Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Annuities and Bathrooms

We're so clever, some of us, that we understand how the media can make transsexual bathroom rights a plausible issue. We believe they've laid out this multi-decade plan to destroy the underpinnings of society by attacking the family, and yet we laugh at the idea that Trump might be Whiter-Obama. Apparently, we think that "the cultural marxists" are multi-generationally brilliant enough to have laid out a hundred-year-plan beginning with feminism, and yet they couldn't possibly be smart enough to have Jews publicly donate to Hillary in order to convince us that Trump is a reliable lifeboat.

2008, the American political left: Obama is only sucking up to Israel to get elected. Once he's elected, he's going to be an anti-Zionist leader who finally puts a stop to Israeli plundering of our nation and expensive war crimes against the Arab world.

2016, the American political right: Trump is only sucking up to Israel to get elected. Once he's elected, he's going to be an anti-Zionist leader who finally puts a stop to Israeli plundering of our nation and expensive war crimes against the Arab world.

Make up your mind--are these people competent, or incompetent? Are they foresighted, or not foresighted? Are they capable of controlling a narrative, or are they not?

Right now, "the right" is so clever for understanding that Dubya was a SOG JOG ZOG tool, but how long ago was it that "the right" was drooling over the chance to bomb Arabistan on behalf of our heroic anti-terrorist allies Israel? The degenerate sissies on the left said, "No," although maybe for the wrong reasons, but now that there's a plausible, theoretically antiwar candidate for the first time in America, soytits milkbeard leftist bastards are suddenly against him, having forgotten about the benighted Palestinians in favor of your local heroin dealer. And the self-professedly high-T truck-people are suddenly proclaiming that they never were for Dubya and his neocowboy neocohen crap. And of course, God bless Ronald Reagan, who armed the mujahideen and used Iraq to wound anti-Zionist Iran, maybe irrevocably, and who gave unprecedented power to MS13 and Sinaloa and laid the foundations for the drive that Clinton would expand, with NAFTA, toward the current stage of the invasion. It's only right now, it's never then, like a few nearly-honest Willie Horton ads can somehow make up for 8 years of affirmative action and reparations welfare.

Season your tea with the thought that annuities and advanced directives are similarly correlated. Fifty years ago, it was nearly evil and/or unthinkable (not really, but in the American lala land in which we're supposed to live) to contemplate "pulling the plug" on a sick person. Terri Schiavo became the new Trayvon Martin, suddenly highlighted by the sensationalist media--plucked, like Trayvon, out of the thousands upon thousands of situations like hers, where someone's family fought over the brain-dead, just as Trayvon was plucked out of the thousands upon thousands of Mestizo v. African street battles. The mainstreaming of the issue created an upsurge in people getting advanced healthcare directives, wherein they would get taken off life support rather than stay in comas. And everyone's sorta cool with that.

Imagine that the reason it worked out that way was not because of a new moral perspective on the part of the masses, but because people who sold annuities which provided lifetime monthly income ran up against medical technology which allowed a corpse to be kept technically alive in perpetuity. Prior to that technology existing, people ran out after a while, but in the presence of more powerful machinery, coma wards could fill up with people who'd been brain-dead for decades, but whose blood was being cycled, hearts forcibly beat, cells forcibly fed, bodies turned in bed, et cetera. Suddenly, the right to die.

You've gotta strike a balance, of course, because you can't have elderly people checking out at 72 when they're ready to be done, without having them first dump their net worth into 24-hour monitoring for a few years. That's a net parasite gain. But you also can't let them be broke and comatose, yet kept minimally alive on Medicaid, while a cleverly-planned annuity pays somewhere else. That could, if the payments were going to kids or other heirs, be a net loss to the parasites, therefore immoral, therefore massive news push to make a seemingly innocuous human interest story, well-coordinated with AMA requirements nationwide simultaneously, get people to conclude that they need advanced directives, ergo now the hospital pushes you to get one before your surgery.

Contemplating competency means contemplating a competency so competent that it can anticipate your awareness of its competency, and develop the necessary countermeasures. There are all sorts of reasons why hospitals make money keeping people alive, ergo why they shouldn't theoretically want people to get advanced directives, but at the same time, there's a higher calling, namely that the people who own and control and benefit from the hospitals also own the companies that sell annuities and set many other relevant policies, so Terri Schiavo became the new Mike Brown when she did, and hundreds of millions of people changed their attitude about long-term health care, while believing that they were doing so of their own volition, because the people behind the narrative determined that they'd achieve a profit massaging opinion in a certain way. Their foresight is as mundane as it is powerful. Annuities and life insurance and banking "regulations" and religious counseling changed worldwide in coordination with general awareness and effectiveness of new life-prolonging technologies, almost like the enemy is one and the same wherever you go.


  1. That's fine, but what was the motivation with the Travyon. Prepare the population for the looming race war in 2020?
    (I'm hoarding weapons; pretty sure it is inevitable. My only difference with serious (!) analysis is that I believe it is also pre-planned, rather than spontaneous)

    1. Trayvon would've been a great time to have a national dialogue about Hispanics ethnically cleansing Africans as the preferred local underclass. The way it looks now with Donald the judenpaterfamilias is that the real motive with Trayvon may have been to make whites feel a sense of achievement voting for the Zionist NY developer. Not that there isn't a lot of utility to be had there, but without Trayvon and BAMN and all that, the same set of nationalists would be viewing Trump as another connected puppet. Race riots might've been necessary to make the War Party look like it had two wings again. Of course, I've frequently been accused of being too cynical, so maybe I'm just not pragmatic enough to understand the eleven dimensional chess.