Monday, August 29, 2016

The Revolution

I used to worry that the revolution was false. I would sit up at night thinking, "There's no hope. It's probably another fake."

But then the Empress herself denounced us. The Empress herself, so visually attractive and so trusted by so many, so obviously regal and beloved by her people, went before the world and turned her full might to the task of explaining how bad we were. Her legions of advisers and her billions of dollars of media consultants and political strategists explained to her that she was so widely believed that her condemnation of a movement would be like a death blow to that movement.

I used to worry about those pictures of the Empress canoodling with the glorious revolutionary leader. I used to worry my whole life might be someone else's ruse. Sometimes, leader help me, I used to worry that the Empress would get her way, and that those ultra-bright Knight-at-Arms flashlights would be banned before I had a chance to buy one. Don't those people realize how insanely overprotective it would be to ban a flashlight?! Thank leader I got mine in time. Worry still gripped me even so.

But once the Empress denounced us, I knew that the revolution was for real. It would make no sense for her to call attention to us unless we were a serious threat to her power that had to be focused on in order to be stamped out. For someone as widely esteemed as the Empress to speak ill of us, it meant that the most powerful political minds on the planet had determined that our revolution was truly revolutionary, and that if the people knew of the Empress' disapproval, they would be less likely to want to become aware of us, and less likely to support our goals.

And that made me comfortable. Now I knew I was part of the vanguard. I was independent and free-thinking. Outside the system. The genuine article.


  1. And this week it landed bryce wilson australia in court, maybe not for the last time.
    For someone who says he scales Melbourne’s tallest construction towers to find space, the old, musty confines of the Supreme Court may have seemed oppressive.

    Wilson, 23, certainly wasn’t finding any converts to his risky hobby.
    The activities would have profound consequences if they had gone wrong,” barrister Jeremy Twigg said. “It would have created significant trauma.”

    Wilson appeared in person to agree to an undertaking that he stay off three sites owned by Probuild Constructions.

  2. You need to study the life and work of Alexander Zinoviev

    Plenty of his stuff is in english (though not as much after he turned his scientific attention from East to West; all of a sudden he was no longer a darling)

  3. ha, difficult question, his output is enormous, but here are some suggestions:

    He is a a logician, but somehow slid into sociology and literature - this needs to be mentioned, because his most famous works are "sociological novels".

    He was stripped off his soviet citizenship for this one - "Yawning heights":

    Next, "Reality of communism" is by many accounts pretty much the only scientific study of Russian communism:

    In the late 1980s and mid-1990s, he turned his attention to the West - with much more unflattering results, and his popularity plummeted, and these books are much harder to find.

    The main one is probably
    "The West: phenomenon of Westernism".

    (Unlike yawning heights, which can be found on the internet as PDF, this one is nowhere to be seen [in English]...)

    Towards the end of his life, he said that if he knew how his work would be weaponized, he would not have written a single line about communism. Having plenty critiqued the discrepancy of ideals and reality, he died convinced that this was the greatest (in both meanings) social experiment in history, and that now the chance is gone forever. The future is western-dominated supra-society. Many have said it, but he comes pretty close to proving it systematically, e.g. in

    "On the road to supra society" (also hard to find)

    1. <3

      Tell me when someone translates "The West."

  4. PS an his relevance to this particular Arken (probably FIS) post is in the fact that he is one of the few analysts who clearly show that the Soviet Union did not "collapse", but was voluntarily given away and dismantled by its own elites.

    Also, while he was still living in the West, unlike mos professors from the profane science, he had worked in closed institutes affiliated with the "intelligence community", where he has seen the actual research, plants, and actual 'blueprints' to take the USSR down.

    A popular essay/column partially recounting this experience between the lines:

    "How to kill an elephant with a needle"