Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Great Debt we Owe to Christianity

It is often lamented today, particularly in more "liberal" and/or "progressive" circles, that Christianity has, and has had, such a great influence on western civilization. People cling to their "guns and Bibles," and vote a certain way, and so forth. Actually, though, the entire progressive, liberal tradition of western civilization has a great deal to be thankful for--everything, in fact. Imagine how dark and terrible the world would be without Christianity.

Imagine Rome--a Rome without Christianity. Before Hellenic Judaism and Judaic forms of Jew-Christ worship entered Rome, Rome was suffering under the rule of the primitive pagans: traditional western paganisms of various colors, including Arians, Gnostics, and Zoroastrians. These were the vengeful tyrants who had conquered all of Europe, turning it into a series of semi-independent, racially homogeneous tribes and kingdoms, developing such backward practices as racism, sexism, nationalism, horticulture and agriculture, animal husbandry and animal eugenics, aqueducts, and architecture. Refusing to share "their" land with "outsiders," these rural oafs would never have opened the Roman Empire up to cooperation with the Turkish Empire, nor have called such a union an "Eastern Roman Empire," nor have brought millions of Afro-Semitic slaves north into Rome to do the jobs the Romans wouldn't do and enrich the Italian peninsula, its architecture and culture, with diverse influence--nor have brought these same gifts into the Germanic forests, the Celtic hills, or the plains of the Norse. Without Christianity, the ignorant, backward pagans would never have recognized that the one true culture which was always and must always be the true foundation and destiny of humanity--the light unto the nations that we now call "Israel"--must become a vital part of European affairs. The amazing cosmopolitan perspectives afforded by Judaic Christianity, and its founding peoples, allowed Rome to break past its foolish isolationism, and begin enriching the other northern lands to which it was a gateway.

Without this new form of Christianity, the Romans would never have partnered with the Turks at Nicea, and destroyed so many old and bigoted heresies, replacing them with the universalist Jewish-Christian God who helped the European Romans understand the need to embrace the Turkish Romans as their loyal brothers, and the Khazaran Romans as their wise, loving, and disciplining fathers.

Imagine the horrors if the Roman Empire had not crumbled! If the mercenary legions had not brutalized the peoples of the Gaulish forests and the Celtic hills, and if the bigoted Imperial seat hadn't passed into the hands of Saul of Tarsis' new enlightened Church! All of European history would have been different: Europe would have remained a retro-Nazi community of independent tribes, free to clear land and build settlements and telescopes, investigating the very orientations of the stars centuries before the papacy permitted it! The gifts of international finance, and the replacement of vulgar "warrior kings" who knew their subjects personally, by a network of cousin-marrying rulers never glimpsed by their people, and responsible only to machinations of gold and incestuous blood far away, might never have happened! The people of Europe could have well been charting the stars and navigating the globe for hundreds of years, rather than investing their treasure in the wise business of bringing Christian civilization and Christian charity to the horrible Aryan bigots who controlled India before the arrival of European traders acting under the behest of wise kings and financiers.

Progressives now even dare insult Christians for having had a part in slavery, and in driving onto reservations the Siberio-Mongoloids who had out-competed the original seafaring settlers of what we now call North America. Just imagine the conquest of the Americas, and what it would have looked like without Christianity! Imagine Europeans, with metal alloys and firearms, sailing to America and discovering stick-wielding sacrificial cultures who thought they were the descendants of the "sky gods" from whom they had seized ancient pyramids. Without Christianity, the Europeans would have exterminated these Native peoples, driven them into the sea, rather than intermarrying with them to produce a massive mestizo population, and driving the survivors onto reservations to be subsidized! Without Christianity, America and Canada would suffer the loss of reservation diversity, and lose the ability to atone for their ancestors' sins by endlessly supporting the Siberio-Mongoloids.

Just imagine it...instead of a bunch of repressed homosexual priests taking European gold and building children's schools in the New World, it would have been a Viking strike from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and all of North and South America today might be white! Christian charity, and the extremely important drive to teach people that Jesus was the son of Yahweh, was all that could keep the Natives alive.

Even bigger, imagine helpful Middle Eastern slave traders bringing African slaves to settle in America. Without "Old Testament" support for slavery, and without close ties between the slave traders and the royal joint-stock companies funding the humanitarian Christian work in the New World, American settlers might have refused to accept this massive population transfer. They might have seized the slavers' ships, and killed the first few boatloads of Africans, or let them run free among the soon-to-be-destroyed Indians, or even returned them to Africa! Christianity was pivotal in encouraging a bigoted society to become less bigoted (although not yet perfect, by any measure!) to accept these Africans and teach them the blessings of Christianity and international civilization.

In Asia, western missionaries would have had no part in having Asian societies destroyed in order to build missions, send generations of young white women as chaste nuns to minister to Asians, and fighting lengthy wars to convert swathes of Mongoloids to the worship of Jesus Christ the One True Son of Yahweh. European-Asian relations could have been entirely different. Christianity helped motivate many generations of soldiers to fight and die breaking into marketplaces in China and Japan, rather than building things in Europe.

Really, can you imagine it? Without gentling the west through Judaic Christianity, that most enlightened source of all anti-pagan religions, would have left the rest of the world prey to the backward bigots of Ukko and Wotan. Yes, the badly organized and monarchically-hampered wars and colonialism in Africa and the New World were terrible, but imagine how bad things could have been without Torah-based Christianity to help preserve the bright future that led to the European wars of religion and succession, the world wars, and the United Nations. Instead of a two-thousand-year wave of missionaries and conversions and helpful immigration, the New World and Africa could have fallen prey to the raid on Lindisfarne writ large.

In 1016, the world could have been wholly made up of European and east Asian peoples. These disgusting racists would have spent the next thousand years using their resources for their own despicably selfish purposes, instead of promoting the idea of Yahweh to all men (and women!). By 2016, it would be lore that, long ago, our ancestors had killed off the ancient evil races of goblins and orcs, just as their forefathers had done with the cave bear. Racist archaeologists would use bigoted biometric reconstructive data to tell us entirely inappropriate things about the nature of goblins and orcs, and most of us would not even view it as a wrong that the vile races of old had been unable to live among us, anymore than most of us now worry about the morality of killing wolves near preschools.

Distracted by space travel, glittering mass transit, nigh-nonexistent violent crime, and a snooty highbrow culture we can only imagine, those alternate versions of our current selves would not even know the massive debt that they owed to the One True Christianity established by Yahweh the creator of the Chosen people and the chosen religion--the debt owed to the universalist message of conversion, penitence, bodily fluids, forgiveness, and redemption. We owe that kind of Christianity a debt that we can never possibly repay.


  1. "Europe would have remained a retro-Nazi community of independent tribes, free to clear land and build settlements and telescopes, investigating the very orientations of the stars centuries before the papacy permitted it!"

    This was brilliant...too bad it's lost on the trump worshipping retards.

    You are not alone.