Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Coming Danger for Homosexuals

It's certainly possible that Obama only joined those gay bathhouses in the greater Chicagoland area by accident, and that his visits there were all accidental, and that he walked in the doors of each one, one after the other, and said, "Oh my, this is a gay orgy bathhouse!" And the people and the records saying that he was a regular at the bathhouses, and in the community, and the college parties, etc., could have all been forged by the same people who forged records about poor noble Dubya being AWOL during Vietnam. And the Jeff Gannon thing was just a cruel setup for Dubya, and the accidental "Michaels" that Obama slips in here and there are meaningless slips of the tongue that anyone might make, and the request that he go to D.C. alone could've been merely his attempt to save the family from stress, and whatever.

Hypothetically, though, what should be of concern to the LGBTQPZIYU community is that Obama and/or others like him haven't come out. Even if Obama is a straight Christian who has never had orgies in Chicago bathhouses, there are certainly many other highly placed people who are concealing themselves. The proportion of national sports and movie superstars coming out, and of their fans and funders still supporting them, far exceeds that of national politicians coming out, yet Congress and the White House and the Sanhedrin are all much more pro-gay than Major League Baseball; the schism in coming-out stories represents a clear concealment by the bureaucratic tools of the power elite. Science and culture are losing out by these people not being able to be open, and if even one of them is concealing something that large in such a superficially friendly climate, it indicates a number of highly damaging things for actual LGBTQPZIYU people.

Take Obama, for example. If he really is homosexual, but pretending not to be in order to obtain/retain political/historical power/legacy, while advocating for open homosexuality for everyone else, then it suggests a very dangerous future for homosexuals. After all, if their biggest executive supporter in world history up to this point is in fact closeted and closeted while advocating for them to publicly declare themselves, what does it say about (1) the likelihood of it to be safe to be out over future generations, and (2) the motivations for someone to be so grossly hypocritical?

Put your evil-hat on. What would be the best way to, in the long term, cull non-straight people? Just like the best way to cull guns from a populace of serfs: create a database of who has what. Unlike guns, though, thoughts and desires can be totally hidden from everyone else, even once Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein's goons are authorized to spread your cheeks each morning in search of contraband. The best way to cull dissident ideas, e.g. anti-elite ideas, is to create a space where people feel free to express them, and to encourage them to do so under the belief that they have the freedom to do so and are anonymous. Finally, the ages-old human contempt for systematic assholes can be confirmed. Those individuals who think wrongly are prepared for culling, those who are docile and obedient are bred, with greatly reduced possibility of prior breeding mistakes where you couldn't tell which serfs were faking their enthusiasm for their labor and/or their masters.

The internet, for example, is like a dog park for master breeders who want to determine which bloodlines to eliminate in order to produce a future where androgynous content-browsers (with scraggly little chin-beards) genuinely enjoy the state in which they live. Out with the wolves, in with the golden retrievers who piss on the floor in ecstasy every time pitiful childless Owner returns from Starbucks to dispense hyper-processed food pellets. In a sense, merchants are a race of catladies: the Talmudic desire to control neutered subhuman breeds in a self-validating world is, in macro, the fetishization of humans as replacements for character flaws. The sickened European puts his Labrador in expensive little sweaters, while the sickened merchant wishes to do the same with higher species--perhaps boisterous cop-car tippers, perhaps pudgy dudes in "this is what a feminist..." shirts.

Returning to homosexuals, the sexual aspect is even more difficult to reveal, for like a dissident political opinion, it may be consciously concealed. It may also be unconsciously concealed. The germ theory of homosexuality is an interesting one, but like all psychological crap produced now, it presupposes the ability of the individual to accurately self-report and self-analyze; questions like "How often are you rude to another person each week?" and "When have you ever acted against someone without proper justification?" are as likely to get honest and/or truthful answers as potential employees discussing drug use or dishonesty. When you get into the full panoply of some weird genetic meat-bag's subconsciousness, and what it might or might not want to rub up against and why or why not, there's almost no way to produce large-scale accurate solutions/conclusions. People who think they're straight are as unlikely to understand the full extent of their own desires, the what and the why, as people who think they're not straight are likely to be able to understand what mundane and/or droll and/or terrible voids/things their own presumed desires represent and/or for what those substitute.

How, then, to, following Leviticus, cull all forms of the non-heterosexual phenomenon completely from the breeding stock, when it must be not only a coerced confession from the individual, but one she or he might not be able to make? Jews have tried, for thousands of years, to murder all homosexuals, following the Torah's commandments and vesting Christianity with the same sauce. The comparatively tiny proportion of the currently intense pro-homo propaganda stands in stark contrast to all that is Judaism, representing less than 100 years, yet, after 5,000 years of encouraging rabbinical child-rape while simultaneously encouraging murder of suspected adult homos inside targeted outsider populations. Thinking inter-generationally, thinking on the scale of millennia, how could homosexuals be utterly culled? The answer, of course, is similar to the internet, but with an element of social encouragement in order to tease out the subconscious: create an absolutely open society in which identification is not merely accepted, but forced out. Rub it in your face, use every trick possible to lure it out of developing children who, in a "state of nature," might never develop or realize it, and then, by culling everyone except those who so strongly resist that they persist in identifying as breeders only despite having BSDM pride parades marched past their cubicles at gunpoint, you've finally carried out Yaldabaoth's command to bloody and burn all faggots.

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