Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Landscaper's Revenge

So many humanitarian inventions, but even Bloody Teddy didn't annex and liberate Mexico. Which is the better timeline: the timeline where Mexico remained a nominally separate evil socialist dictatorship, or the one where TDR conquered it and made it the 51st through 82nd of the United States, and it persisted until the 21st century as a nominally integrated faction in the evil republic? At least then there would be some level of coherent justification for rending our hearts about people from the southern 31 states who want jobs. And, it would be considered humanitarian, rather than soulless cost-cutting, to hire a team of indios to outscab "your" people.

As Steve from New Dehli replaces little Cameron at medical school in the way that Juan from Oaxaca replaced little John from Ohio, the original landscab-hirers will find their own progeny ruined by the process that originally enabled their forebears to prefer the TV room over the McYard not merely on the weekend evenings, but all day. Ultimately, the same factors that made technology able to replace the theoretically simplest positions--a gate code instead of a gate guard--will prove that is equal or greater to a physician in diagnosis. Permitting artificial intelligence to subvert natural intelligence would be morally preferable, in that all humans would become equally irrelevant; permitting indios, artificial or actually Indian, to replace orthopedic surgeons would ensure, though--like Microsoftware--the necessity of a pseudo-managerial class of semi-literate problem-solvers reading the future from a different set of diagnostic templates: e.g., Jose came in late to work, therefore dock him and give Juan a few more hours. Permitting artificial intelligence would be the suicide of the nominal leadership, while exalting illiterate doctoring and landscaping guarantees a future for solvers of foreseen problems, e.g. Oh He Wanted The Heart Fixed Not Removed. I exaggerate, of course; surgical templates will ensure that Dr. Steve does not dramatically remove the heart, merely the patient mundanely dies on the table while Dr. Steve tries to figure out the meaning of the moving illustrations governing valve replacement. Ultimately, a readjustment of what defines citizenship will be the same old show, right down to the colorless idiocies of mainstream Brahminism.

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