Monday, December 12, 2016

Obama sucked at being president

Some dude said: "Not only has Obama totally sucked at the job of being President, but he's just a plain jackass to boot."

By God, Europeans must actually be the dumbest sub-species 'round these parts. Obama used transsexual and race issues successfully to deflect building criticism of Jews and Israel; he dropped BDS to the backpages in favor of the marvelous historicity of a brownish president; he put an eight-year stop on anti-Fed actions, turning legions of angry student debtors into docile BLM sign-wavers; he transferred hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth from idiot white taxpayers to cackling Satanist parasites; he maintained and expanded the shabbos goy war machine across at least three continents, butchering blacks and whites and Semites galore; he got the black left to focus primarily on domestic police issues instead of international apartheid and central banking...he propped up the House of Saud, he increased the intensity of the homosexualization of another generation of goys, he laid the groundwork for several immensely profitable future wars, he enslaved countless generations to Stasi health, he turned leftist anger at the Patriot Act into a near-global embrace of unchecked drone murder...what didn't he accomplish?

Obama was an amazing executive figurehead. America is far, far sicker than it was eight years ago. Even a soulless automaton like John McCain couldn't have accomplished half that much.

How close to the end will it be before you people stop calling your overlords "dumb" or "ineffective" or "bad at their jobs," and realize that the problem is how very good they are at their jobs? You remind me of public school teachers complaining that Bill Gates doesn't understand how his gluttonous foundation work is harming education, rather than improving it, through focus on expensively machine-graded standardized tests and centralized control of teachers.

"Haha, those stupid refugees, don't they realize that by raping and terrorizing their host populace, they'll be less likely to get people to support them?" It's kind of like Tony Blair's claim that he didn't lie about the Iraq War, where he said that he couldn't possibly have lied, because then he would've been found out and gotten in trouble. Perhaps there developed some lower-order genetic predilection toward logical-sounding arguments, which we mistakenly took to indicate an ethny of rationality. Europeoids might be, in truth, more linguists than they are logicians.


  1. All that is left is to stockpile ammunition. Sadly, the elite is impervious to that; only some marginally less ruthless fellow bottom feeders will get it.

    1. We underestimated the power of the printing press early on. We trusted to oration, presence, and connection, but it turned out most people were fine with partially hydrogenated Roundup. Simultaneously, trusting in fortifications or weaponry fails against the neuroweb mass (not that it's not a good principle to go down with anyway).

      It's not the losing that bothers me so much as the schismatic nature of the macrocorpse. Ironically, even if you bake a lot of pies and have garden parties, the internet is the only truly viable window.