Saturday, February 11, 2017

In His Image: Immibortion Policy, Part 2

A common misconception about evil is that evil seeks the destruction or enslavement of goodness. Not so. It does, when witnessed, seek these things, but as a means, not an end. The primary goal is not to eliminate the resisting, nor to enslave the free, but to successfully destroy all things, including (and perhaps most importantly) the self. To end all beginnings is the hope--rather, the un-hope--of evil.

Lying to people, stealing from people, cheating people, killing people, tricking people out of resources, tricking people into unwittingly debasing themselves by directly or vicariously committing heinous acts: all these things are important tasks for evil, but only inasmuch as they lead toward the end goal of assimilation and suicide. While it is sensible for the concept "the United States" to have a border wall, just as it is fair vis-à-vis Mexico and all other countries for the United States to do so, Zionism takes a palpable delight in seeing itself increasingly duplicated. The second round of Europeoid settlements adopted a chosen/manifest destiny, began blending the peoples of Europe, hypocritically help-destroyed various residual peoples (whether or not they deserved/understood it), enslaved random Negroids, adopted a futile rentier economy, and now, after internally diasporizing itself, is ready to resettle an imaginary holy land behind its own fences, as though the problem in particular is indios outside rather than indios inside.

The television version of opposition to a border wall is spectacularly ignorant and hypocritical on purpose, but it's only as idiotic, wrong, and hypocritical as Trump's and Trump's supporters' conflation of civic nationalism, blank-slatism, American-dreamism, and borderism. Indios and ("Muslim") Semites produce dangerous reactions in proximity to the Europeoid, but without full-on geneticism, the wall is a lie. The Founders would support the wall under current conditions, but they'd also support the unabashed enslavement and/or cleansing of the non-Europeoid stock even now swarming American cities. Without the elimination of welfare and easygoing policing, the indios will genetically triumph, so making the northern ones feel more special than the southern ones via actual immigration enforcement is either a distracting lollipop to the white morons, or a simpleton's error. And not a hyperbolic simpleton, but the kind who is at deadly levels of stupid. And with the elimination of welfare (e.g. letting two indio kids starve per average family, permitting child abandonment without funding state orphanages, and only handling the trash-pickup part of it) and easygoing policing (e.g., the kind where you shoot as eagerly as you would if it were a white yuppie pushing your cuffs away and getting in your face with aggressive speech), disparate impact becomes massive, with the police and sanitation working in crews to guard those shipping torn victims out for incineration. The phony blue veneer relies on some kind of ongoing subsidization; without that, it's literally Israel: a pretentious master race congratulating itself for allowing underlings to die at a slightly slower pace than open conquest.

Far more effective for its stated goals, far cheaper, far more honest, and far more modern and realistic, is actually defending the United States in a non-medieval way. Instead of the prehistorical or feudal "big wall," have the Army defend the border. When the first few hundred retreating indios report that they were the only one of their group to survive strafing by Sonoran Warthogs, the re-attempt rate drops significantly lower than it would have if the indios reported that their grappling hooks slipped off the top of the wall, or that they had to retreat and find higher ladders. In context, "a big wall" is incredibly, even obviously, stupid taxpayer-fleecing. Pork-barrel politics of the highest level--how about we tax outgoing Mexican transfers and keep the money to better ourselves, instead of commissioning the carving of ten million sacred terra cotta redcoats along the border?

The rope as a consequence of entry without permission would be a temptingly cheap alternative, once the fun of the first few Apache strikes had worn off. Even better, though, from a practical as well as humane standpoint, would be turning invaders into net gains. Try this: invade once, and spend three years in a labor camp. Rotating nationwide shifts of guarded road cleanup. Hey, it's already happening--"Inmates working, don't stop." Only this time, without the right to sue the prison warden or receive medical care. Second attempt, ten years. Third attempt, the rope, or Mexico can buy you back by paying for 1/2 a new A-10. Under such conditions, illegal immigration would not become a game of entry via alternate routes, which costs Americans money while being satisfying (because a wall makes stupid people feel more secure), but becomes great free live-fire military training, eliminates a ridiculously unnecessary police agency that shouldn't have taken away the Army's work in the first place (BP instead of Army was obviously a setup for civilizing a future invasion), and turns a profit. Very few, if any, illegals, and those who do come pay with their sweat for the small percentage that eludes detection. That is what serious "immigration enforcement" would look like.

The expensive, inefficient, wimpy, hiding-kitten style of a pre-aeronautics "wall" is a symbolic waste meant to legitimize the more significant phases of the invasion. As discussed in Part 1, a wall symbolizes the justness of Hart-Celler by reaffirming everything between 1965 and 2017; Trump is the spiritual successor to Ted Kennedy, selling his platform on as many lies and misdirections as Kennedy used to ease Hart-Celler. Hasn't everyone tried to sound smart already by saying "Fourth-generation warfare"? A wall in 2017 (or in 1930) is an artifact meant to be used against the dunces who believe their special-boots show that they're serious. AH-64s running hot show you're serious. Labor camps show you're serious. A wall shows you're a fucking moron. Every other door-to-door salesman will get the memo. (And so will every hundred thousand newly-legitimized welfare-indios and east Indian scabs already inside the wall.)

Some people claim that evil forces have always been attempting to destroy or enslave good and/or free people. Not so. Most people are already enslaved. The central banks in every powerful and middling country in the world are on the same page, and anyone who labors, and certainly anyone who produces anything of value, pays hefty tithes to various levels of these banks. There are regular wars between semi-free peoples, endless new kinds of sickness, and frequent false rebellions that create the illusion of an ongoing resistance to the Bank. Although the Bank has never actually been defeated, but has grown consistently over the past twenty centuries, until it controls the seas, the airs, and everywhere with a modern military, the permitted revolutions always make it appear that something other than the Bank is progressing.

Yet despite this utter mastery, society is still spurred through a succession of normative shifts. Consider, e.g., the grand and dire need for European nations to "establish empires" and "colonize," contrasted with the similarly grand and dire need for "decolonization." We could have already been exterminated before, too, in many different ways. Yet we're being allowed to live, like a captive in a cell--tormented, but never quite finished off. This is because evil's goal is to destroy everything, even itself, and this is accomplished by making everything evil--making everything like itself. Vis-à-vis Israel (part of Jenome's current local nomenclature), this means the goal is for other nations to become like Israel. We're not supposed to die yet, because simply dying is the winter of the life cycle, and other things would/will live as a result of our deaths. There are grander forces at work here than even causing the whole planet to nuke itself--which would allow Terra to regenerate life over the next few years. For sustainable evil, everything must become Jenomic, until it all desires the everdeath that it can only give itself.

For the planet to become dead, we have to become Jenomic ourselves. Sustained inbreeding; neuroses both of individual cess, and of collective persecution and grandeur; adherence to a materialistic destiny of "pragmatic," which is to say, "evil," success: these are the goals. And indeed, these have all characterized the new version of Israeli-style "white nationalism" coaxed recently into thriving. We could have long ago been lured into merely killing each other; Arab youths could long ago have been provided with deadlier weapons than planes, and released in civilization-ending junctures in large and coordinated numbers; and yet, it was not done. Evil, like any good gene in the capitalist evolutionary model, "wins" by reproducing itself. The Genesis-god's nervous command to propagate its image across all other beings was desired in order that everyone on Terra will one day be a pragmatic materialist, morally compromised to emptiness, prepared to take the next steps against themselves.

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