Wednesday, May 31, 2017

African Superiority

(Another great fictional post © the Full Information Security Project!)

The fundamental mendacity of the modern European has its pluses and its minuses. In Europe, if your boss demeans you unfairly, you are polite in return. In Africa, you fight. This is merely a single generalized example, perhaps overly broad as to Africa, but consider all the ways that Europe is about lying in order to be civilized, and about other socially-communistic ways of concealment, passive-aggressive ritualism, and reality-averse forms of behavior.

What Europe has learned to do during these recent millennia is the white lie--how well-named, that--writ large. Don't tell people when they're assholes. Work for a jerk or die quietly and politely. If a bank has too much money, if a rich old man has too much money, don't steal it. Don't have sex with what looks good if you're horny and you see what looks good but what looks good doesn't grant permission.

The fantasy that Euro behavior is somehow "natural," or that the animal kingdom is "kind" (as Euros would have it) is based on insane Euro self-insertions into the externally perceived behavior of self-interested genetic groups who are, in truth, more honest and vicious in coordination than the Euro would prefer. Capturing chimpanzees and bribing them with food to produce "paintings" convinces the Euro that her aspirations of self-discovery through art are universal things. Bullshit. Nonsense. Yet very important.

There are pluses to Euros and their newfound version of civilization. The sheltering of fragile self-image is one perhaps lamentable one. More importantly, the repression of some instincts can lead to greater and more specific feats of genetic coordination. E.g., "space programs." The habit of lying to the director about his breath not always being bad, about his tie being nice; the habit of not telling the director about his wife's potential affair at a crucial moment, or about killing the director in order to obtain his job and salary: these things make the "space program" more effective.

Or so we tell ourselves. The opportunity costs of having developed technology without the invasive "turn the other cheek" mentality are unknowable. We don't know how, absent Jenomic guidelines, we would have worked things out. Fragile egos need no sheltering in, say, the proverbial combat squad that trains and dies together, wherein one doesn't need to avoid telling someone when he fucked up or when he starts to lisp without realizing it. The efficiencies there may be greater than the efficiencies achieved in, say, the university laboratory, where fragile egos and inherent bullshit must be protected absolutely to avoid scuttling a project.

In Unsung Heroes, in Unsung Captives, we consider the African superiority in this regard. Afro honesty--real, tangible, visceral, life-ending honesty--is offensive to the modern Euro, who would very much prefer either that other people go away, or that other people act the way the Euro considers "civilized," e.g., learning to enjoy an expensive weekend getaway with your worst enemy in order to discuss a pending deal. No, the African will never develop high finance in this way. But the European way, the European now, is loathsome. Dishonest, certainly, and in many ways superior to the Afro way, but still loathsome.

Europeans now debate instead of settling. Contests are always open, never decided. Even fighting has rules. All of the scientific goodies we have, which the Africans do not, may have been bought at the expense of something--our souls?--for the long-term psychological destruction caused by deferring revenge, deferring desire, deferring achievement, may prove worse. The polite office, the genteel academy, the professional engineering program: feminism upped the ante on Euro politeness and resulting inefficiencies, but it was merely one more rung on top of many others like it; many other feelings-repressing, reality-denying philosophies. Having to politely transfer someone with institutional knowledge, because you can't socially afford to walk up and tell them that they're a lagging bastard and thereby motivate them to change, carries incalculable macroeconomic costs.

How apt it is, then, Semitic infiltration. What better crucifix for adjudging African superiority? The African is easier for the Semite to infiltrate, but only so long as the deal is fair. Afros will accept Semitic normatives if and only if they are compensated with housing; food; entertainment; a narrative which regales their past, present, and future; a higher moral status than other prisoners; and, the opportunity to lash out at one or more scapegoats. What a fair deal, in its way! Perhaps embarrassing, perhaps sad, but so much more fair than the treatment received by other zoo animals, all of whom have been or are slaves in different ways and different points in time. Muslims and Jews can live in peace, and have in certain places for thousands of years, so long as the Jews politely pretend to be Muslim. For this slight exertion on their parts--an easy price to pay for open harems and people who don't believe in gods anyway, but only in achieving genetic success--both groups may thrive. The Afro model is successful, too, as long as someone else may be pillaged.

Yet the Euro, most pitiful of all Terrans, has the captivity of anxiety, labor, and target. Tilikum demands 200 lbs. daily of herring, personal attention from trainers, and even so, he kills his captors in revenge. The Euro, obsessed with believing in something, will take a foreign god and enslave himself to it; will believe that stories of sacrificing self and children to that god are actually practiced by the foreigners with whom he's obsessed. The Euro, in his pithy quest for individual reassurance, will slave without a guarantee of food and medical care, and he will accept outsourced, impersonal entertainment--watching boxing rather than shooting the occasional tourist. The Euro fantasizes that Zuckerberg wants "a mulatto underclass" ruled over by an autistic Jew-Asian elite: what flattery! The autistic Jew-Asian elite, perhaps, but why mulatto the underclass when Euros would prove the most valuable, self-rationalizing slaves? The Euro believes he is such a special snowflake that he must be eliminated. Yet why? He is the easiest to control. Now that the Euro has designed super-seeds, energy accumulation, and automated harvesting titans, the Afro is no longer the cheapest Tilikum to milk for labor and offspring. The Afro might, no, will, fight back. Ineffectually, perhaps, in a hypothetical Gazan Globe, but still more expensively than the cubicled Euro. Give the Euro a thousand romantic comedies, a thousand bitter crusaders, an onahole, and a supersize drink, and his labors will feed a cheaper future. He will design his own walls and take pride in being first among slaves.

The caged killer whale, the urban African, abound with examples. Tilikum kills a trainer. Who is to blame? SeaWorld is the easy target. And SeaWorld exists because of the Europeoid Brahmins who, in indescribable feats of stupidity, feel that encapsulating nature is both a sign of artificial triumph over, and of naturalistic subjection to, nature. Children may be excused for just wanting to see the cool whatever-it-is, but not adults. Like potted indoor plants, like butterfly collections, like action figures in their original packaging, there is something essentially European about SeaWorld. Euros build it, visit it, pay for it, scandalize it, insult it, and take pleasure in every step--perhaps most greatly in the part of the process that involves critiquing what it has done. It is like their adopted God; like their adopted celebrities; like their adopted chain stores: forever mocked and hated, yet always cherished and patronized, a throbbing spiritual wound that can never close, derivative of some ancient subjugation we do not fully understand.

If SeaWorld didn't exist, we would have to invent it.

How evil is Tilikum? Easy, he's not. How evil is Michael Brown? Easy, he's not. How dumb are the cops who get into the tank with the 12,000 pound whale? God help them, God help us all--oh, wait, our very language has been redesigned so that the court of final appeal is, indeed, Yahweh. Does anyone remember how to speak to a less anthropomorphic almighty? Lightspring? A joke, a fantasy, surely nothing more. Lightspring help us all, in the tank and the bleachers at the same time, killing ourselves for our own enjoyment. Moloch eats us even as he shits us out, and it's no longer a "real word" to ask for help, since we only believe in here.

Yes, haha, Tilikum is a stupid whale, why won't people just figure it out already? No matter how much you talk to it, it's not going to respond to logic. It can't make the free adult choice to understand an agreement regarding a lifetime of captivity. Diagrams and tutoring and whale-specific curriculum simply don't help. God, how offensive! Why can't everyone be like me?! It's simply unfair that everyone, everyone in the kumbaya world, won't be as reasonable as me; won't accept my standards for civilization, and, also, won't accept that civilization by those standards is the only acceptable way for all "humans" (those who deserve to have value systems exactly like mine) to behave and think and agree with.

Boo hoo, we pointed out how stupid the Europeans are. It's a short step from complaining about Afros, really. Or did you not think the knife would cut both ways? No matter. Upper-tier liberals, race-realist ones who pretend they're not liberals, will start screaming "we waz the true kangz!" if you tell them that Euros' unique, un-fighting vulnerability to Semitic manipulation is the one racial vulnerability capable of ending this planet. Euro immune systems suck so hard they're practically hotels with free room service. Africans, by contrast, eventually beat the Semite missionaries the fuck north. All the local rapespawn were killed, and Africans retained their essential character. It's a pity they didn't write or build. But they did at least win. They ate their trainers until it became too expensive to keep them. There remains a danger: a danger from a more complacent breed, which is good at encouraging others to join it in its servitude. We'll probably never know what a high African culture could look like, had any been given another ten thousand years to develop without encountering Semite-driven Europeoids first.

Remember the soil lesson: this is a Balrin planet, a brown planet, and it is fitting that natural honesty remains the primary expression of local Balrin populations. If you (think that you) escaped hell on Mara, Aphra, or anywhere else, your coming here is an invasion. And like that old Euro favorite, suicide, quitting a place unresolved doesn't make your problems vanish. If you're a pure Barian or Bajirin reading this, you brought Jenome with you.

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  1. Capturing chimpanzees and bribing them with food to produce "paintings"

    Easy on Basquiat, he was just in the right place at the right time.

    If you'd said stork not chimpanzee, I'd think you meant Warhol.