Saturday, April 8, 2017

Missiles and Housing Bubbles

The news says Trump just came out as having the same ethno-national identity as all his adult children's spouses, demonstrating that--like his anti-Jacksonian NuMale attitude toward some random overreaching judges on immigration--his massive media support during the campaign was, despite endless going-out-of-business-sale rhetoric to the contrary, support, and that he was, actually, a game show host and FIRE-sector rentier nominally from New York. That was a predictable given. What struck this one as interesting was the Putin and/or Farage angles. Perhaps Farage was just swept away by the idea--like atoning for the invasion of Iraq by having a sorta-black Muslim-heritage-possessing figurehead--that someone so thoroughly reviled by the teevee was by definition good. If Farage is an equivalent operative, he presents as a significantly more believable real person than Trump, who has always been neck deep in degenerate culture, crony capitalism, and Clinton government.

Putin, though, is another matter. We can assume that he had people around him, at the least, who let him know the ethnic implications and backstory of Trump. What are the chances, an honest Putin would've had to wonder, that Trump vested his entire persona and his entire genetic legacy in Israel, and supported previous Zionist presidencies and other facets of American administration, and was now finally going to, through bluster and desire for popularity, put a stop to more numerous, yet less effective, portion of the Semitic invasion of the West; so too, what are the chances that Trump might actually be boorish enough to ignore his kinsmen of blood and spirit, and not attack the world, and make a good deal that was there to be made? Imagining Putin to be both good and intelligent, it's still possible he could analyze such a degenerate buffoon as simpleton enough to ignore the advisers that would of course surround him, and make a handful of actually good decisions--decisions that, while necessarily tainted by the galaxies of filth a hypothetical good Trump wouldn't be nimble-witted enough to avoid once theoretically in charge, could provide enough gain to make supporting him a pragmatic course of action.

Whether Trump was another ZOG puppet is a thoroughly outdated question. If he is a clone, a brainwashed prisoner, a hostage reading a script to prevent the carrying out of some Kennedy-esque threat, or an Ashkenazi in crypsis--any of these potentially wishful explanations, like the comparable Obama ones, for his failure to hang the Fed and the previous administrations, eliminate the totalitarian bureaucracy, et cetera--if he is any one or more of those things, he has been them his entire adult life. Passing judgment on "the real Trump" is an issue which we do not possess the technology to resolve. All we have is the Clinton-embracing rentier. Like Obama's early votes in support of starting and then funding the Iraq invasion, Trump's proactions with regards the Clinton administration branded him, if not a knowing war criminal, then too low-functioning to qualify for a governmental post (in a hypothetical better world, obviously).

The most interesting question is how Putin will respond. For us bystanders to world-stuff, there are two potential Putins out there. One is the ZOG-Russia Putin, and the other is the free Putin. The question is interesting because we don't know how fast Israel wants to proceed, ergo either Putin might take either action. ZOG-Putin might be tasked with leading Russia to a sense of betrayal, and helping Trump foster some kind of "World War III." Under such a scenario, America would probably be meant to cease playing hegemon, and in retrospect, what happened would make sense to every schoolchild of the future. Similarly, on a longer Israeli timetable, ZOG-Putin might be tasked with cooperating with Trump in destroying Syria, then restoring some kind of ridiculous peaceable solution which sets up a century of exterminating Arabs and turning the land and/or resources over to Israel.

If Free-Putin is in play, we might see him realize that his hopes that Trump might be a decent person were misguided, and that the only way to stop American imperialism is confronting them. So both ZOG-Putin and Free-Putin could start some cool horrible new war of goy killing goy. Would a Free-Putin be smart or brave enough to realize that, by eliminating a much-smaller, much-closer enemy, he might gain the immediate ability to negotiate a successful surrender and peace from freed America? Maybe, but America would probably find some excuse to make Israel's territorial safety, like always, far more important than America's. A Free-Putin would at least be willing to attack Israel, though; a ZOG-Putin would only do so unless he'd been lied to that this one target was okay for show purposes, after which he'd be deposed by a heroic general whom history would lionize for some reason officially unrelated to his real motivations.

Unfortunately, to make things difficult, Free-Putin might not want World War III, in which case he might issue some bland diplomatic condemnation of the attack, then keep acting nice around the insane America in hopes of not inviting the massive war that ZOG America really deserves to lose to the Sino-Russian alliance (irrespective of said Sino-Russian alliance's not deserving to win such a war, but they'd get their comeuppance later, slowly, like NATO's rapey/fiscal rewards for Balfour).

Is it the Free-Putin, or the ZOG-Putin? Is Putin a cold, pragmatic, honorable, yet gullibly hopeful Slav, who was tricked by Trump like an American voter? Or is he just another dutiful counterpart, waiting to play a larger role in the rising action? Is this the movie where they sacrifice their little Palestinian fiefdom to create another martyr story that can serve the necessarily invasive diaspora strategy? "Take us sad atomic children in; we came from God to save you and in return you crucified us in a hydrogen bath, and by the way, your children have a lot to learn, let us build schools." Or is the pretension of a real country still so valuable that this will all be a traditional "hold the line" plot? "Your problems stem from a lack of nationalism, as we've begun to show you. The most nationalist nation in the world is ours, and we got there by being cast out. Your time in the diaspora will teach you how to be strong like us." So shedding Mexifornia or living as a vocal minority is actually good for us, it's the kingdom of god, where by wandering we will find ourselves.

World War III seems so cliche...they like sequels, as fake WMD just showed, but isn't WW3 something so totally overhyped and overpredicted that they wouldn't...? No, they added sub-Saharan extras to Lake-town; there's no reason why they wouldn't roll out another transformers world war with Chris Pratt buttfucking Matt Damon in outer space in defiance of those stupid meddling old white admirals and their spacefleet "regulations" against buggery. Seriously though, I have the feeling that all the judges who popped out of nowhere to protect the constitutional rights of undocumented immigrants from Syria will have absolutely nothing to say about people in Syria getting blown apart rather than merely deported. And that's such an obvious flaw, such a proof of lack of either minds or souls in those judges, that maybe we are due for another boring world war. Jesus, this one can't wait to see who they'll blame-blame it on, in $499.99 required iBrain interactive web courses a hundred years from now...can't be just Trump, has to be a combination of factors that allows anyone or any philosophy later to be likened to it, seeing as high def remakes are all the rage these days. And then there'll be some noble feelie about an earnest young man storming...the Rockies? The California coast? A Russian patriot who didn't want to leave his pastoral lifestyle but had to defeat the treacherous Americans to save the world?

Investing advice. There has to be a way to make money out of this. After the bank hyped the Lusitania, it took months to get boots effectively on the ground, then a decade for the resulting market crash. Last time in Iraq, it took about 2.5-3 years from remade war to housing crash. 2003-2006. But it's always faster each time. Look at the WMD and the retaliation this past week. They evolved from last time, like viruses, learning that their shit would be identified anyway, but that they could still get away with the war without meeting nooses at the end. So this time it's days from lie to attack. How many years does that work out to until some kind of market crash? Fuck, I don't even want to figure the pattern and short sell. That's why I'll never make it big.

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