Monday, February 27, 2017

Cathedrals and Systems

Our sins of ignorance, once committed, outline the sufferings of our future. Genesis was adapted from Berossus' description of much earlier Babylonian plagiarisms of pre-Egyptian creation tales, and Baucis and Philemon similarly lifted by Semites to produce the "two angels" story of Sodom and Gomorrah, redundantly explicated as a self-blaming concept for not wasting resources murdering a couple percent of potential homosexuals, and used successfully to frame Charlemagne's Christianity and Muhammad's Islam. Extracting Baucis and Philemon into a Sodomic template provided a built-in rationale for social afflictions that occurred subsequent to the replacement of native myths by Semitic plagiarisms of those myths. There was no keeping Europeans from remembering the genetic nature of the first "Christians"--which is to say Hellenistic Jews with an intense interest in universalist philosophies as applied to the Roman Empire--but that most useful of Semitic groups, the Arabs, could be kept from portraying Muhammad, ergo we're still asked to not render him--a holdover from his own early Saudish desire to dispel the pre-Sephardic certainties of his origin, which would have been historically exposed to the Iberian peninsula after the initial purpose for Islam had been played out in the occupation of western Europe.

Pitiful then, pitiful now. Fool me twice, shame on me. A special-needs race doesn't understand the saying, anymore than it understands the shredded pieces of its own legacy being sold to it as new. The first European Christians are much akin to the modern European-American McMansion-buyers, brahmins of brevity, buying back their own parents' discarded shoddy in the form of composite panelboard arranged into a one- or two-generation wood-frame house held together by styrofoam and drywall; buying vaccines grown from their own teenaged abortions to immunize their daycared children against the latest animal flu. Escaping from orcs to cold lands where only the good builders could survive, rebelling against the Bank's crushing duties and other taxes, only to forget the purpose of all that travel before the very rebellion itself, and buy orcs transported from the hot lands by the Bank--the irony is thickest even before the blood starts to fly.

The newest Jewish-led racisms are the manly nationalisms of now, in which those in want of tradition eagerly buy back the infectious strains discarded by their own forebears. Stupidly discarded, discarded with masochistic conditions, yes, but still discarded, like creation stories that, whatever their scientific inaccuracies, were at least stories. The tragicomic European, servant to Moldbug, is being fed William Pierce's philosophy in an anti-Catholic form. Specifically, the "Cathedral" concept, primed for critique by Moldbug, is another Semitic plagiarism of a European source. Pierce's "System," from The Turner Diaries, is perhaps the crux of expression of political correctness and its ends. Moldbug's supposed brilliance, endlessly cited and constantly imitated by the newest round of dunces, is to remove the Jews from Pierce's critique, rename the System "the Cathedral," then describe and criticize our dystopia using Pierce's plagiarized philosophy. The negro, the indio, and all of the lesser races of Pierce's writings find their place, and the power conjunction of media and elite and discourse and money, all find their expression, as Pierce wrote; but, coming from Moldbug, one crucial element, the crucial element, has been removed.

And again, it works. The simpleton of Europe, ecstatic at seeing pieces of critique made on his behalf and in his favor, is so flattered by the attentions of Moldbug that, even while another Jew republishes The Turner Diaries and sells them at profit, Moldbug retains more of an impact than the original creator. Babylon, Mesopotamia, Tiamat, Osiris, Pierce, and a thousand other narratives are discarded, in favor of the simplified version presented by the cunning mediator. Whenever you type "Cathedral" rather than "System," Moldbug squeals at the trough of blood. How many fools have read Unqualified Reservations, and not Turner Diaries, and never known? How many have read both, but favored Wormwood's stolen bits over the real thing? The liberal apoplexy at the triumph of newer Judaic movements over older ones--alt-rightism ascending over political correctness--is embarrassing, to be sure, but the conservative's triumphant embrace of repackaged Turnerism, stripped of the deepest essence of its meaning and made into a purposeful mockery of its unwitting adherents, is far more embarrassing.

Why is the Europeoid so short-sighted? So easily impressed? So vulnerable to flattery and sequel? Why is he so eager to forget? His architecture and science is, from a slightly larger perspective, little different in utility than the Negroid's predilection for fluid dancing or the vertical leap.

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  1. Moldbug squeals at the trough of blood.

    This has always entranced Curtis. Even as a wee lad, he wanted to see gouts geysers and gushes of blood from all in his peer group.

    Yarvin's Revenge!