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Sex, Syndromes, Shells, and Centuries

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I began How Gay... by saying that the lack of technology here keeps us from having to confront difficulties in the way that lack of clothing kept our predecessors from dealing with even the marginal exisexual quandaries we face now. Example: right now, surgeons can chop a male human up in a way that results in it being able to mimic a female, and hypothetically result in some poor straight bastard doing what he thinks is a female and then finding out he was actually gay all along despite him not being gay. If you're a gynecologist and/or an above-average physician or you get genetic testing beforehand for everyone you screw, you could plausibly claim that it would be impossible to fool you, and if you're thrown into violent dissonance at the concept of the possibility of being fooled, you could implausibly but forcefully claim it, especially if your testosterone is fading with age and you don't acknowledge being 13 or 16 or whatever anymore, and you deny the chemical vicissitudes of embodied life as having no application to your current worldview.

Even allowing for the people who could actually discern, and who would be thinking about such things at such times, this wasn't as much of a quandary in the days before elective surgery, and it was even less of a quandary in the days before clothing, speech, and/or civilization. Some animals can actually-actually change sex characteristics, but homo sapiens sapiens isn't known to have those abilities, therefore, without any external means of mimicking sex characteristics (wearing dresses or getting vocal chords shaved), the possibility of a male pervert tricking another male into committing a homosexual act under guise of heterosexuality grows closer to impossible, because when no one wears underpants and anyone attempting genital surgery immediately hemorrhages and dies, there are no easy traps trolling clubs.

Right now, with the rickety bonesaws that pass for healers on this planet, there's still wiggle room for dumb boors and/or fading-T retrospectives to claim they could never be fooled. But what happens when brain transplants go live? The underlying psychospiritual quandary of "transsexualism" can be taken to several new points of consideration, much farther than gloves and corsetry now permit. With that in mind, consider the following scenarios, some of which are applicable now and some of which will only become applicable if Terran science figures them out.

Is it gay if:

A man has sex with a woman, then finds out later that she has Swyer syndrome and had streak gonads removed at birth? What about if the man, upon finding out, immediately elects to dump her and never see her again, and decides retroactively that it was terrible sex and he didn't want it? What about if the man, upon finding out, talks to several physicians and comes to the conclusion that the woman is a woman, just not a fertile one?

Is it more or less gay if the woman didn't have Swyer syndrome, but was a hermaphrodite who had the male sex organs removed at birth, then lived life as a woman? Is it kind of like a Schrodinger's cat scenario where, if the man never finds out the truth, he isn't gay, but if he finds out the truth, the act itself becomes retroactively gay, even if the man then disowns the act and the hermaphrodite? Or, by disavowing the act, can the man then reaffirm his status as not-gay, and/or make the earlier act affirmatively not have been gay?

If a man is raped by a man and doesn't want to have been raped and doesn't enjoy it and doesn't want to be raped again, that man is not gay, right? So, if he has sex with the Swyer-syndrome woman, then disavows her when he finds out, was the sex itself gay? If not, then what if he has sex with a post-op transsexual--born as a man, chromosomally a man, but possessing the complete bodily characteristics of a woman due to super-cool surgery?

Once the victimized man finds out he's been tricked, was the act of screwing the post-op transsexual gay, and therefore, the man has committed a gay act? Okay, maybe the act itself is gay but the man himself isn't gay, and we liken it to rape, albeit rape by deceit rather than by force. And if the man didn't ask ahead of time, "By the way, are you a tranny?" is he therefore gay for failing to exercise due diligence? Or can he rely on current assumptions of social perception, as he understand them, to excuse him his lack of due diligence? Furthermore, now that there are transsexual reality shows and TEA awards and celebrity movements and international bathroom policies, does it not make it incumbent upon the non-gay man to ask every potential partner beforehand, "Are you now or were you previously a man?" or else he implicitly accepts current globalist dating mores and concedes his willingness to screw based on appearance rather than origin? Even if not now, at some point in the near future, not asking, "Were you born something other than female?" will be like not knowing what e-mail is, and young people won't be able to claim they didn't know about the internet and/or potential transsexuals.

What if the man philosophically believes that transsexuals actually have become the new sex, and he's utterly disgusted by men but believes that surgery can create women--is he still gay? Does his state of mind matter at all, or do the chromosomes matter?

If the chromosomes matter, what about women who have XY but not Swyer syndrome, and it goes completely undetected during their lives because they never have any major health problems, take birth control, and never try to get pregnant? Are they still men because of the chromosomes, and is anyone who is attracted to, and/or sleeps with, them, therefore gay? If you're a man, and half of a percent of the pretty women you've ever looked at and thought, "Oh, she's hot I guess," have had a chromosomal abnormality, are you gay, or are you not gay if, upon being informed of the abnormality, you'd refuse to have sex with them and disavow your initial impression?

What about chemical influence, though? If someone is drunk, and it's dark, and they have sex with what they think is an opposite-sex orifice, then find out later, was the act itself gay? Is the actor now, or was the actor then, gay? And, if confusion exonerates the drunk who committed the act in a darkened orgy, why does it not also exonerate the person who thought the post-op was a real woman?

To further compound the "drunken orgy" question, what about a blind person? A person numbed by drugs? A person raised by a weirdo kidnapper who is taught that females have testes and phalluses, and therefore, who thinks that, by swiving a male, he's actually swiving a female? Is it gay if he doesn't enjoy it because his biology rebels? Is it gay if he does enjoy it because he's been taught that's proper, but, were he taught otherwise, he would be completely straight?

This one will answer most of these questions later. Even so, they're valid ponderables. What is it to be a person; what is it to be male or female; what is it to desire, or be repulsed by, something? Why and how does sin tempt some and not others, or how subtly or blatantly does sin approach a person?

Ongoing Quandaries

The above examples are all relatively simple. This is what passes for "complex" on Terra 2016. It's easy for low-functioning people to draw bright lines, deny any possibility of chemical or sensory influence, and have a pretty good chance of being able to shut out any private mental uncertainties about how they might have evaluated a person or a photograph during a hormonal peak. For people who function a little better, you can draw a bright line but make excuses for "didn't know" or "drunk," and so on. What happens, though, when brain transplants hit? EC flashing? EC-pattern cloning? Customized integration and reintegration shops? That's what Terra hasn't seen yet; that's where it becomes more philosophical than biological, and where you can't rely on local comparative technological incompetence to save you from adjudging what is and isn't self, desire, and love. Accordingly, let's look ahead to a later book in the series, and try the practice questions there.


Is it gay if:

1) A man is near death, no body donors can be found, and so the hospital transplants his brain into the only available body, that of a female. The man then adopts the lifestyle of a woman, including having all of the right chromosomes in all of his non-brain-cells (rest of the neurological system is female, but not the transplanted brain itself), experiencing estrogen, being able to ovulate and become pregnant, etc. (we're assuming that early brain transplants involve the original brain maintaining the integrity of its internal systems while the transplant baggy allows it to interact with the host body as female), and then that man-into-woman has sex with another man. Is the act itself gay? The body was wholly female except for the transplanted brain. Is that other man gay if, upon finding out that the woman he swived was originally a preserved body into which a man's brain was transplanted, disavows the act and hates that woman/man forever? Is the man gay if he doesn't disavow the act?

1a) If the male brain transplanted into the female shell (MBFS) has its memory scrubbed as part of the transplant, and wakes up believing it is and has always been a woman, and then has sex with a male brain male shell (MBMS) individual, is the MBFS gay? Is the MBMS gay, either when he finds out or if he doesn't? Was the act itself gay?

2) If a woman needs blood during surgery and receives matching blood from a male donor in a last-ditch effort to not bleed out, is it gay for a man to swive her? What if the man later finds out that the woman received male blood, and was, therefore 0.8% bodyweight male during the act itself?

3) If a woman needs a kidney to survive and receives it from a man, then later has sex with a different man? Bone marrow? Skin for a third-degree burn? New heart cloned from stem cells originally sampled from a male donor? All of the above?

3a) What percentage of a female shell can be replaced by pieces from a male shell, or vice versa, before the resulting admixture is either straight and/or gay to fuck?

3b) If Eve came from Adam's rib, was it gay for Adam to do Eve? Why not?

3c) Since our frames' cells die off and are replaced all the time using atoms/molecules circulated through the environment, even pre-transplant, how is it not gay to have sex with anyone? The deciding factor clearly can't be the origination of matter, or else people who believe in Adam/Eve, Big Bang, or everyday science trivia have to define either everything or nothing as gay, since it all came from the same source. Accordingly, everything is constantly transsexual and/or gay.

Whatever our definition of male/female is, it can't involve reproductive capability, or else two heterosexual eleven-year-old sweethearts giving each other their first kiss are gay, swiving a woman on the pill is gay, swiving a post-menopausal or otherwise-infertile woman is gay, and worse still, swiving a man with an implanted womb isn't gay. So reproductive capability can't be the defining variable, anymore than a Vegas marriage can define "marriage."

Electroconscious Transfer

Brain transplant is still sorta sci-fi-ey around these parts, but actually connecting a mind to a new empty brain--let alone merely being able to maintain one without a host brain for more than a brief duration--is solidly sci-fi. In some ways, it's closer than Terrans think, since maintaining empty brains is something they've been able to do reasonably well for decades. In other ways, it's as speculative as they'd imagine, given their primitive understanding of EC wells. For discussion purposes, think of it as a pure hypothetical of something that "might" be possible "in ten thousand years." Imagine it being a rather ordinary thing for a maintenance facility to maintain a little electroconscious well, manipulate the well to draw a "spirit" out of a brain, hold it there while another gurney is wheeled over, then attach it to an unoccupied brain. Also imagine that, depending on the person's wealth and/or situation, the conveyed can elect to have memories, instincts, et cetera, written into the new host brain. For discussion purposes, assume that, in all of the below examples, the conveyed chooses to have memories et cetera transferred by duplicate coding, rather than by actually transferring any of the old physical storage, i.e., any of the cells in the prior brain.

How gay is it, then, when a man has his soul moved to a new body--a woman's body--along with the encoding of 100% of his memories, and then has sex with a man who's never had a body transfer? The scenario is Male Mind Female Shell x Male Mind Male Shell, or MMFSxMMMS. The souls are both male, but the MMFS has 100% female everything, down to the last atom, even in the brain, and the "only" part that's male is the EC essence. Is that enough to make it gay, even though it's a completely and utterly female body that was born female and has XX only and is capable of completely natural reproduction? For the purposes of example, imagine that the MMFS was rich or lucky enough to purchase an organic female shell, say, from a woman who died of a stress related illness and left behind a harried but functional brain. So, it's not even a vat-body, but a fully legitimate, all-natural "female," in every way except the soul. Still gay?

If you can't imagine science accomplishing that, imagine God doing it, and if you think God would never be so wicked, imagine the Devil doing it--same scenario as far as determining who's gay or not. Presuming a lack of extinction, it won't be a thought experiment forever, even here. And if you're a man, how can you have safe, legitimate hetero sex with an eighteen-year-old virgin woman when she might be housing the soul of a 900-year-old male pervert who can afford to switch shells every decade? To un-cloud potential morals, assume that this rich pervert doesn't have the girls poisoned or raise them on an evil slave farm, but actually just waits until someone dies young and beautiful of natural causes, then makes his switch. Maybe he spends his time in-between working at the food shelter or something, so his only bad trait is shell-switching in order to pull the ultimate trap.

Is the old guy gay for wanting to be the woman and have sex with men? Is the man who has sex with the beautiful young virgin, never knowing about the origin of the woman's soul, gay? Was the act itself gay, whether or not the man finds out he was duped? If he then minds or doesn't mind?

Even more fun: what if the soul was originally female, but then it was a rich old woman who transferred into a young male body, lived out that life, then decided to switch back to being a girl. Is doing her then gay, even though she's FMFS, just because she was previously FMMS? Does it change if she's lived 40 lives as a FMFS and only one life, centuries ago, as a FMMS? What if you check with the joint ICL-Oversoul registry beforehand, and get confirmation that any woman you fuck is and always has been a FMFS? And what if you find out afterward that, because he was so rich, the pervert was able to change his original records? What if you never find out because the records were changed so well, or because you only have commoner-level access?


The pre-Semitic religions--the native, indigenous Indo-Aryan myths--dealt with this stuff easily: reincarnation. If you swived a woman, you knew that she might've been a grain of sand, a beetle, a dog, or worse, an Untouchable dude, and her current state, not all potential prior states (or all potential prior states of any of her cells and/or technological augmentations at the time), determined your sexuality. The incompletely plagiarized, dumbly incestuous, vuglarly enslaved Semitic death-cults did away with this distinction, endumbening their believers into desperately believing in no-see-um charms that only worked until the next stage of technological and/or civilizational advancement. Ergo the world's first and greatest anti-homo religion produced the proportionately highest rate of pro-homo policies, hypocritically brutal in either direction, with toddler and preteen molestation rates so high that even Israelis are forced to report about rabbi indiscretions inside Israel, while the Semitic religions cut a swathe through Europe that alternately obsessed over and murdered homos, or exalted them into domineering, cake-suing lords of blind young venereal creep.

The recognition of the value of now-ness--the ability to perceive things outside the lens of a selfish biodirective and/or childish deity--proved itself to exceed also the value of then-ness and once-ness, respectively. Which is to say, the perfect Hindu does not take sadistic pleasure in the manner in which food animals or children are tortured for feeding/penance, while the perfect Yahwehite does; the ideal Hindu does not obsess over either the rejection or worship of variegated fluid transfers, whereas the ideal Yahwehite does. The Tel Aviv nightclub scene is to the Unitarian fag-minister as the sweating rabbi is to the brimming evangelical. Acknowledgement of a multifaceted self--perceptible to God or Science, though not ever at once to sinner or scientist--is healthy ability to adjudge the self even as molecules die and are born again.

Memories, then. Take the MMMS who, tiring of his current life and not wishing to move to a synthetic shell, goes to a high-caste maintenance facility and orders himself a fresh female form, cloned to his exact specifications, and then who, at the last minute, decides he doesn't want to remember himself. So he puts off the procedure for a few days, completes the requisite interviews, waives liability, and agrees to have his memories wiped and his life started anew believing he is and has always been the new young woman. His trusted attorney, overseen by that jurisdiction's contract assurances department, promises to transfer his wealth to the new young woman over a period of years, subject to stipulations the man outlines ahead of time, yada yada, he has the operation and doesn't transfer memories and now completely believes he is the new girl, and only his attorney and a few people at the contract division (who could care less) know the truth. And then maybe the attorney dies and there's some data loss and nobody ever knows on that world.

Is it gay, then, when and if she ("she"?) screws a man? Absent the MMFS's prior memories from when s/he was an MMMS, the soul begins shaping itself at more fundamental levels to correspond to the chemicals and traits of its current shell. Is it, then, actually a woman? Is it gay if she goes for a woman, gay if she goes for a man, or gay either way, since both an MMFSxFMFS and an MMFSxMMMS are homoerotic?

Try this: at the spiritual level, there is a separately-adduced homosexual element. MMxMM is homo, whether or not one is MMMS or MMFS. So, while physically it may be completely hetero if it's MMMSxMMFS, it's spiritually homo, and you can't tell until local technology (and corresponding terminology) is developed sufficient to differentiate EC sigs, which come in more than two. The part that might embarrass you, the "shell" part, is binary, so to a large degree, there are clear physical answers based upon the sexuality of the shell. Think of it sort of like a predecessor to spiritual puberty. Many of the weird feelings that humans get on this subject are due to the as-yet nascent structure of their electroconsciousness, which leads to frustration and anger, or just philosophical muttering, when they're confronted with, "What if I did a hottie and it turned out she had a brain transplant from a based dude?" Stockings and makeup and hair removal get way philosophically deeper once they don't even need to make incisions to move minds.

Let this one give you one piece of advice before going: the first time some major business comes out with the idea of a registry verifying original births and lineages and lists of "shells occupied," or whatever they call it here, don't trust it. It will be a commonsense idea, but it will be used like any other bank, to launder most publicly clean that which is dirtiest. You will never be able to tell if that incredible stripper you meet in the 25th century was once actually, e.g., Steve Jobs, even if the Grand High Databank shows her as pure. All you've got is your conscience, and unfortunately, having that tricked every so often down here is a necessary part of it all. I'm not saying don't use the database, I'm not saying don't get her tested, I'm not saying never "follow your heart," but purer forms of certitude do not involve that kind of reassurance here, and someone will always look the other way for a fiver. Good luck and good learning.

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