Saturday, May 20, 2017

Obama is far more masculine than Trump

Obama surely seems more homosexual and more personally wimpy than Trump, but consider: when Obama wanted to protect a potential habitat for spotted owls, he designated an area of historical or natural significance, and it was so protected. Bim, bam, done, like a jab and a right hook to the jaw, now let's go play golf.

Any resistance from Americans? They demand the right to hunt, farm, develop, whatever, on the land that Obama has protected? Obama sends in the Feds. No bullshit, no "negotiating with Republicans in Congress," no whining that some lawyer in a robe might disagree. He just got the job done. Men with armored vehicles and guns were on the move, ready to kill to back him up. Judges were later permitted to write scholarly articles about potential justifications for or against what had already happened.

Conversely, when Trump "wants" to protect something...sorry for the air quotes; for discussion purposes, presume he's not a lying shabbos goy...okay, conversely, when Trump wants to protect something, be it America's history, America's people, America's future mestizo-on-gringa rape victims, or even just the natural beauty and environmental cleanliness of land along the U.S.-Mexico border, Trump dithers over it for days, weeks, months, years, unsure of what to do or how to express himself. And if he ever does finally express himself-- if his team of handlers ever does "negotiate with other Republicans in Congress" enough that they can then feel ready to "negotiate with Democrats in Congress," and then be ready to actually-actually almost kinda sorta get something done--the tiniest pea beneath his mattress throws him off-track.

Declare the border region a natural conservation zone and arrest anyone trying to cross it? No. Arrest traitors and fifth columnists in sanctuary cities and bless them with the privilege of living in their beloved Central and South America? No. Deploy troops to the border, or even build a big dumbass wall? No. All it takes is the tiniest of imaginary "objections," and Trump kicks up his heels and shreds his blouse in a fury. Obama had the balls to get things done. However expensive, infrastructure-hurting, Americans-hurting, or outright dumb and/or evil those things were, he sent armed men to see them done. Go without corrupt health insurance and refuse to pay the penalty, and Obama would co-opt local law enforcement to seize your possessions and sell them at auction. Resist, and Obama would send SWAT to seize your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. All in the name of protecting you from the grim darkness that is not buying AMA's NEVR-FAYLE insurance-like product.

Of course, none of this is true unless Trump is a complete and outright (((liar))) and cohen-man. If Trump is a complete liar and con-man, then he might well be strong and masculine, and we just don't know it because he's deceiving us. He doesn't care if the South's Judah P. Benjamin monuments to continent-destroying negro-importation and -maintenance are torn down; it's not that he's a sissy afraid to protect his people, but that he's a strong, clever con-man whose job is to distract the Southern rabble while they lose all that, since those aren't his people and he wants them to be dispossessed.

If you believe that Trump is not a total liar and con-man, though, you run into the masculinity problem. If Trump isn't a con-man, then what a complete wuss you have to conclude he is, since even Backdoor Barry could get things done in a man's way better than Trump can.

It's possible, though, that Trump is neither a con-man nor a coward, but just a person so incredibly stupid that he is not cognizant of the tools at his disposal, ergo his "failures" really are failures, and he is good and well-meaning but not smart or educated enough either to realize he has an army to protect his people, or even to copy what the last president did. Unlikely; my money's on the "ZOG op" explanation (not because I was ever given an opportunity to place bets, but because I'm currently trapped in the game). I think Trump is manlier than Obama. Not that it matters; they're just two people who worked for the same boss, and Trump was straight and Obama was gay, and they both did the job they were supposed to do. But in a personal way, a "facets of character" way, Trump could be accurately described as "more masculine" than Obama. Both ZOG, both evil, both wear suits, but Obama was a bit more effeminate in his personal behavior.

For people who think that Trump is a generally well-meaning man trying to address a difficult situation, though, it really must be a conundrum that Barack Obama's balls are certifiably ten times larger than Trump's.

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