Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Celebratory Armchairs

Lousy beta delta omega dweebvirgins with chubby fedoras and rainbow hijabs, don't they realize you gotta get off the couch and lift weights to be a real man? Anyway, niggers are obsolete because they only use their bodily strength to fight and they breed too much how come we can't get replacement fertility in the west? ISIS may be on to something because they know how to control their women even though our civilization is too weak and needs to keep ISIS out. The problem is with us because we ourselves have forgotten that we are in fact the greatest and the best and the most persecuted, everyone else understands the tribal nature of politics except us the smartest ones. And armchairs are fine because we memed the political process zee oh em gee we totally memed the political process while those lazy weaklings who never leave their parents' basements are out in the streets causing property damage and assaulting state actors who are heroes although the state and its leaders are a corrupt occupation force except the ones that the other ones are peacefully resisting through ineffectual meme signaling. I just can't believe how stupid and inconsistent the others are believing that violence and free speech are acceptable and unacceptable clearly we need to use more violence and restrict but also free speech from its confines of people who live in their basements and don't understand that change only comes at the barrel of a gun without Hispanic crime counted as white there would be almost no white crime in New York and surely a few select plutocrats will be on our side this time against the other plutocrats whose plutocracy is an affront to the new traditionalist lifestyle against the establishment. So I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes, since censorship is wrong no trolling and only cowards don't tear down the walls of places where they're prohibited to get some order in here please assaulting our events fight back in our streets so we wouldn't have to have any goddam stupid useless conversations with anybody.

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  1. Yeah, the alt-right meme brigade was moderately entertaining for a while, but it got old quick, and the incompetence and the incoherence is just too jarring. Still have some style points, but that's all.