Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Genetic Conflicts and New Evolution

The Mongoloids have already corrupted or destroyed most, if not all, of the DNA of the first human burial sites in America. It's possible that, a thousand years from now, there really will be no evidence that the Mongoloids raped or wiped out anyone when they arrived. There might even be a new form of science proving that Mongoloids originally evolved in the Americas, arising out of primordial swamps to become genuine "aboriginal peoples" who never once immigrated.

This will come into conflict with Africoid and Europeoid interests, because Afros will want to be both from Africa and from Europe, while Euros will have to be from nowhere, since being from anywhere would cause dissonance with aboriginal peoples policy platforms, which assign ownership based upon NuScience's hierarchy of propertization, therefore giving Euros any birthplace is impossible.

The NuScience platform on evolution will have to be something along the lines of the following: Mongols arose naturally from primordial soup somewhere in East and Central Asia, while Afros arose naturally from primordial soup somewhere in Africa. These races built great civilizations, but these civilizations were destroyed from within by a genetically-diseased pallid subgroup. With incredible restraint and empathy, the Afros and Mongols permitted the diseased ones to depart without recrimination, whereupon they made their way west from Asia and north from Africa, settled in Europe, mixed together, and established colonialism, trying to invade the descendants of those who had taken pity on their ancestors.

That narrative will work well for the future. It explains traces of ancient Euro civilization in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Current anthropological finds show that Euro DNA was associated with settlements and megaliths in all of those places prior to partial or complete subsumption into a Mongol or Afro mass, after which civilizations either decayed to mud (Africa, some of Asia) or remained in a holding pattern (Persia and northeast Asia). NuScience can show that this is because the Euro virus stole all the technology from the ancient civilizations they abandoned, and the resulting exploitation caused aboriginal Africans and aboriginal Americans to forget written language and the wheel, while Europe became a success due to the legacy of thievery. We now hold the Egyptian megaliths to have been built by a Nubo-Semitic coalition, the American megaliths by a Mongol and partial Euro coalition, the Chinese megaliths by an Indo-Han coalition, and the European megaliths by pure Euros. NuScience can later script this such that the original work (and any DNA evidence still then understood and/or retained by whoever's alive then) was done by the aboriginal civilization (either Mongol or Afro), with evidence of Euro parasites present but not responsible, before the expulsion to Europe, where the Euro work was merely duplicating pre-existing African architecture like so many Einstein awards. Pyramid megaliths in the Americas that predate "Nubo-Semitic" work in Africa can be ascribed to the copying of pre-Egyptian megaliths in sub-Saharan Africa, evidence for which can be inferred, like so many Higgs bosons, from the absence of the Congo pyramids, which proves not only the superiority of their construction, but the envy in which the fleeing Euros held them, since they had to destroy them out of spite before they left.

NuScience in that form will certainly not last forever, since it will make itself irrelevant once it's believed. What should be more interesting to those of us here in 2016 is that, in, say, 4016, it's quite plausible that all available records from past civilizations will verify NuScience's conclusions. The foundations of later biology and geology, including what will then be considered primary historical sources on the organization of society and the appearance of pivotal figures, will be the preserved remains of, if not NuScience, then one of dozens of other similar narratives accepted with a degree of trust by their finders, similar to the ways in which we now approach Homer or Tacitus. Our tendency has been to believe that which is corroborated, but after seeing Stalin build monuments to invisible gods reinforced by the testimony of millions, it is not inconceivable that the children of 4016 could be at least half in error; it is, rather, inconceivable that we, right now, are even half correct.

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