Monday, January 23, 2017

New Racism, Old Correctness, and Intergenerational Rebellions

Since the internet, there have been racist websites, and there has been a shortage of people using them. Even once the internet was made publicly available, racist websites were--like hit men who advertise openly, commoner's child pornography, or the modern-day Ku Klux Klan--primarily the domain of law enforcement, where the shattered nightmares of the United States splinter into a thousand pieces of dark glass, each one glinting with the image of fifteen perverts running a three million dollar operation in search of a gullible fool who will agree to park a rental car under the cameras, specifically state their intentions, or move a bag from this bench to that bench. To run these fake, endless, criminally non-criminal criminal enterprises, the demented un-persons (just like you or me) had to affect grammar and viewpoints similar to what they imagined were those of real not-yet criminals. With the Ku Klux Klan, this largely failed, as racists trying to get together to knit an escape from affirmative action out of dental floss proved mostly unwilling to be sidetracked with leaving their new friends' SUV near some designated federal building; people quickly learned that the KKK was an ideatic honeypot of role-playing with real jail time, and the budget went considerably lower, resulting in fewer people caring about the Klan. Child porn was different, as the projected eagerness of the wordlessly disgusting enforcers led to plenty of documentably successful arrests through virtual and actual evidence planting, the release of viruses and deceptive torrents, and the ability to convict via speculative thoughtcrime alone (e.g., we say he wanted to download it, which is such badthought that it both must be true, and we have no time to consider how true it is, therefore conviction). This had a much greater presence in the U.K., both due to the relative perversity of the security infrastructure and due to Klansmen proving themselves initially more gullible than the I.R.A., ergo the U.K.'s filth concentrated on planting child porn harder and earlier, while the American filth worked on revising their purported passion for Dixie. Ironically, of course, the Americans proved themselves more capable and more interested in entrapping Hispanic Muslim converts into parking cars by the airport, while the British were so anti-racist that they only could try and (largely) fail to entrap the less-trickable Irish that they were forced to focus more on using seizure-inducing moving flash-banners to trick some poor sap into accidentally clicking his way onto their disgusting porn hordes.

The Old Racism

Actual internet racists swiftly learned through word of mouth that anything they put on the internet was going to be infiltrated by the U.S. deep state, whether operating namelessly or via acronymical security agencies, including not only FBI and CIA, but SPLC and ADL. Even when secretive, even when not engaged in any "plots" but merely trying to speak to other like-minded people online, racist websites were filled with law enforcement attempting to illegally escalate conversations. The real racists would discuss things, and learned to quickly insult and ban anyone who advocated for non-verbal behavior of any kind. The deep state could leak proof of racism to family and employers and try to ruin real racists, but this didn't produce much aggregate gain. Unfortunately for discussion purposes, the real racists tended to be stupid or appropriately suspicious, seeking an echo chamber wherein they could employ the publicly banned terminology, or plan the occasional tiny march, but not try any kind of outreach. Outreach was what the deep state prevented: internet hosts would destroy actual outreach, culling the internet of all racism that attempted to be logical or reasonable, funding and enabling the worst expressions of gene-based discussion in order to drown out anything communicative.

For an example, consider Website Pierce and Website Storm. If Website Pierce's domain host refuses to shut down Website Pierce under minor deep state pressure, the government can build Website Storm, hire some graphic designers, preference it in chatroom and listserv listings, push it through undercovers, and prioritize it in the marketplace. The comparison here is to heavily advertising a movie, making sure it appears in all theaters, making sure the book adaption is reviewed by the New York Times, making sure every public library and school library and major retailer has copies sitting by the front of the store, making sure reviewers talk about it on TV, making sure there are special features discussing why it's become so popular, et cetera. This kind of exhibit/book/movie/band has a certain chance of success. Website Storm, upon receiving this treatment, and being populated by multiple government accounts in crypsis, can acquire nearly all of the readers/members who, innocent of the vagaries of the marketplace, believe they've randomly discovered something of interest to them. Ergo by creating Website Storm, or the NFL, or Transformers, or whatever else, one can prevent Website Pierce from reaching people.

Years of this type of manipulative behavior left most earlier internet racism the stupid kind. Bad grammar, misspelled words, weird social rifts that destroyed communities showing other hints of survivability, blacklisting competing organizations, et cetera. Without actually banning or preventing certain speech, anymore than it bans good novels, government(s) was able to ensure that the undesirable speech never attained an audience. How many painters never made it in the twentieth century because most of the available patrons were busy speculating about Pollock? In the absence of the CIA (and all the rest), what might illustration, painting, cinema, literature, or scholarship have become during the twentieth century? In the absence of the Church, what might Europe have produced during those many centuries before?

The New Racism

Near the twenty-first century, a curious trend began: copyists preparing long, detailed, fact-ridden essays on racism. This was in part related to the mainstream publication and marketing of (1994) Charles Murray's and Richard J. Herrnstein's The Bell Curve, in which a wealthy Jewish man gained vast critical acclaim, and a serious non-Jewish partner was socially scorned, for repeating what Northwest Europeans had been saying to a void for the past thousand years: there are some smart Africans, but by and large the average European is smarter. Amazingly, inconceivably, ridiculously, this book came as a revelation to a populace previously prepared through government education to believe solely in melaninary and/or below-the-neck evolution. What was strange about The Bell Curve was not its conclusions, but the fact that a major publisher and distributors had finally permitted such a thing to occur. Academics had previously been denied tenure, been fired, or otherwise quietly disappeared, for trying to study this issue, but now Herrnstein was permitted to share the same information in a major format.

While The Bell Curve was being digested and insulted as the face of the alternative right, the internet began to change. All of the old, once-respectable-but-now-scorned viewpoints about race began to be repackaged and represented by Jewish commentators who seemed curiously immune to bank/government/social destruction. Following up on the Herrnstein work, the post-Soviet age began to permit the acceptability of racism directed against "Muslims," e.g., Arab Semites. The old Semitic trick of Jewish Semite using Arab Semite as a whupping boy was unraveled, as in the Crusades: Jewish voices began to make the arguments of European theorists of old, critiquing nearly in verbatim the social structures that had been constructed by the Jewish central banks in America and Europe the century prior, and not being censored for doing so.

It began to be cool, as the Soviet Empire died, to make fun of Arabs. Rather than being exotic freedom fighters in headdresses who were vital to resisting communist aggression, Arabs became crazed fanatics, and, slowly but surely, it became permissible for Euros to again ask "why"?--so long as they did so under Jewish leadership.

A Jew republished The Turner Diaries; Schwarzenegger stopped fighting Central American communists and space aliens and robots and futuristic white supremacists, and began the open post-Soviet fight against Muslims (a respectable Jewish producer, Larry Kasanoff, was kind enough to employ the assistance of James Cameron in directing the details of the movie); and, on the internet, a conspicuous combination of search-engine placement, targeted referring, and lack of government intervention permitted verbose, sesquipedalian articles to repeat old European critiques of the central banking societies of Euro-populated lands, updated with references to Facebook.

These newly acceptable takes on racism were produced by the most purportedly anti-racist group of the late twentieth century, namely Jews. Yarvin, Unz, Greenfield, and many others, celebrated or quietly having left the stage by now, joined Herrstein and Kasanoff in bringing back an acceptable public disdain for Arab Semites, which gradually became acceptable and open disdain for persons of African, mestizo, and southeast Asian heritage. The new websites facilitated and encouraged that thing repressed for most of the latter half of the twentieth century--rational discussion of racial differences--and they were not only permitted to exist, they were given search engine access, "critiqued" in major media, cross-referenced with a host of supporting sites, and otherwise allowed to grow.

One group remained immune to the criticism offered by these new racists: Jews. Jews, and other purportedly non-Arab Semites operating in crypsis as "Mediterranean" or "Levantine," were conspicuously absent from the new acceptable racism. This force grew into a wrecking ball, as the initial tentative articles and blogs produced dozens, then hundreds, of spinoffs. By now, you're probably somewhat familiar with them, courtesy of Hillary's noble fall to Kushner's father-in-law; for those who had missed the "popular new gentile revolution," Hillary, like any good stage villain, was kind enough to unlikably insist that no one pay any attention to it.

What is this "it"? The new racism has come with a plethora of meetings pamphlets books channels websites, all of which reference each other directly or indirectly, and all of which share the following characteristics: they were founded or are now maintained by Jewish people; they are aggressively race-realist except they censor or downplay any application of racial theories to Jews; and, they are extremely pro-Trump.

American Renaissance still sells copies of Herrnstein's Bell Curve. It mostly compiles articles from other websites, and is designed to build a fear (justified, but caused by Jewish Hart-Celler and deliberate pre-Trump native displacement policies) of black and mestizo crime. Proudly race-realist, the nominal founder, Jared Taylor, acquired Jewish financing to begin his work, and ensures that his compilers reproduce 50 articles critical of blacks or Mexicans for each one brief article talking about how unfair it is that the U.S. can't be just like Israel and have its own border wall like those smart Israelis who've understood the truth all along. Prominent Jewish academics continue to appear at Taylor's events, pushing the idea that science proves differences between whites and blacks, but that Jews are whites, Jews are indigenous Europeans, and yet Jews are superior to whites just as whites are superior to blacks (and Arabs, mestizos, et cetera). Identifying Jewish racial superiorities is permitted, while data or speculation in the other direction is suppressed. E.g., discussing data of a 105 average Jewish I.Q. versus a 100 average non-Jewish European (sic--as mentioned earlier, Taylor sometimes claims Jews are European and sometimes not) I.Q., is okay, and discussing European persecution of the diaspora is okay, but discussing the opposite, particularly the modern opposite, is not.

The Unz Review was founded by Jewish deep state operative Ron Unz, a Harvard/Stanford man who, like American Renaissance, collects a vast quantity of data on how IQ determines a sub-species' success, how Jews have a higher IQ than any other group, and how America and Europe are being destroyed by black/mestizo crime and need to follow Jewish leadership, build a border wall, and expel/eliminate non-Whites and non-Jews in order to survive.

Gates of Vienna, the penultimate neoconservative site, was founded in crypsis by a team of authors who focus on how bad Islam is, and how Europe and the U.S. must unite with Israel to destroy the Muslim world as part of a Dubya-esque conflict of civilizations. Though focused on Muslims, it permits lengthy, detailed rants about African Americans, Europeans of African descent, Mexicans, South Americans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Pacific Islanders, but deletes suggestions that refugee and/or immigration policy is now or has ever been related to crime caused by refugees and/or immigrants, or that Jews are in any way different from the "superior European peoples" it endlessly flatters. Targeted at a less intelligent audience than the others, there is no veneer of pretending to critically analyze Jews along with other races, nor to dress up the criticism of Arabs as respectable; accordingly, absolutisms, slurs, and extended verbal praise given to the King of Israel are more common here.

The Jewish homosexual Milo Yiannopoulos has his own vast twitter following, speaking at international events and garnering major media publicity and university speaking engagements to promote intellectual racism. Like American Renaissance and The Bell Curve, but "edgier," he too pushes the idea that White Christian civilization needs to become more like Israel, with walls, restrictive covenants, et cetera (not that any of those things in and of themselves are bad; we're just describing the new social normative).

Andrew Breitbart, another prominent Jewish media figure predating the "print journalism and TV are totally uncool" period, became the Arianna Huffington of the "right wing," lending his surname to a website ( that, like all of the other major-media-critical sites previously discussed in this post, is primarily a middleman trader/banker of selected major media articles. Similarly to how the Jewish Reuters consolidated various journalists' work under the owner's control, and began disseminating selected pieces of it internationally, all of these new sites have produced precious little fresh content, instead regurgitating traditional media fodder to a targeted audience with a slant of, "See? We were right, there's another intra-racial attack, therefore Jews and Europeans are in this together and need to build border walls and fight off Arabs, blacks, and Mexicans."

The Right Stuff was founded by Mike Peinovich, a Jewish programmer (like Moldbug/Yarvin) from New York married to a Jewish transgender advocate, who disparages Israeli hypocrisy in not letting the U.S. be more racist, build its own border wall, and begin exterminating or expatriating non-Jewish minorities. It permits anti-Jewish comments within a framework of understanding that it is unfair that Jews have such perfect nationalism in Israel, and that America and Europe deserve to become more Jewish by executing/expatriating all non-White, non-Jewish persons, and adopting Israeli-style apartheid and a border wall. (Peinovich was in crypsis until quite recently, when his wife's ethnicity was discovered, leading to the discovery that he was Jewish and that his family had also adopted a mulatto child, which he had previously been pretending was a terrible betrayal of civilization. If you follow any of this crap, you already know this.) The Right Stuff is high-gloss compared to many other sites, permitting explicit criticism of Jews with the goal of producing envy of Israel and duplication of successful Jewish strategies.

The beady-eyed, big-nosed Mike Cernovich named his website after a Nietzsche quote in an attempt to appear more white. At Danger and Play, not only does he sell self-help books (and support his fellow agents in the PUA/Trump movement, as discussed in Linking for the Future), he discusses the future of white identity, black/mestizo inferiority, and the necessity of border walls and exterminations. Like many other Jewish race-managers of the PUA movement, he had previously been engaging in pure sex-driven marketing in order to grow the brand that initially became Trump, including counseling black men on how to pick up white women using their superior masculinity. Now, though, he's changed his public persona to that of an almost-white nationalist, for his PUA brand proved successful enough that he was able to switch forms of crypsis, transitioning fully to Trumpism rather than masculinism, without any dissonance apparent to his target market.

The Jewish Roosh, of Return of Kings, has already been discussed before in The Western Patriarchy, along with many of his other wealthy fellow travelers who engaged in the Greek-lettered salesmanship buildup to the Trump chariot-race.

Staged Rebellions

We've previously discussed the concept of staged rebellions at length. Far more immediate in impact than merely empty pastimes--drunkenness, television, tweeting, or whatever's next--the social rebellion of an age keeps the hamster on the metaphorical wheel. Humans do need junk food, because of their as-yet unconquered biology, and they do need porn for the same reason, yet their other instincts--their desire for progress and meaning--need to be satisfied also, lest the bank be assaulted. Ergo the ritual disassembly of an artificial normative framework is quite necessary. Creating, then destroying, then rebuilding, the patriarchy, has been a vital task of successive generations of humanity, like a complexified Sisyphus, condemned not to roll and watch fall, but to build and tear down houses. In our Sisyphean task, we play the role of not only the pusher, but of gravity itself, as we are guided through various forms of conflict. Black Lives Matter cannot exist without slavery, which cannot exist without traders and traitors. In each case, we go through the ritual: assault and retreat, assault and retreat, assault and retreat, forever without end.

The Western Patriarchy, previously cited above, discusses the Jewish role in creating the artificial patriarchy expressly for the purpose of making patriarchy look stupid and spurring feminism, which was created expressly for the purpose of making women's rights look stupid and spurring a counterreaction, which will be (and is now so being) created expressly for the purpose of making its own end result look stupid and spurring a counterreaction. This isn't to say that agnatic kinship isn't useful, or perhaps even necessary for the healthy formation of certain types of societies (particularly those comprised of the post-fallen-Egypt, post-fallen-Rome, post-Charlemagne traitors and rapespawn who numerically predominate in Europeoid populations today); it very much is, given a certain set of genetic and spiritual variables with which to work. Yet the instinctual traces of something being wrong persist, and so something like feminism will return, albeit in more terrible form--aided, perhaps, by surgical body transfers in conjunction with electronic records alteration, so that, for the dwindling thinkers, it will truly be impossible to understand origins or reasons.

That Jewish creation of cinematic western patriarchy is now being duplicated by a reborn intelligent racism, which is only as correct as it is incorrect, and which is destined to meet the same scornful fate as political-correctness, and other pollyannaish nihilisms and universalisms, have been and are now meeting. Right now, many are enjoying the relief from political-correctness by bathing in the putrescent light of a new movement, but that movement was itself spawned by the very same Jewish lines that spawned the prior movement. Europeoids--Whites--were not able to accomplish this. White nationalist literature, organizations, and websites were blithely dismissed for decades, until Jews abruptly began receiving exponentially growing media attention for reciting those same white nationalist talking points. In telling fashion, new gentile frontmen are being selected for future political roles. As Saul Alinsky used his "Weather Underground" organization to prep the career of many future players in academia, media, and the federal government--including, of course, a nominal U.S. president who oversaw another 8 years of murdering Arabs, forcing Americans to endure the resulting blowback, and continuing wealth transfers from U.S. workers to Israeli financiers--today's "underground resistance" organizations are actually sponsored by the same powerful Jewish banks that sponsored the very organizations their followers believe they're fighting against. Reagan armed and funded a powerful international mujahideen, giving Dubya something to fight against; Jews built Cathedrals (to use Moldbug's insultingly deceptive phrase), giving Trump something to fight against. As before, nothing will change, in the sense that powerful Jews will continue to disseminate a philosophy that will encourage one set of gentiles to hate/sue/insult/kill another set of gentiles.

Relevance to Antifa, Fash, Anti-Racists, and Racists

Everyone who believes anything is affected by this shifting of movements. Antifa and/or anti-racists should be concerned that all of the new things they don't like--Muslim bans, Muslim registries, border walls, deportation of undocumented people, grabbing pussies, et cetera--have been and are being scripted directly by a tiny percentage of extremely racist Jews. Conversely, fascists and/or nationalists and/or race realists should be concerned that all of the new things they like--Muslim bans, Muslim registries, border walls, deportation of undocumented people, grabbing pussies, et cetera--have been and are being scripted directly by a tiny percentage of extremely racist Jews. The recurrence of this same trend should give pause to anyone who hasn't already mortgaged their soul to the bankers-that-be: how can this be a true nationalism, a free and bright future for one's children, if it is created by the very same people who created cultural marxism, feminism, affirmative action, desegregated schools, free internet scat-porn, and legal abortion? Or, for the antifa, why is it that the owners of the slave ships were the ones who sold us slaves, their children were the ones who urged us to import the Irish to crush the slaveowners and bring free farming to the continent, their grandchildren huddled in segregated neighborhoods in New York and mocked country folk, their great-grandchildren demanded an end to restrictive covenants and the promotion of interracial marriage, and their great-great-grandchildren demanded a border wall and a return to IQ-restricted societies.

As the saying goes, "What the hell, man?" The very things the antifa are fighting against are Jewish, just as the very things the alt-right are fighting against are Jewish. The usual hypocrisy is there, but somehow goes unnoticed in the storm over Hispanic crime: for the anti-racists, why did Israel spend the second half of the twentieth century racially segregated and murdering darkies, while simultaneously scolding the U.S. for being racially segregated and murdering darkies? That's an old conundrum now that "the alt-right" has caused a bunch of conservatives to stop squealing with glee over going to war against another country on Israel's behalf (they will probably stay quiet about that until Trump realizes how important it is to invade _________, whereupon they will fall back in line with expensive overseas empire). The newer conundrum--the one that needs to be important to blacks, Hispanics, feminists, leftists, anti-racists, et cetera--is, "Why is this new form of racism given mainstream popularity and acceptability entirely because of Jews?" Remember: those ideas were always out there, but they only began to get attention, and to create plausible candidacies, when Jews started pushing them.

A single thread connects every piece of history since the plagued Hyksos people--the mysterious "subversive Asiatics" who'd appeared seemingly out of nowhere--began settling in the eastern villages of Egypt, with their strange diseases and their disruption of the local populace. Every human civilization since then has fallen into decay, every god slain except the echo of the one celebrated for death. Nubia was destroyed, and Mesopotamia, and Egypt and Athens; Rome and Alexandria and Babylon, London and Columbia, and even burning Baghdad and poisoned Persia. More accessibly, a single thread has underscored every action America has ever taken: the panics and depressions against its own people, and the campaigns against the roving Siberians; the sacrificing of its sons on the questionable behalf of others, and the sullying of their souls in the extermination of others yet. Again we pass through a cycle of history, and again America responds like the trained dog. Chain the Negroes, be raped by the Negroes, chain the Negroes, pay the Negroes. Bomb the Japanese, sell to the Japanese, love the Japanese, hate the Japanese, educate the Japanese. Serve the man, hate the man, scathe the man, embrace the man. Mock the old gods and embrace science and observation; reject soulless decay and worship the dead rabbi on a stick; mock the dead rabbi and embrace science and observation; beg the dead rabbi to save you from soulless decay. Bomb the Arab, welcome the Arab, give the Arab your children, bomb the Arab again...


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