Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Where are the pedos hiding?

For thousands of years, history records the wealthy and powerful making sexual use of children, both for pleasure and as part of bonding rituals. Clerics, royals, and the mediators who help them operate different states and religions have long facilitated this purpose. Africa, Europe, and Asia have histories of child sex slavery going back thousands of years. So if that particular network of pizza places and orphanages in Washington, D.C. is innocent, fine. But if so, where are the pedos hiding? Or have they, like corrupt rulers and evil bankers, vanished entirely sometime during the past fifty years?

The disbelief that many people feel in the face of "Sandusky" or "Epstein" or "Catholics" or "Pizzagate" is not disbelief in those particular instances, anymore than the disbelief in the destruction of the World Trade Center or the purposeful media campaign to lie about the 2003 American-led invasion of Iraq is actually a disbelief in the specifics of those occurrences. Rather, it is a willful disbelief in the idea that the present is in any way connected to the past; a refusal to acknowledge mortality, responsibility, or the heritability of genes and/or institutions. Some people could walk outside their flats right now and find Bill Clinton sweating nude inside a circle of cheering currency-traders, raping a two-year-old to death while the entire staff of the New York Times and the Washington Post filmed it, and geneticists and philosophers from Harvard and the College of the Ozarks, as well as Ken Watanabe and Chris Nolan, verified that it was actually happening, and although they might be willing to admit that Bill Clinton was "a bit of a horndog," they wouldn't believe that the event had been planned, condoned, or could be properly understood by outsiders, and they would think it was ridiculous to either ask or answer the question, "How did everyone know to show up out there at the same time?"

At various times, this one has contemplated whether or not the dominant religion of the age is Second Judaism (Christianity), Third Judaism (Islam), or Fourth Judaism (Atheism), or some universalist derivation and/or blend of all three. Nihilism of course suggests itself, but curiously enough, the certitude with which today's human approaches the question of coordinated behavior is so strong that to call it "nihilism" would be flattering. Rather, the dominant pattern of thought seems to be an advanced form of solipsism, wherein people believe that they exist, and that other people cannot possibly organize or exist in the same way because admitting that other people have imagination and agency would somehow devalue what they perceive as their own imagination and agency--e.g., "If a bunch of people could get together and plan how to rape children and not get caught, then maybe I'm not really so unique or clever for planning to use my 401(k) to take a few trips when I retire." Malfeasance, thus, has to be an accident: "The neoconservatives couldn't have possibly planned to lie to produce public support for a war, therefore, what they did must've been an opportunistic fit of anger."

There's certainly a component to this that is mere wishful thinking, e.g., "I don't want there to be people that evil and foresighted out there." We easily imagine serial killers, but not groups of them. And of course, there's an ethnic and entertainment-media component about whom we're permitted to imagine has imaginations and follow-through, and who doesn't. Yet, when all is said and done, where are the pedos hiding? What makes our institutions so sacrosanct that rapey viziers are suddenly excluded from the courts of brutal warlords, who are themselves excluded by well-meaning but occasionally-mistaken selfless humanitarians?

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