Friday, August 12, 2016

Two Worlds

Imagine two worlds. One world's inhabitants all act with the philosophy, "What can I do that will benefit only me and mine?" They constantly fight against everyone--competing even internally, against their own conflicting desires--and cooperate with their own kith and kin only inasmuch as it allows them to conspire against those farther from them. The other world's inhabitants act with the philosophy, "What can I do that will benefit everyone in the world?" They cooperate, share, and give of themselves for others.

Over a long enough time period, what happens to each world?


  1. Ah....I think I see where you're going with this. The former turn into something resembling humankind. (And they're acting as ALL of our ancestors did until very recently.) The latter go extinct.

  2. John Craig, sadly you are wrong - the law of the existential egoism (i.e. that anyone will try to acquire as many earthly delights as their respective social system would let them with impunity) is one of the most fundamental social laws, and no wishful thinking can take it away.

    Of course, a new kind of man man always emerge, and I dream of that, but this has not been the case, and may not ever be, given the determination of the shady elites to keep it that way. Just ask the Russians - they had on their hands the greatest historical gift ever (i.e. an actual comunist system, and they blew it).

    Of course, real communism was very different from the ideal, but nevertheless it was highly socially just system even in its actual form. Communist ideology itself is a rebellion against the social laws of existential communism, and even though this rebellion did not and could not cancel these laws, the resulting system was still outstanding.

    This is why the West was so afraid of it, this is why they expended enormous resources to destroy it ,and this is why they continue to expend enormous resources to falsify history and create an image of communism as pure evil. They will succeed, but nevertheless people have told the truth, and select few will discover it again in the future.

    The communist party of the future will abandon a lot of the lofty rhetoric, and will be based on simple brutal struggle for social guarantees.

  3. In the first case, the infighting and conspiring produces one globally and lots of locally dominant groups with the connections and resources to adjust the relevant societal parameters in their favor, with the globally dominant group always working to advance its favored local ones.

    In the second case, you get as much of an utopia as biological existence would allow, with everyone willingly cooperating and sacrificing in case of occasional monumental external challenges.

    This is if we assume that each society is on its own planet. If both are on the same, we get the same for the first, and extinction/assimilation for the second, as John Craig said.

  4. Right on. Sadly, on this planet the third World War has already started (it is often called "globalization").

    Without new radical ideology emerging promptly, we are going to vegetate until extinction, wallowing in crap. That's just one reason why I drink a lot, but a real reason nonetheless.