Wednesday, August 31, 2016


LGBTQPZIYU should offer good acronymal coverage for a solid several decades. Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Polyamorous Zoophile Incest Youth Universal is probably sufficient until 2100.

There's no need for an "R" for "Robots," since nearly everyone will fuck robots anyway, in some form or other, and it won't require its own special classification anymore than fapping. I can see a period when "LGBTQPZDIY" is used, with "D" for "Doll" being a stand-in for people who enjoy/prefer/whatever relationships with a physical doll or a VR doll or a projection doll, but "Doll" as contrasted with "Human Being" could be offensive, just like GLBT had to be changed to LGBT because it was offensive to have "Gay" (men) ahead of "Lesbian" (women). So the "D" will probably be dropped. And some people might advocate for an "R" for "Robosexual" but "Robot" is similarly offensive to those who feel that their robotic companions are just as human, and their love together just as human, as normal humans and/or normal marriage.

"P" for "Poly" easily covers group-lovers, and although it will probably be laughed at and critiqued by many, P could include both straight polys and homo polys, therefore permitting straight men who own multiple partners to be part of LGBTQPZIYU. There will be some blowback from the other letters similar to the way some Ls didn't like including some Bs because a girl who "experimented" in college and then becomes a housewife isn't special like LGTQs are special, so LGBTQZIYUs could argue for the exclusion of Ps who were merely straight (and otherwise less-promiscuous, less-suicidal, less-poor, less-diseased, less-discriminated-against, whatever), but P needs to be a stepping stone on the way to U, for Universals, since that brings in wispy fat virgins who do unreimbursed cam-shows but who "love nature" and can thereby support the movement without being a mere subordinate ally.

"Zoo" and "Incest" and "Youth" are givens, perhaps even ahead of Polys or Universals, since they each have clearly defined historical taboos. Animal rights aficionados are primarily publicly against Zs now, but as the long years of loneliness creak on and enstated individuals become further atomized, the perceived comfort of reciprocal companionship to the lonely and sick will combine with new tech to make Z more appealing to animal wardens than mere "R" or "D," since the solipsistically perceived reality of camaraderie will make some sick ones believe that a Z-based implement partner is better than a mere VR fleshlight. As they'll see it, a computer program that claims to love you is an illusion, while that thing you give food to can provide a true emotional connection that makes the sex more meaningful to them. Of course they will catch some flak between those who want an "R" or a "D" and believe that their relationship with a Marilyn Monroe interactive program is as good or better regardless of someone's Fluffy being a "real" lover, but animal wardens will animal warden and those who use animals as a substitute for humans have powerful networks for manifesting their reality on the outer world.

"Z" will also take the heat over the association of "zoophile" with "zoos," which are evil and which are entirely unlike humans keeping animals in or about their homes and calling those animals pets, but although tradition and linguistics won't win the day, the secret attachment many animal foundations have to building zoos and calling them "preserves," where they perversely externalize their sicknesses by micromanaging dependent animals' lives in even bigger environments than human apartment habitats or animal zoo habitats, will prevent the media narrative from delving too far into the true meaning of "zoo." "Preserve" also would offend people who want to preserve nature but not screw it, besides conflicting with P-for-polys, and "c" for "cage" is out of the question, while "c" for "companion" doesn't imply a sexual relationship the way the other preference-based words do, and people who like horses can use "F" for farm but since you can't own a cat a cat owns you, it's inappropriate to use "farm property based language" for a horse the way equinosexuals might prefer. So I see them settling on "Z."

You can't use "G" for "Genetic Sexual Attraction" because it would conflict with "Gay," and you can't switch the "G" back to "H" for "Homosexual" to free up "G" for "Genetic" because that doesn't identify the ways in which L and G and B and Q are different from one another and deserve their own letter. And you can't use "GSA" for "Genetic Sexual Attraction" because that gives it three letters, in contrast to the others, which (theoretically) all have to confine themselves to merely one apiece.

You can't use "P" for "pedophilia," not just because of negative past associations but because it conflicts with polys, and it also implies that the "youthful sex partners" which future infotainment programs will discuss are not themselves fully engaged and capable of making good decisions. "Youth" refers to age identity, so those who will say they have a "youth preference" are not insulting the identity of the children they rape by calling the children mere "paidos," which is way more than a microaggression.

"Youth" will not be confined to people who are actually children, which will help guard against accusations of age bias even as the muddled nature of the definition makes it easier to legalize outside of Africa and Semitic lands. The "Y" in LGBTQPZIYU will apply to those who are attracted to older people who dress up as youth, too, so, just like Catholic clergymen are boy-rapists but pretend to be "Gay" instead, people who early on identify as "Y" in LGBTQPZIYU will claim an attraction to robots, dolls, VR, or octogenarians-in-cosplay as part of their identity, and leave it up to their own individual preferences whether or not to actually screw octogenarians-in-cosplay or mainly to choose partners who are actually young as well as who identify as young. Biological straight men (nothing) can become transgender women (T) and then claim to be lesbian (L) for being attracted to entities which identify as female (nothing) and lesbian (L), therefore octogenarians can either remain octogenarians and choose nine-year-old partners (Y), or identify as nine-year-olds and choose nine-year-old partners (still Y).

In the middle phases of the later phases (sic) of the LGBTQPZIYU movement, when early legality of Y but not full equality of Y has been achieved, we should expect to see subtle suggestions inserted into infotainment, such as news programs interviewing "a Y couple" that consists of a brawny nineteen-year-old man who identifies as 13 (Y) who is paired with a dainty fifty-year-old woman who identifies as fifty but loves the man due to his identification as 13 (both Y). Think of a reporter interviewing a gun store owner about handgun violence in Chicago, or a movie where Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt tries to solve murders in Manhattan: the numbers will suggest that the infotainment complex is lie-crafting together dangerously incorrect normatives, but most people will shrug and assume that Y is mostly a weird kink for one in four consenting adults just like us, and they'll unthink you forever if you send them n-taps otherwise.

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