Sunday, December 18, 2016


In Linking for the Future, we looked at one of the more recent cultural operations of the secret police: web-delivered "male-issues" content. By identifying certain vehicles, both personas and conglomerate websites, as shell corporations, and juxtaposing common ideological and physical product offerings, we were able to see how the major figures of the cultural movement were--like Rothko and Pollock, Harvard, Hollywood, and politicians--bank assets.

We recently looked at the Trump election in light of that persona's early promotion by the Dilbert franchise, and it occurred to me to log into Twitter--that expression-limiting Newspeak in a much lower circle of Hell than Orwell's Newspeak--to check up on the Dilbert franchise and see what it was up to in the wake of the election. This one was thoroughly, awfully vindicated to see that the improbable unification--of childless little pussies making manager jokes, with tall weightlifting-promoters pushing Alpha sex--had been realized through the blessing of the Trump persona. Witness:

Outside of sharing the same boss, the concurrence and ongoing promoted success of these media personalities would be a ludicrous improbability. The clash between Scott Adams' and Cernovich's marketed personas is almost as great as that between old Cernovich and new Cernovich, or between Nassim Taleb and tendentious gatekeeper dissent that somehow works its way through Levantine launderers. Scott Adams is the anti-racist, race-mixing, engineer dweeb who blamed tall people and men with thick hair for his early failures, and who purportedly became influential by appealing to the liberal, well-educated readers of standard newspapers and early internet users. His characters were, like his prepackaged persona, well-meaning little goldbricking weenies who lived alone with pets and were dominated by tough women who could out-compete them in engineering and software development. For him to begin integrating with the men's-right/pickup/game part of the operation is roughly equivalent to Cathy Guisewite doing the same.

Guisewite, in contrast to Adams, seems like a genuine artist expressing a personal vision, rather than a Rothko. (Alternatively, if she is also fronting for ZOG, her sculptors did a much better job than Adams'.) Her self-named strip often portrayed secretarial women being dominated by blunt, effective men, wishing for a non-corporate family life, sadly admitting the futility of pets as substitutions for children (which Dilbert could never manage), and envious of the illusory success of media "superwomen" who started Fortune 500 companies while dropping to size four and raising bilingual children. Hailed as a feminist hero because she complained about the cost of makeup to professional women, she was actually a traditionalist in disguise. Adams' characters ultimately found a fulfilling stasis in the emptiness of the cubicled now, whereas Cathy's survived it with an eye toward a brighter future.

How deliciously American; how Groomsianly (not Hankishly) Gumpish; how the ritualized plot-elements of the verbal dross that passed for literature after the Jenomic invasion, the absurdities of the twentieth century proved to be foreshadowing in a three-act structure of our future. Kaufman kayfabes his way to women's wrestling champ, indicating that, a few decades later, there actually will be transwomen beating women in less-staged athletics; Trump embraces his longstanding business partners the Clintons, foreshadowing a later fictitious rivalry. What's next, Jessica Valenti and Roosh hooking up for sex parties at Bilderberg? With foreshadowing accelerating--Kaufman to Fox took roughly 36 years (c. 1979 to 2015), while Trumps & Clintons Friends to Trumps & Clintons Enemies took merely 10 (2005 Melania wedding to 2015 matchup).

With that drastic of an increase in effective speed--possible only after the memory power of the audience has been correspondingly reduced to believe in the rivalry--what other seemingly-implausible things might be foreshadowed? Jill Stein's triumphant 2020 presidential victory, followed by the Senate granting her temporary emergency powers? David Duke's? Or maybe a Stein/Duke ticket? Most importantly of all, which one of them is the padawan learner?

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