Friday, December 23, 2016

Shepherding the Outsiders back to Trump

68 years after refusing to allow the entire rest of the world to stop the elimination of Arabs in Palestine; 68 years after being a juror failing to convict; 8 years into another insanely Zionist presidency: the U.S. at last abstained from voting to shelter the Jews' six trillionth butchery of their own local Tibet.

Every puppet president, every loyal shabbos goy, from the highest White House post to the most modest U.N.-vote-deliverer, has bowed to Israel's will in this matter. Like a black juror refusing to convict a black defendant in an attack on an old white lady witnessed by a thousand people, the U.S. has used its Fed-like security council position to veto action against Israel, while supporting action against everywhere else in the world. Countless trillions of dollars have gone into stopping Africans fighting against the Shell-oil-supported-Africans; the U.S. has even bombed Europe, massacring white Christians, disproving forever (again) the progressive/leftist viewpoint that the U.S. is in any way a "white" country or preferenced toward whites.

And for all of his presidency, Barack Obama has done his best to carry water for Israel. Like most presidents since the elimination of Palestine began, his people occasionally issued vaguely-worded statements asking for an unjust peace; things like, "We hope Israel will stop developing condos on top of the freshly-ground corpses of Arab families and young fertile white protesters, and instead focus on increasing condo floorspace on top of the cooling corpses of last year's Arabs," which was itself enough to send the bloodthirsty Jenomics into frothing rages which were only partially staged, because by God, they love themselves exterminating people.

(It's the closest they can get. Like raping and destroying children, it's a visceral, unsatisfying, temporal proof that they are antilife.)

CNN reports today, here, how the U.S., and Barack Obama, have finally broken with this tradition, and, while complaining about Clinton having won the popular vote and how democracy is important, abstained (they didn't even vote with the rest of the world, and still the Jenomics froth at the hypothetical lack of murder) from voting for more Palestinian grinders.


Why did Obama's outgoing administration do this? Why did the vote happen after Trump's electoral coronation, with so few days of Obama left, and during the Christmas news lull? A single rational explanation: those Jenomic rabble who didn't understand the larger strategy of using Trump are now being played, just as the white nationalists were being played earlier, by the entities behind the U.S. presidency. The anger of many Jews at Trump's presidency and/or election was genuine: they didn't realize that Trump's slurs against Mexicans and Muslims and blacks (cop-killers and violent protesters) were part of a greater strategy to trick idiot Europeans into believing that the answer to Jewish world control was not eliminating the central banks, but to taking out some frustration on a few token minorities. This frustration is meant to bind the U.S. and Israel even closer than before. The reclaiming of white national identity is going to be inextricably bound to Israel and its right to exterminate and enslave host populations.

Obama's waiting until now to "abstain" indicates that his administration (not he himself--he probably vaguely senses the ultimate doom of darker-skinned people at the hands of lighter-skinned Jenomics [which is to say, not destruction, but more-sustainable slavery], but isn't future-time-oriented enough to understand what that means, since he can clap his hands at Soros having a few white cops killed) is on board with the Trump transition. This late move during the Christmas cycle will be picked up by every Jew in the western world as a sign that Obama was "against" them--a selfish belief they will feel even after 7 years of Obama's constant payment for the privilege to fellate. When Trump comes into office, and works on "restoring" the U.S. Israeli relationship, he'll be credited as having done so by all of the Jenomic masses who were formerly against him because of their commitment to the increasingly-outdated "no racism" stance that was so helpful in changing immigration policy among host Euros.

Let's review the issues we've addressed here:

1) Obama has a confrontational relationship with Netanyahu. Ridiculous; he's publicly looted $3 billion a year from the U.S. and given it to Israel. He sold out Americans, and more importantly his voters, on health insurance, running a Romneycare scam, so that he could fund universal health insurance in Israel. He has used his security council vote to block international intervention in Israel for 8 years, retardedly attempted to invade Syria for Israel (they might've let him handle more of that pre-doomed campaign, lol), refused to act on any other U.N. resolutions, refused to prosecute Israeli spies and technology thieves, and let (maybe personally through stupidity but administratively on-purpose) the DHS slip billions more in weapons and cash to Israel. A few snippy metroqueer statements about Israel being a teensy bit nicer to its victims are not, suddenly, a bad relationship.

2) Many American Jews actually didn't like Trump. Many Jews are being used like everyone else. By going hysterical at the prospect of Trump, they provided dimly-JQ-aware Americans with the cue that Trump might do something to free them. Controlling powers in the media knew that the Jews had nothing to worry about, but reported so heavily on Jewish anger in order to ensure a higher white voting bloc so that a pretend nationalist, rather than a pretend universalist, could end up being responsible for the next war.

3) The old parties did not split. The standard Democratic and Republican death-parties are completely on board with the transition. They encouraged Israel throughout the entire Obama administration except for one tiny abstention near the end, made not for real effect but just to cause Trump to appear like a savior. The inconsistency can only be explained by their desire to make Trump appear to be a savior to a small population control-bloc (non-elite Jews). Obama kills Africans and Arabs every Tuesday, and if "he" really had had a moral awakening, he knows how to accomplish things against terrorists in the Middle East. This is obviously an alley-oop to Trump. Like Romney happily preening for Secretary of State, the antagonism was completely false, and the non-Trump politicians were just playing their roles. Similarly, Trump's willingness to consider any of these people--whom during his campaign he called failures, incompetents, dishonest, lying, cheating, etc.--proves that he has no honor or decency, but is, like every other "renegade" candidate who made it since WW2, just another politician.

4) Because of the years-long preplanning and considerate setup treatment given Trump, Trump himself (and/or the people behind Trump, depending on how stupid Trump personally is) is as much a part of the previous administrations as they are of his. The American role of defending Israel from itself, and from the rest of the world, will continue unabated, no matter how many surface coats of paint Trump slaps on domestic politics. This isn't shouldn't be a shocker to any longtime American, but another soulless tool got appointed grand executive. In case you had any shreds of doubt left about Trump--after his years of wholly establishment, western-civilization-destroying behavior, both privately and on television--the fact that Barack Hussein Obama just took a major step to improve Trump's legacy should clue you in.


When Trump calls for war, most of the supposedly "cuck" Republicans will support him. The Democrats will vote with him at least enough to make war work, although some will be selected as permitted to vote anti-war (or, more likely, to make an anti-war statement that idiot Americans will remember, and then to privately vote yes on the war-funding bill) to give them a plausible future claim on post-Trump support.

Humorously enough, a hundred years out, Trump may be viewed as the greatest president ever for American Jews and American Muslims (or U.E.G. Jews/Muslims). He could be known as the one who finally put a stop to liberal Jews' illogical treachery, and brought Euros and Jews even closer together. He might be heralded as the man who saved Islam--the greatest Muslim since the Prophet--by exposing Salafi terror and permitting true, peaceful Reform Islam to come to the forefront. By the time we're all dead, and memories are sifted through the Jenomic news, Trump will be viewed by later critics, both positively (mainstream) and negatively (thought criminal, if any still exist) as a Jewish hero from the beginning--true in either case. All of the positive contributions he will be viewed as having made to history will be attributed to the chosen people.

That will make a fitting epitaph for the white people now who think Trump is a "lesser evil" en route to genetic nationalism: that their electoral triumph--their presumed victory over the media and the power elite--will one day be viewed as a victory of the forces of Judaism. How ironic that, even though they don't know it, those moronic non-emigrating American celebrities who threatened that Trump was a great evil will turn out to be right, in the end.


  1. think you might be wrong here; influential parts of the western elites have concluded that israel is no longer necessary. I think even Kissinger mentioned somewhere that Israel might not exist in 10 years.

    If it does, then yeah, white fascism is definitely coming. Access to basic life goods will be metered partially on the basis of genetic purity

    1. With banking (even) more regulated, tax law (even) more ridiculous, and peons (even) dumber, a formal Israel would indeed not be necessary. Child rapists, tech thieves, and pyramid schemers could be administratively pardoned without any accessible public record, and there would be no need for Israel to exist as a "sovereign state" to protect fleeing citizens. The right neighborhood planning in America or Europe could keep the right people safe behind walls and armed guards, too.

      If the Enemy arranges for another dramatic false flag, though (larger and more singular than the recent succession), I wouldn't put it past most Europeans and Americans to completely forget about anything except the need to embrace Israel and stand united against what they believe to be the true standalone threat of Islam.