Saturday, April 8, 2017


Because in so many ways, the passion of fighters, scientists, artists, inventors, creators, and the like is a necessary by-product; it will be produced, like meat from a beef-cow that is provided with a minimum investment of care, inevitably, ergo there is no need for specific recompense. Economics conflict with this trend. We have scientists designing bunker-buster missiles, witty dialogue in bad sequels, not because most ones or any ones involved in the end-product are passionate about that product, but because the farmers are able to exploit the natural tendency of plants to bloom even when the end-goal is neutered farm-life and not the expansion of genus, species, or strain. Our cognizance of the exploit makes it no more possible to escape than a cow who suspects she is being fattened up merely for slaughter, not to survive the winter and then breed. What is it about livestock that makes them still perform primary functions even once those functions have been perverted? The infinitude of illumination's press, or something different?

The Mediators are successful because they only believe in what they can count. Interchangeable quantities, inherently valueless and undifferentiable, are the mathematics of never leaving here.

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