Saturday, October 1, 2016

Another Panem Et

No, you idiots, sportsball isn't the bread and circuses, the election is the bread and circuses! The draft, the pre-game wrap-up, the courtside commentary, the timeouts, the concessions, the unfair referee, the championship, the post-game assessment, the sex scandal, the battle between league ownership and wildcard newcomer players, the spring training, the random predictions, the online fantasy version of it all...what are you all doing, out there, sneering at the sportsball apes while gobbling up the even-more-foppish version of the same thing? At least the Romans had bloody slaves; at least the Boomers have maid-raping dindus; what the hell do you have? The droll verbal battle of sexagenarian v. septuagenarian, where you're proud of the tactical decision to be insincere and/or terribly wrong in order to appeal to a hypothetical undecided moron who, truth be told, knows at least as much about the underlying realities of world power as you do?

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