Monday, November 21, 2016

Trayvon and Michael

At this point, I think I'm the only one left who suspects that Darren Wilson and Trayvon Martin were innocent. I know Trayvon was tall and violent, but it's problematic to conflate George Zimmerman with some kind of average rural farmer going about his business simply because Trayvon's supposed childishness is such a good example of media bullshit. To metaphorize, Colin Powell and Saddam Hussein were violent pieces of shit. If you're walking down the sidewalk near home, and a burly, aggressive Aztec trails you in a vehicle, gets out with a gun, and comes up to harass you, there's a good chance he's threatening enough that it warrants self defense. Even if Trayvon were a thug and were destined for a life of violence, and even if Zimmerman, statistically speaking, might've committed a utilitarian act by eliminating him, the violent mestizo shouldn't be overlooked, nor, certainly, lionized, for hunting down his enemies. "Hispanics" might well commit more total crimes in Florida than "African Americans," and even if Trayvon were a thug, that doesn't make Zimmerman an innocent by comparison. California has shown that the enemy of my enemy isn't my friend, and that if mestizos succeed in killing/driving away the blacks (even if the blacks deserved it), then the mestizos will not suddenly view any remaining whites or northeast Asians as allies, but rather egg and stab them for appearing to "support Trump." If you got intimidated by Zimmerman at your mailbox someday, you'd probably suspect he deserved a few solid punches, and if he had his gun and was posturing at you like he was going to use it if you didn't properly answer his questions about who you were and what you were doing, you might feel he deserved a full Trayvon. Conversely, you might dearly wish for a Zimmerman if you met a Trayvon in the wrong situation, but neither desire, whether vengeful or utilitarian, makes either option any sort of preferred choice for a good society. Moreover, IKAGO, and while statistically unimportant, if Trayvon had been otherwise destined for a lifetime of occasional trade work and lying in front of the TV, Zimmerman's assholery was dysgenic. There's no respect for the badge, nor for walking on the sidewalk instead of the street, nor for the inherent rights and qualities of the historic American nation, nor for buying your treats rather than stealing them, if you're willing to permit Zimmerman the same right as Wilson to track someone down.

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