Wednesday, September 21, 2016


The sky is falling, Jesus is coming in Y2K, and the antibiotics are becoming ineffective. For ten million, for fifty thousand, for five thousand, for two hundred years, we had no patented antibiotics, and their absence wasn't responsible for our successes or our failures. If you worry that the birth-control pill indirectly caused massively harmful civilizational changes by weakening social mores and crushing the family, why would you also worry that antibiotic-resistant bacteria are going to produce bad things, rather than good? The end of the antibiotic era is comparable to the end of the birth-control era. You wanted chaste morality and the survival of the fittest? So you say, but now you're whining about it, just because a few dozen million muds with dysentary are handling your produce before you buy it. Go ahead and scrub that tomato all you like--you can't keep the drug-resistant burrowers from the third-shift loading crew's hands from creeping into your belly. Pandora's box was opened long before penicillin arrived; now, listen to you whine about people ruining your perfect little antibiotics, like it's such an insufferable burden that you'll have to live with germs in the way that nearly every other human being in existence has ever had to.

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