Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Two Families

Imagine two families. One family's members act with the philosophy, "What can I do that will benefit me and my family?" The other family's members act with the philosophy, "What can I do that will benefit everyone in the world?"

Over a long enough time period, what happens to each family?


  1. I would think it best to give my paycheck to another family. Because my family didn't, doesn't and won't in the future matter in the ways Society tells me we should matter. It's selfish to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves. It's even more narcissistic to actually have free $$ to spend on our own recreational desires. Obviously we should relinquish what I've earned, in favor of others. My Society has told me as much, through its well-vetted bureaucrats, news media personalities, and entertainment vehicles. I'm supposed to work hard, and enjoy the pleasure of working hard knowing that it's reward enough for anyone, and especially rewarding when I'm helping others instead of myself and my family. The others have more importance than my family.

  2. Let me take a wild stab at it: the first ("benefit me") family will constantly hector the second family for not being selfless enough, while the second family will worship and adore the first family for their generosity of spirit. And, if perchance any members of the second family ever notices that the first family is just a tad selfish, they will not dare breathe a word of it.

  3. John Craig is the man.