Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Slave Statues and Spirit Dances

I've noticed that the purportedly decent and honorable people who run our government are not choosing what actions they take based on even a rough facsimile of a moral code, but rather, that whenever they want to do something, be it blowing children into small pieces or torturing Africans for trying to live near mining operations in Congo, they claim it is the most moral and necessary choice. The media spent two years "warning" us that Trump was an anti-establishment rebel, and now, after attacking Israel's regional enemy and embracing U.S. citizenship for pregnant immigrants, Trump is visiting Saudi Arabia to give another hundred billion dollars to the evil men who run a slave state where women are mutilated at birth and beaten into lifelong servitude. All while Americans feel triumphant about tearing down, at taxpayer expense, a bunch of idiotic metal paeans, created and maintained for a century at taxpayer expense, to the close relationship between the one or two percent of plantation owners in America, and the international financiers and North African slavers who ran the Triangle Trade.

It is dangerous to see patterns in any of this behavior. I constantly endeavor to find a way to think around it; to come up with some other plausible explanation. But, at the very least, I do not in any way believe that the cruel tyrants who oversee the religion of this time period have undertaken to do anything based on a concern for humanity. Accordingly, I cannot celebrate them. I am disgusted by their feigned righteousness. The shreds of Palestine are a real live concentration camp happening right now, in 2017, where genetic testing divides citizen from prisoner, and where people are assaulted daily by tanks and stormtroopers and fighter-planes, where children are starved and an entire population group is being exterminated using endless American money and American protection from the rest of the world, even as the rest of the world tries futilely to break past the American veto on the Security Council. What a vulgar distraction it is, that while we do those things--actions where there are no smokeless crematoriums running constantly, but where there are actual bodies and burials, photographs of the dead and graves with DNA and shrapnel proof of what was done--we have the temerity not only to downplay them, but to at the same time congratulate ourselves for what we're doing here.

I think that these kinds of behaviors are related; I think that our ceremonial spirit dances, where we banish the ghosts of Lee and Jackson, help distract us from the real actions that we're taking; from the physical ways in which we're affecting the world right now. Many of the records of the Dutch East India Company and the people who sold to them on the other end are now destroyed, but there is a lot we still know. Instead of booing or cheering for the pro-immigrationists or the anti-immigrationists who fought back then, I think it would serve us much better to directly trace the fortunes involved in delivering low-wage labor to Europe and America. We could find out who exactly was behind this terrible crime, and where their tainted proceeds had gone; maybe even recover these proceeds. The danger is, we would commit additional thoughtcrime if we saw any parallels between the population transfers of then and of now. I know that all history is supposed to be random, and that it is completely wrong to say otherwise. But as I said, if nothing else, I believe it is still acceptable to refuse to praise the disgusting imperial administrators of today for their disingenuous humanitarianism.

It is so sad, so ironic, that if these people really cared about Africans in any way, they could save five African kids per year from being shot to death by using all their anti-statue energy and -funding to cut the CIA's ammunition-giveaway budget in East Africa by just a few dollars. Instead, they let those kids die in order to preen in front of the cameras here while they take down a statue of some dead person. The use of "cuckoldry" to describe "white" peoples' obsession with saving "black" peoples is not truly apt. The most bleeding-hearted of dumbass white people, the vaccine-pushers and the Jolie-Pitt-level adopters and the tearful statue-condemners, do not care at all about reigning in the CIA's mercenaries in Ethiopia and Somalia. Black lives matter to them far less than white perception of having relieved blacks' offense. It is easy today to see the white idiots harming themselves by pretending to en-whiten blacks like pets, and to think, "Those cucks are helping outsiders to their own peril, those dummies," but truly, the fragile, horny emotions of the whites involved earn them lurid emotional pleasures more important than the satisfaction of lesser lusts. Whites who buy drugs to cure Africans of uncleanliness, or who give impassioned speeches about the evils of Confederate monuments, instead of devoting that money or energy to stopping even one mercenary from raping even one kid in Africa, clearly value black lives less than the vindication they themselves receive by causing, then being known to relieve, a lesser wound. It is not, therefore, cuckery. To call them "cucks" is a compliment compared to what they should be called, for it implies that, however misguided, they actually care about someone other than themselves. Their unwillingness to care about white people or white children is not a racial prejudice or a misguided act of outward-directed altruism, but is proven to be something entirely different by their unwillingness to care about black people and black children. They are not duped by advertising into wasting their genetic passion for giving on outsiders, but rather, led by their own colossal inner brokenness and cruelty to manipulate dream-pets at the expense of the bloated corpses of little black children floating a bloody path down the Jubba River. The obsession offers its own disgusting returns of mental satisfaction, for the more simple the task--hiring a nanny to raise an adopted child; making a speech about taking down a statue since it hurts feelings too much to be tolerated--and the more pitiful the observable contrast--villages visited by the CIA's pet warlords--the more rewarding the sensation of having been involved.

We must pay mind to our interpretations of both white-on-black patronizing abuse and white-on-black patronizing altruism, and come to see them not as a form of irrational rage or confused selflessness, but as a rational and sophisticated, albeit sickening, pursuit of sadistic mental pleasures.


  1. The only thing that's stopping me from feeling pity to this kind of people is the fact that they have money, and also become aggressive when challenged and as a result i want to punch them in the face

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