Thursday, May 18, 2017

Defining our own Boundaries

Dislike it as we might, this raises the question of how easily malleable anyone can be in response to shortened memory. If you suddenly jerked away from the computer screen--try to imagine with me. If you suddenly jerked away from the computer screen, and woke up in a white-walled hospital somewhere, connected to a bunch of tubes, and the doctors said you had been in a coma and they had been running a plausible reality program to keep your mind from degenerating since the, make it better, you found out that God had created the world as an illusion, and was now cutting the funding for the could find that somewhat believable. Most westerners could. You wake up and find out that the world was a shadow simulation, a computer program, the spell cast by an evil demon, a Matrix, a whatever, and you can accept that to a greater degree than you could accept that Nineleven wasn't done by random Muslims. Even if you believe in conspiracies, it's so hard to accept that the WTC, the Pizzagate, might really be real, that it's easier for you to process the idea that all of reality itself is an illusion. Cosmoticians say that reality is a holographic donut with 24 unfathomable dimensions, and we swallow it with ease, feeling intelligent for having done so, but the deliberate malfeasance of certain of our fellow terrestrials is beyond the pale. How?

It's a question of our relative perception mixed with our self-image: we can believe that the universe may be a metaphysical hologram, but for pride's sake, we want to believe that, inside that hologram, we understand the way things work. It might all be a video game, but it's a game to which we know the rules. Ergo the chances of the Epstein and Alefantis client list sharing up refugee kids are seen as smaller than the chances of SETI being contacted from afar.

We are sure that we know what we know, and we are equally sure that we know what we don't know. What proud, arrogant, and yet what very very sad, broken, self-demeaning creatures we are.

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