Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wheat into Barley

The most famous of H. Soloff's works is broadly considered to be This Solitude. In this author's opinion, however, the under-appreciated Crass Mountains far surpasses it. Consider stanza 347, where Soloff expounds again on the notion of "knowing himself":
Then leap, leap
the mountains of mundanity
unfurl that cherished blanket
to discover who we truly are
no, who I truly am, alone and together
the mystery, the riddle
the amazing confusion of discovering me
as I leap, leap
the mountains of mundanity
And feast on the basket of obscurity
Soloff spoke English, French, and Hebrew in addition to Russian, and was aware of the obvious pun. Nonetheless, he never dwelt upon such things, being content to let others claim the mantle of most-celebrated-commentary on the falling of the Warsaw Wall. His intellectual contemporaries, being disinclined to name themselves as adherents to their own perspectives~

Engineers believe they're brilliant because they work with things that do not argue. Within the lesser realms of thought, where the so-called immutable laws are actually immutable--the tensile strength of the alloy at room temperature--manipulation is easy. Even the half-drunken warlocks composing lengthy and eternally incorrect theses on the interactions of various bond markets are of a brighter sort than the puzzle brigade, for bond markets, unlike air filtration systems, do not get affected by the feelings of Miss Milsie Elizabeth Warren, member-in-good-standing of Fidelity Private Client Group for come thirty years now, who has just read an article about the durability of the treasury. Return to your building blocks, noble engineer, and thank God every day that you do not have to contend with the world beyond them, which you are not equipped to understand. How it will upset you when Saint Peter explains that marketing always was smarter~

r/K selection theory is another Lysenkoism. A fiat currency; an endumbening creationism; a blot so persistent that someone must be reapplying it to the tablecloth while we're all asleep. We've discussed r/K theory before here; its brokenness is profound, that opiate of lesser satisfactions, where zoology is only scarcely more violated than rationality.

If wheat can be turned into barley by the proper environment, then rabbits can be turned into wolves by resource shortage, and we should all welcome the bettering effects of the apocalypse. r/K posits that we all possess the underlying characteristics of the "liberal" or the "conservative," and that these characteristics may be "turned on" or "activated" by the right environmental circumstances.

Blank-slatism combined with race realism. It shouldn't be possible, but there it is. MacDonald aficionados using Moldbug's terminology. Burly childless queers celebrating racial rejuvenation. Staunch capitalists demanding ethnic restriction. Genetic realists prioritizing the needs of the higher-IQ subspecies.

Try this on for size: what if I were so smart that the difference between you and me was greater than the difference between you and the average Somalian? Now explain to me why they have to go but you don't. Oh, it's about numbers? Fine, then stop complaining about the mulizo future. It's just destiny, baby. It's just destiny.

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  1. Listen, a huckster always finds ways to huck, and if it means creating a brand-spankin'-new pseudoscience, offered by people who never understood u-grad science themselves, then that's what a huckster's gonna huck.

    For a buck.