to the Hindi I.R.S. representative, this kind of stuff seems like a joke, yet it's as effective as women's crusades to become SSRI-popping cubicle employees a century ago. In either case, the scum behind the curtain creates shell personas, websites, and corporations, hires actors, funds research, and comments on and upvotes its own material, creating a consensus that is as false as the antagonism between Paul Ryan and Barack Obama.

When considering the material these various aspects of filth produce, we must always remember the element of truth that makes the scam work--the family court injustice that sells the hair-growth pill, if you will. The men's rights "players" who spent the mid 2000s praising militant Islam for controlling women, and who now have almost unanimously switched to condemning Islam, are frequently accurate when they criticize feminism. That doesn't condone any of the things they do, but it does make angry victims--abused white males who are being exploited to support unproductive people--amenable to further suggestions, and encourages them to ignore the ways that the cycle is the problem. All of those "player" people didn't come out of nowhere, and their cross-marketed platforms, mass internet followings, and increasingly mainstreamed cultural acceptance is copied from the playbook of feminism. Like feminism, which proved to be a vital beneficiary of, and component toward, the Great War and the subjugation of most of Terra to the early twentieth century's central bank(s), this new sexualism, cyclically occurring a hundred years later, promises to use a platform of partial truths and ridiculous lies to achieve some great and terrible end.

A hundred years from now, all of the turdling PUAs will be the Margaret Sangers of the 2100s: their lies documented, their influence noxious, and their association with potentially good things proven fraudulent and self-serving (to the extent that any of the names and/or faces exist beyond being sock-puppets/actors for Al Goldstein's zombie sex empire). The early prominent feminists were traitors to their followers, lying and concealing, working to drive votes and dollars in certain ways, and to achieve as a result certain societal ends. The lonely prozac-cubicle future was not openly advertised; nor is the bleaker future today's sexualists are advancing.

That desired cost-cutting future is why newspapers--the same newspapers that lied about remembering the Maine, about the Lusitania, about a German-Mexican alliance invading America--promoted those early feminists and made their message mainstream, whereas previous arguments against chattel marriage had been repressed: because it served a specific interest. The Google, Twitter, and Facebook networks, and increasingly traditional media (making carefully arranged "negative" allusions to drive traffic) that now push "game" people are working toward similar ends. Remember the Potter product--the elites see to it that we discover, as if on our own, as if by innocent word of mouth, what we want to buy next. Surely Visa wouldn't share my recent purchases with online stores to suggest accessories I now just happen to be in the market for!

How obvious it will seem, to people in the 2100s, surveying the wreckage of the 21st century, that it was a cheap scam, a broken scam, another bottle of snake oil. People actually believed that priests chemotherapy cured disease? Ha! Oh, thank God it's Current Year! They will chuckle, and marvel, and ask themselves, "how could anyone be so dumb??"

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