Wednesday, December 28, 2016

McVeigh as Messiah

Timothy McVeigh is the ultimate messianic figure for the 20th century for both the right and the left. Not only did he resist the System, he also did so on behalf of the oppressed population of (A) Iraq and (B) the working European poor. He was a Social Justice Warrior, because he took direct action against the colonizing State in response to the imperial invasion of the people of color in Iraq--he has many quotes against imperialism and the repression of those indigenous peoples, and moral judgments toward the WASP F-16 pilots who bombed Arab settlements. By taking revenge for WACO and Palestine, he exemplified race-realism, HBD, JQ-awareness, and pro-gun constitutionalism. And he was antifa and #BLM, since the Murrah Federal Building exemplified the mundane omnipresence of the corporate-bureaucratic NuState. Given the year of his taking action, he could be pro-gay, too; not only did he resist the incarceration state, he struck a blow for gay marriage.

These overlaps, seemingly facile, help us understand our past and our now. McVeigh certainly wouldn't support "Blue Lives Matter," and the intra-African anti-police (and anti-military) campaigns in Pierce's work suggest McVeigh would support Black Lives Matter as a means to an end. Ergo McVeigh and Soros would be on the same page, using the same tools for the same contemporary ends, albeit for divergent long-term goals.

For homosexuals who celebrate the Stonewall Riots, McVeigh's resistance to the fascist anti-gay-marriage state in the 1990s makes it seem like he should be a gay messiah, also. In a hundred years, McVeigh's attack against the anti-robosexual government might be viewed as a kind of quaint heroism against a widely-acknowledged evil regime of the past, with which then-current androidal would-be spouses would be in complete agreement (whatever McVeigh himself might think of the associated issues). In 2016, McVeigh's collateral actions against a fedgov daycare center could be viewed as a blow against either pedophile networks (rightist) or white supremacist careerist separatism (leftist). All celebration or criticism of the now-archetypal Jesus--he taught forgiveness v. he drove the moneylenders from the temple--could be similarly applied for or against McVeigh, Breivik, Roof, et cetera. If child non-combatants tip the scales of morality, they do so in every direction: against the FBI and the Murrah Feds, the J.O.G.U.S. in Iraq, or McVeigh in Oklahoma. Similarly, if pragmatically damaging one's own racial group to achieve ideological purity is either a deal-breaker or a deal-maker, McVeigh and the U.S. are equally reviled and/or heroic.

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